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Reeds Review: Reed is one of the UK’s oldest and top job search websites founded in 1995. This website competes with the likes of and Ziprecruters.

Reeds is not just a job search website, it provides other important services which give it an edge over the other job search boards. For example, Reed lists over 7000 courses from top scholars on career development and over 30,000 vacancies from top recruitment agencies.

The purpose of this article is to review the top services offered by Reeds, analyze the pros and cons that exist, and, compare this website with other top competitors via reviews and ratings. Let’s get to it.

About Reeds – Reeds Review

Reeds is a part of the 11 companies under the Reed Group, as owned by the Reed Foundation. It was founded in the UK in the year 1995. 

According to the official website “Reed. co, UK was the first recruitment website offered by a recruitment agency in the UK” This gives Reed an edge over other sites because it draws its wealth of job listings and other career growth opportunities across its affiliate companies. 

Today, Reed is globally known as one of the UK’s biggest and leaving sites for career growth and development.

Reed is dedicated to empowering job seekers with the best employable traits and qualities needed to scale through the job search process. This can be seen in its heavy emphasis on course creation and listings. 

On, users have access to over 70,000 courses that address different subjects, including subjects on HR and accounting, Fitness and cooking et cetera. Reed collaborates with over 1000 course creators to ensure listed courses are of high standard and highly valuable. 

Additionally, Reed provides materials in the form of career advice to help groom both employers and job seekers on subjects directed toward workforce efficiency, interview preparation tips, and best job search options. 

More so, the website also lists jobs acrose different industries by working in collaboration with recruitment agencies. 

Services offered by Reed

Reed offers different services all aimed at improving the progress of work in all its efficiencies. These services include:

  • Posting of job vacancies 
  • Creation of courses 
  • Recruitment Services 

We will take a look at these categories in the subsequent section.

Reeds review: Reeds for Job Seekers 

Reed partners with recruitment agencies, HRs, and employers to list quality vacancies, they provide full online recruitment services for just about anyone. Also, Reed claims to receive over 11 million visitors yearly from job seekers with over 100,000 applications daily. 

This implies that Reeds lists only legit jobs since they work directly with Recruiters to advertise open roles.

As a job seeker, you can either create your profile and upload your CV for quick job applications whenever a fitting role is listed. More so, you can turn on job alerts to get quick notifications whenever new vacancies are posted.

Additionally, one special feature with job seeker category is the fact you can set your CV view to ‘Public” to enable recruiters to view it whenever. This increases your chances of getting employed.  

Reed for Course Seekers

As with job seekers, Reed also records over 11 million visits yearly from course seekers in search of opportunities for self-improvement and upskilling. Reed offers a comprehensive library of courses created by professionals acrose different fields and industries. 

More so, these courses are tailored to meet different learning routines. There are courses for online learning, some for distance learning and also others for classroom based learning. Most of these courses are free while a larger percentage are paid.

Reeds for Employers 

Reed also works in collaboration with different organizations and companies to meet tier recruitment needs. As earlier mentioned, they work with different agencies, direct employers ad recruitment advertising agencies to find the best talents for listed vacancies. Some of these services includes the following:

  • Job advertising with access to applicant tracking management system
  • CV Search, which enables direct employers to have access to hiring temporary staff, incorporate employer branding, display targeted adverts, and email potential talents.

Reeds review: Reed For Course provides 

Earlier on, We mentioned the availability of over 70,000 courses on Reed’s websites. Reed achieves this through strategic collaboration with course providers. So, in perspective, these course providers have access to over 11 million active users which opens room for visibility and possible sales for their product. 

Course providers, list courses for free and run ads for better reach leveraging Reeds’s already established audience. Hence, this provides more views and increases potential sales. 

Types of Job Listings with Reeds

The job vacancies found listed on Reed can vary depending on the availability of those roles and the niche or industry of the direct employer or recruiting agency that is partnering with Reed. However, for an overview, below are the most frequently listed roles you can find on the website:

  • Work from Home jobs 
  • Part-time jobs 
  • Immediate start jobs 
  • Manager jobs 
  • Finance jobs 
  • Warehouse jobs 
  • Receptionist jobs
  • Customer service jobs 
  • Data entry Jobs 
  • Graduate jobs 
  • Accountant jobs 
  • Administrative jobs 

Under these categories, you will find more job vacancies as listed. Also, using the filters, such as job keyword, location or job title, you browse over 165,451 new jobs daily.

