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Recruitment agencies make the process of job search or relocation to any country feasible and seamless. In this case, Finnwards recruitment agency is one, out of several other agencies in Finland you can trust. If you are not familiar with the work culture in Finland,  The Finnward agency helps you navigate the system with ease.

In this article, we will review the top services offered by Finnwards. Also, we will discover its special approach solution to bridging the employment gap in Finland while helping individuals settle into the beautiful culture of Finland. 

At the end of this article, you will know why Finnwards stands out amongst all others, and of course, what you should look out for before committing your money.

About Finnwards Recruitment Agency

Finnwards Recruitment Agency is a training institute founded by Minna Franck and Heidi Kinnunen. This agency provides resources to help international workers settle in and fit into the culture of the Finnish. Also, they serve as the bedrock for clients seeking to understand the structure of the Finnish job market in other to improve maximum output and general efficiency.

More so, the Finnward agency provides consulting and coaching services that are designed to help transitioning professionals fit into Finnish Life. The company is able to achieve its goals by providing these services in two categories:

  • Services for Businesses and Organizations 
  • Services directed at experts (Individuals seeking to explore the Finish job market)

Let’s take a look at these services 

Finnward Services to Businesses and Organizations

The Finnward agency helps organizations and businesses train their recruit to function according to Finland’s best practices. According to the official website (, They achieve this by organizing the following programs for team members:

  • Organization of culture-specific training that centers on  working ethics, living ethics, and the guidelines for playing in Finland
  • Through intercultural training: The Finnward agency creates specialized skills training to help employees adapt to different cross-cultural communication situations in Finland.
  • Professional coaching calls: They provide special sessions for professional calls covering a wide spectrum of interests. Such as career coaching, or cross-cultural dexterity coaching with a special interest in educating “spouses of international employees as well as international employees needing help with their adjustment process” As stated in the official site.
  • Lastly career consulting for trailing spouses in Finland.

These services to businesses and organizations are aimed at improving the efficiency of organizations with a greater mass of international workers. By holding these counseling and coaching services, Finnwards help foreign workers navigate and better integrate the customer of Finland which in turn transcends into compound growth and success. 

Finnwards Service to Experts 

If you are an international traveler you would understand better the trauma, and very often cultural shock experienced on arrival in certain locations. Research by the Academic Accelerator reported that “About 30% of immigrants experience  Culture shock  which varies in impacts, durations, and severities.” 

While this may not be pronounced for many, if not addressed, Cultural shock and post-relocation trauma can affect your transition into new roles in the workplace. To address this, Finnwards offers special perks to immigrants in Finland. 

First is the Global Offer, which consists of the following as outlined in the official website:

  1. A one-on-one transition coaching 
  2. Career coaching is dedicated to trailing spouses looking to rediscover and recreate their careers in a new country; and
  3. one-on-one coaching if you are looking to improve your cross-cultural dexterity and intercultural communication skills.

Still under this field is the offer for Experts, which according to the Finnwards official website includes: 

  1. Recorded online courses focus on building your awareness  about working, living, and playing in Finland
  2. one-on-one transition and career coaching
  3. one-on-one coaching to increase your cross-cultural dexterity and intercultural communication skills
  4. career-related consulting; and
  5. free resources that help you no matter where in your expat journey you are.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Conclusion: Why should you work with the Finnward Agency

No doubt, Finland is a beautiful country to be in, in fact, “Finland: For the sixth year in a row, Finland is the world’s happiest country, according to the World Happiness Report” However, to fully experience the beautiful adornment of the county and successful navigate its labour market, you need to know more about its culture. This is what Finnward offers to international tablets new to the Finnish culture.

The Founders of Finnward, Minna Franck and Heidi Kinnunen, with years of experience navigating different international countries and cultures, offer practical guides to help transitioning experts scale through the process. So, if you ever feel the need or see the need to book a section with esports in Finland in order to navigate seamlessly the system, the Finnward agency is open to making that possible. 

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