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Can you find cheap student housing in Amsterdam? let’s find out together.

Amsterdam is a famous city for international students because it has many prestigious universities. In fact, 12 Dutch universities are ranked in the top 200 universities in the world, and 13 are ranked as the best in Europe.

Little wonder every year, thousands of international students seek higher educational excellence in Amsterdam, hence the high demand for student accommodation, which forms one reason for limited and expensive student housing in Amsterdam.

Getting yourself acquainted with the student housing system will help you navigate securing a space seamlessly. However, please note that rent in Amsterdam is usually higher than in other cities in the Netherlands. Regardless, there are still some available cheap student housing options you can choose from.

In this article, we will consider the cheap student housing in Amsterdam areas considering several factors such as proximity, size and nature of accommodation. As we advance, we will consider the various neighborhoods to find cheap student housing in Amsterdam and the top websites and associations search in for student accommodation.

Student Accommodation in Amsterdam 

Housing in Amsterdam is a hot commodity and if you must apply, it is best you book or apply well in advance to beat the waiting time and also stand a high chance. In Amsterdam, only a few universities make provisions for rooms for international students. 

For example, the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Inholland University of Applied sciences and a few others offer such spaces. Usually, these provisions are barely enough because in a year, the number of applicants exceeds the number of available on-campus housing provisions. 

Therefore, what is most common in Amsterdam are off campus housing options (private apartments) located close to institutions, usually owned by student housing corporations (non-profit social housing corporations in the Amsterdam Arena) and private individuals or companies. Hence the reason for high rental cost. These apartments could be shared apartments, honstays provision, and exclusive private apartments. 

By far, if you are privileged to access the on campus accommodation, it will save you a great cost because the prices are lower compared to private privately rented flats. On the flip side,  the cost of off-campus student housing in Amsterdam varies depending on the size, location and amenities. 

If you are looking for accommodation on a low budget, then you should consider shared apartments and studio rooms. They come cheaper compared to privately owned flats. We will come back to this much later.

Cost of Student Accommodation in Amsterdam

We have established that the cost of student housing in Amsterdam is on the high side, but this may vary depending on the type of accommodation, location, and the facilities and amenities that are included. However, on average, the monthly rent in Amsterdam for a single student is between 500 to €1000 

Summary of Cost of Student Accommodation in Amsterdam

Type of accommodationRent range (€ per month)Facilities and amenities
Student hotel€695-€1000Private bathroom, kitchen, study space, shared lounge/kitchen/laundry
Student flat€800-€1200Private bathroom, kitchen, sometimes shared living room
Shared apartment€400-€600Private bedroom, shared bathroom/kitchen
Studio apartment€800-€1200Combined living room and kitchen, private bathroom
One-bedroom apartment€1200-€1500Separate living room and bedroom, private bathroom and kitchen
Cost of Student Accommodation in Amsterdam

Top Cheap Student Accommodation in Amsterdam 

Finding a student apartment or room in Amsterdam is an enormous challenge because of the high priced rent. However, with the help of a housing agency, you can find some low-priced options if you are looking to save some extra dollars or euros. For example, shared flats and some studio rooms. Shared flat is the most Common student housing choice for students in Amsterdam. This is more affordable than private apartments.

Let’s take a look at the popular neighborhoods in Amsterdam for students:

1. Amsterdam-Oost 

Amsterdam-Oost is one neighborhood with the highest number of student population due to its closeness to the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Amsterdam-Oost offers different types of student housing ranging from private to shared flats. The cheap student housing in this neighborhood:

  • Social Hub Amsterdam City (formerly The Student Hotel): Rent for a single room starts at €695 per month.
  • Shared apartments in Amsterdam-Oost: The average rent for a room in a shared apartment in Amsterdam-Oost starts at around €400 per month.

2. Amsterdam-Zuid / Cheap Student Housing in Amsterdam

This is another district with a top student population because it houses the campus of the Free University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). In this district you will find popular neighborhoods like De Pijp, where you find fun places for social events, bars and restaurants. Amsterdam-Zuid, you can find shared flats and studio rooms ranging from between €800 to €1200 per month.

Other Neighborhoods for Cheap student housing in Amsterdam are:

  • Amsterdam-Noord
  • Nieuw-West:
  • Bos en Lommer
  • Watergraafsmeer: 

Top Websites to find student accommodation in Amsterdam 

There are different platforms, agencies and online resources to find student housing in Amsterdam. Here are a few examples.    

1. Hi-Condo / Cheap Student Housing in Amsterdam


HiCondo offers affordable student housing accommodation and is very high on student population, located close to the Wittenborg Amsterdam campus. However, please note that you will only find unfurnished studio rooms in this estate. If you are considering picking a house with Hicondo, it is best you make an extra preparation purchase of furniture.   

2. Holland2Stay 


With Holland2Stay, you can have access to all types of student housing in Amsterdam and other cities around the Netherlands.     

3. Housing Anywhere  


HousingAnywhere is a worldwide used operating housing agency. They offer listings of different student housing. They work hand-in-hand with landlords, providing the best interface for interaction.

4. Student Experience  


At Student Experience, you will find nicely furnished apartments and studio rooms with a study room.The buildings in this facility come with spacious social gathering space like play stations, gym centers and study rooms. You can expect to pay a rent fee around €830 per month for a studio room.     

5. Our Domain  / Cheap Student Housing in Amsterdam


Our Domain offers both rental and agency services for mostly studio apartments.. This agency features over  955 furnished studio apartments for international students. There is an option for both furnished and furnished, depending on your budget. These buildings are also suitable for both short and long stays. The common facilities and amenities you will find here are 

laundrette, 24-hour security and service desk, and supermarket 

6. Hotel Jansen  


Hotel Jansen is great for short-stay options, usually suitable for a day, a week or six months.

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Conclusion on Cheap Student Housing in Amsterdam

Despite the high demand for student housing in Amsterdam, there are other cheap options that can help you save money while imparting your social interaction. So, if you are looking to save some money from rent costs while schooling in Amsterdam, consider living in shared flats. This housing type creates more room privacy. On average, a shared flat costs around  €500 to  €800 per month, depending on the size and location of the apartment. 

However, please, as much as possible, ensure you start your application or search well in advance to avoid arriving in Amsterdam without accommodation, as temporary stays for a day or weeks are expensive. To make your search faster, consider working with a housing agency in Amsterdam, connecting with friends and colleges via student Facebook or contact with the student housing corporations in your institution. 

If you are proactive with your search, you will surely find a comfortable and cheap student accommodation for your study program.


1. How much is the cost for renting student housing in Amsterdam?

According to popular research, the average rent in Amsterdam for student housing ranges between  €500 and €1000 per month. Depending on the size, location and facilities in the apartment.

2. How can a student find housing in Amsterdam?

To find a student house in Amsterdam, first you begin your search well in advance to avoid a last-minute rush and the fear of missing out. You can search for student housing with the following: 

  1. Student housing corporation 
  2. Facebook groups 
  3. Official housing websites like:KamersAmsterdam,Kamernet, Hotel Jansen and Pararius.

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