Best Accommodation in Berlin for International Students 2023

Best accommodation in berlin for international students
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Studying abroad is one opportunity everyone looks forward to and Berlin is a famous choice among others. Berlin is a dream  country for most international students because it holds beautiful sites of attraction and great universities. Read on for the Best Accommodation in Berlin for International Students.

Not only is Berlin popular for its exceptional educational facilities, compared to other European cities, the cost of living here is low while offering a high quality of life. Hence, the student population in Berlin is huge in Berlin and there is no wonder why.

However, one major concern faced by international students is the issue of finding the best accommodation. Although unlike other cities in Germany, housing in Berlin is moderately low, the process of finding one can be stressful if the right process is not taken.

Notwithstanding, with the help of housing agencies, real estate agents and some official housing sites, you get it sorted out. To help you with a seamless application process, this article discusses the popular neighborhoods in Berlin with a special hint on the cost of living for international students in Berlin. 

Best Neighborhood in Berlin for International Students

1. Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain is one of the districts with the best accommodation in Berlin for International students. It is affordable and close to IU International University of Applied Sciences.

  • Rent: According to the data from Exparistan, expect to pay around £600 to £900 per month for a single-bedroom apartment.
  • Food: Monthly food expenses between £200 to £300
  • Transportation: The cost of a monthly transaction pass is approximately £81

2. Wedding

If you desire budget-friendly apartments with a nicely decorated environment and modern styled structure, we recommend Wedding district for you,

  • Rent: The average monthly rent for a single-bedroom apartment in Wedding is relatively affordable ranging from £500 to £800
  • Food: Budget around £200 to £250 per month
  • Transportation: Monthly transportation pass costs about £81
  • Source: Berlin’s university’s international student office.

3. Moabit

Moabit is another popular neighborhood for  international students because of its quite environment and spacious social facilities.

  • Rent: Rent in Moabit is moderately priced, you can get single-bedroom apartments ranging from £600 to £900
  • Food: Monthly food expenses may vary between £200 and £300
  • Transportation: Budget about £81 per month for transportation pass
  • Source: Survey of International students in Berlin conducted by

Please note: These costs listed above may differ based on individual preference and lifestyle and also current economic exchange rate 

Types of Accommodation in Berlin for International Students

One interesting thing about student accommodation in Berlin is the fact that there are different accommodation plans available to students based on preferences, lifestyle and budget. This ranges from private accommodation like studio flats and private rooms to shared rooms and student dorms. 

Let’s have a look at each:

1. Student Dorms or Student Halls of Residence

If you wish to live in Berlin on a tight budget, Student dormitory is a great choice. The student hall of residence is one of the cheapest and most popular choices for international students in Berlin.The average student dorm rent costs £218 to £250 per month. 

Student halls of residence are  located within or close tp  the university premises, except it is privately owned. Also, a single room in the student room can accommodate 2 to 3 students. The school provides basic furniture like cupboards, mirrors, beds, reading tables and desks and a common washroom shared amongst the students. 

Application for Student halls of residence is done online via the Studierendenwerk Berlin website. 

For more details on pricing, availability and the application process, contact the studierendenwerkBerlin website.


  • Highly Affordable
  • Convenience
  • Community building 


  • Strict rules and restriction 
  • No privacy

Popular Student Dormitories in Berlin

In berlin there are over 30 student dormitories located across the different districts, but these are the most known:

  1. The studentendorf Adlers: The studentendorf Adlers dormitory is located in the Adlershof district, 
  1. Internationaler Studentenwohnheim Berlin: This dormitory is located in the heart of Berlin and offers easy access to various universities as well as public transportation.
  1. Ernst-Reuter-Hans: This is located near the Technical University of Berlin. 
  2. Fraunhoferstraße 
  3. Wohnheim Siegmunds hof
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

2. Shared Apartment or Wohngemeinschaft (WG) 

Unlike the student hall of residence, a shared room gives room for more  privacy and less restrictions.. In a shared apartment, 2 or more students occupy the flat, sharing a common kitchen and bathroom, but have a room for each occupant. In Berlin, a shared apartment costs around £300 to £790. However, this depends on the district in Berlin.

Application process: 

  1. Search online using reputation accommodation sites. 
  1. When making your search, use the phrases “student-WG” and “Studentenwohnung” followed by the specific city you’re studying in or the street address for quick and accurate search results.