Pros and Cons of Reeds 

Every business comes with some pros and cons, the same applies to Reeds. In this section, we discuss some major wins and of course cons of using for Job seekers, Recruiters, and course seekers respectively.

1. Pros and Cons for Job Seekers 

Large job board: Access to over 165,451 new jobs across various industries and locations.Job quality can vary: Not all listings are high-quality, and some may be outdated or inaccurate.
Easy-to-use interface: Simple and intuitive search and application process.Competition can be high: Popular listings attract many applicants, making it harder to stand out.
Advanced search options: Filter jobs by specific criteria like salary, location, and job type.Limited career resources: Lacks in-depth career advice and coaching compared to some competitors.
CV builder and cover letter templates: Useful tools to help create effective job application materials.Customer service: Reviews mention occasional difficulties reaching customer support.
Reeds review: Pros and Cons for Job Seekers
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2. Pros and cons for course seekers 

Variety of courses: Find courses in diverse fields from accredited institutions and training providers.Limited course search options: Filtering and comparison tools could be more nuanced.
Flexible learning options: Find online, part-time, and full-time courses to suit different needs.Course information accuracy: Some reviews mention inconsistencies in course descriptions and pricing.
Funding options: Information on scholarships, grants, and student loans is readily available.Limited course reviews: Difficulty finding authentic student reviews to assess course quality.
Free career advice: Access to career guidance resources and articles.Focus on vocational courses: May not have a strong selection of academic or theoretical courses.
Reeds review: Pros and cons for Corse seekers

3. Pros and Cons for Recruiters

Targeted advertising: Reach a large pool of job seekers with relevant job postings.Subscription fees can be expensive for smaller companies or frequent recruitment needs.
CV filtering and search: Find suitable candidates efficiently with advanced search and filtering options.Competition from other job boards: Standing out among other postings can be challenging.
Employer branding tools: Promote your company and employer brand to attract top talent.Reporting and analytics: Limited insight into job posting performance and candidate engagement.
Candidate relationship management: Tools to manage applications and communicate with candidates.Integration with other HR systems: May not seamlessly integrate with existing applicant tracking systems.
Reeds review: Pros and cons for Recruiters

3. Pros and cons for course providers 

Reach a wider audience: Advertise your courses to a large pool of potential students.Competition from other institutions: Standing out amongst numerous course offerings can be tough.
Lead generation: Capture student inquiries and contact information for follow-up.Listing fees: Can be costly depending on the course and target audience.
Performance tracking: Monitor listing performance and student inquiries.Limited branding options: Difficulty customizing listings to fully represent your brand.
Direct student applications: Streamline the application process for potential students.
Course accreditation and quality checks: Reed verifies the legitimacy of listed courses.Marketing and promotional support: Limited direct support from Reed for course promotion.
Reeds review: Pros and cons for course providers

Reviews and Ratings for Reeds 

In this section, we review the ratings for from different websites. These ratings are cumulative of the reviews given by different clients.

  1. Trustpilot: In Trustpilot, has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 4,085 review
  2. has over 72 reviews with an average score of 2.83 out of 5.
  3. Indeed: has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 from 395 reviews

Company Details 

Company name 
Year founded 1995
Headquarters United Kingdom, London
Industry Jobs and Career > Jobs and Employment
No of Employees201 – 500
Reeds review: Reeds company details

Conclusion is one top job search website in the UK, with over 11 million yearly visitors. Also with Reed, job seekers have access to over 165,451 new jobs across different industries, thus increasing the chances of securing quality job roles acrose boards. 

Additionally, Reed is an ideal choice for candidates seeking professional growth via career improvement courses since Reed lists over 70,000 courses yearly.

Additionally, if you are recruiters or employer, Reed is a great place to search for talent. With the special CV view feature and opportunities to run targeted ads, you can access the right hire directly by reviewing their CVs and selecting the best. 

Overall, Reed offers a complete package for job and course seekers, recruiters, and course creators. If you ever need their services, kindly refer to the website for further details. Cheers to your career growth and success.

Editors Recommendation

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