3. Private Apartments 

If you have the money and you love to maintain a private life while in school, you can consider the private accommodation plan. Private Apartments like  premium studio rooms come with a special offer of  exclusive privacy, and complete freedom. A good number of international students in Berlin prefer private housing  to shared apartments and Dormitories. These apartments are furnished with a large dining space, comfortable kitchen and bathroom. Also, Indian students in Berlin prefer the private housing options.  Private accommodation form one of the best accommodation in Berlin for international students.  A fully finished private room costs around £400 to £14,000 per month. 


  • Privacy: Private accommodation offers a higher level of privacy and independence, unlike shared apartments
  • Peace and quiet: If you prefer a quieter living environment for focused studying, a private apartment may be your best choice. 

Popular Neighborhoods for Private Apartments in Berlin

  1. Prezlauer Berg 
  2. Kreuzberg
  3. Neukölln

Note: Renting an apartment in Berlin usually involves making an advance payment of up to three months. This serves as a guarantee that you won’t be leaving soon. However, once you move in, the landlord is expected to refund your deposit if nothing is damaged in the building.

Monthly rent payment in Berlin is divided into two paths;

  • The Kaltmiete, which covers basic rent without additional cost 
  • And the Warmmiete – final rent price with all costs included. 

4. Temporary Accommodation, in case you can’t find a place to stay 

Most times, international students who are not able to secure accommodation in the course of their application go for temporary accommodation plans. This is common practice for international students in Berlin. Some of these options include

  • Low-cost hotels 
  • Cheap hotels 
  • Private B & B
  • Youth hostels – this is cheaper for members of the Youth Hostels Association.
  • Guest house.

Popular websites to find the Best Accommodation for international students in Berlin

  • WG Gesucht: Best online platform for apartments in Berlin. It provides different listings for both shared and private apartments.
  • The Homelike 
  • Hochschulkompass
  • Erasmus
  • HousingAnywhere
  • Facebook groups and other social media platforms are good sites for securing comfortable accommodations too.
  • Accommodation Websites 
  • Real Estate search platforms and
  • Real estate agents

Factors to consider before Choosing Accommodation in  Berlin

1. Location of your University

The first consideration you should make before choosing your accommodation option is the closeness of your university. Living close to your university helps you save time and maybe invest more of that time in your studies. More so, when you live close to the university, you have the privilege of using the school library, labs anytime you have the need without spending much money on transportation.

2. Access to Public Transportation

Even if you decide to live far from campus, you have to ensure  that your accommodation is connected to the nearest public transportation. Having a reliable bus or train route makes movement in and out of the university easier.

3. Nearby Amenities 

Aside from closeness to the university being your major point of emphasis. It is important you consider the availability or  nearness of basic amenities. Like, where to shop groceries, the pharmacy store, places to eat and general social hangout spots. 

4. Safety and Security

Safety and security can not be overemphasized. If you are not safe, you cannot enjoy your stay in berlin. So, before you conclude with your landlord, ensure you conduct thorough research about the safety measures of your prospective neighborhood. This will save you the stress and trouble of losing your properties in a case of theft. You can consult online resources, like check the reviews and ratings of these neighborhoods or, as the current students, to know the security status of the place.

Other things to consider:

  • Internet and utilities
  • Facilities and common areas 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Flexibility and lease terms

Conclusion: Best Accommodation in Berlin for International Students

Comfortable they say comes with luxury, in this case, the luxury you seek should not be aside from the essentials As an international student in Berlin, you must search for the best accommodation option that fits your budget and educational needs. Consider proximity to your university, availability of amenities and safety of your prospective accommodation amongst others.

More so, be mindful of scammers when applying for accommodation and avoid sites and agencies that look too good to be true. Ensure your application on reputation sites. If you are not sure, use the popular accommodation sites and start your application on time. 


1. How can I find the best student accommodation in Berlin?

  • You can find the best student accommodation through these processes:
  • work with a housing agency e.g HouseAnywhere, Neon Wood / Studenten Apartments Berlin Mitte-Wedding
  • Check online platforms e.g WG Gesucht, Hochschulkompass and HousingAnywhere
  • Use social media platforms e.g Facebook

What is the average monthly cost of living for students in Berlin?

The average monthly cost of living for students in Berlin ranges between €1,042 per month for off-campus, while on-campus accommodation is  approximately €1,069.

2. Where is the best place for students to stay in Berlin?

The best neighborhood to stay in Berlin for international students are:

  • Mitte .
  • Kreuzberg…
  • Friedrichshain 
  • Charlottenburg 

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