20 Best IT Staffing Companies in USA 2024

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The ease of locating tech talents these days can be credited to the influx in IT staffing companies and marketplaces. These firms specialize in finding and breeding workers with the most sought-after skills. 

Hence, taking away the stress off your firm and allowing you to try out the potential new candidates before offering them a full-time role.

If you are an employer in search of the best IT staffing firm or even a job seeker with a pool of talent in the IT and Tech field, this post will be of great help to you. 

We have done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the 20 biggest and best IT staffing companies to help you make an informed choice for your talent needs.

What is IT Staffing?

IT staffing is a process of matching businesses with the ideal technology professionals. This involves getting in touch with the staffing companies and providing a job description with the roles, needed skills, and what you expect. 

Moreover, clients can share additional information about the project to enable recruiters to communicate the information to potential developers. Afterward, the staffing team takes over by locating experts who meet the specified criteria. This process usually involves a series of interviews and terms of reference.

According to research, IT staffing companies have accrued over $20 billion in annual revenue in recent years.

Source: innovatureinc.com

What Does An IT Staffing Company Do?

IT staffing firms or recruiters work as intermediaries between firms and potential employees. A proficient IT staffing recruiter goes beyond mere resume reviews but also engages in a professional dialogue by getting to know every candidate to ascertain the best fit between potential employees and the hiring firms.

These staffing companies take the time to converse with firms to understand their specific needs and priorities, thereby applying the information gathered in hiring decisions. A quality staffing recruiter not only explores the job’s tasks but also evaluates the culture and other expectations to make sure both the firm and potential candidates are satisfied.

Here’s our selection of the top 20 IT staffing companies with a proven track record of delivering outstanding candidates and professional service to their clients.:

1. Toptal

Toptal is a globally acknowledged IT staffing company that has transformed the traditional staffing model by matching businesses with the most qualified freelance talent in the industry. 

This staffing recruiter employs a thorough screening process that differentiates them from other staffing companies. 

They are dedicated to ensuring that only the top 3% of candidates are accepted into their list, in order to deliver the best talent available to their clients.

The company began as a freelance marketplace before developing into one of the most sought-after staffing agencies that delivers the best talents.

Why Choose Toptal?

  • Ability to link businesses with exceptional candidates who are experts in their field. 
  • Great number of talent pools of top freelancers with years of experience working in the technology world.
  • Offer clients tailored solutions that align with their specific staffing needs.
  • Exceptional customer service to its clients. 
  • Aside from delivering the best candidates, Toptal continuously provides support to ensure clients are satisfied with the quality of their talent and the level of service they receive.

Additional information 

  • Year Established: 2010
  • CEO: Taso Du Val
  • Areas of focus: Design & Creative, Finance, IT
  • Regions Served: Global
  • Visit Website 

2. iTechnolabs

Another highly renowned IT staffing company situated in the USA. This agency has built a solid reputation with an impressive history and wide experience.

Owing to their remarkable performance, iTechnolabs have grown to become experts in providing outstanding IT professionals across various organizations, such as healthcare, finance, and retail.

What Sets Them Apart?

  • Meticulous approach in leveraging a comprehensive extensive network and employing an extensive screening process to pick the best and highly skilled talent who meet the specific needs outlined by clients. 
  • iTechnolabs prioritizes client satisfaction by delivering top-notch, hence has established itself as a trusted and reliable agency in the competitive IT staffing company.

Additional information

  • Year Established: 2020
  • CEO: Pankaj Arora
  • Areas of focus: General
  • Regions Served: Global
  • Visit Website

3. Adecco

Adecco is another trusted partner for organizations seeking to hire top talent. This company has a broad knowledge of the IT firm and its ever-growing landscape.

With over 5 decades of experience, this firm has been delivering top-notch solutions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a job seeker hoping to link with leading brands, or a business owner in need of outstanding and highly skilled IT talent, Adecco provides huge flexibility in firm, location, and job type. 

In addition, the company has drawn in diverse talent through collaboration programs, specifically focusing on experienced workers, disabled workers, veterans, and young minds.

Additional information

  • Year of Establishment: 1996
  • CEO: Henri Lavanchy & Philippe Foriel-Destezet.
  • Areas of Specialty: Workforce solutions, HR services, Human resources, Staffing, Recruiting, and Recruitment
  • Locations Served: Global
  • Visit Website 

4. Bridge Technical Talent 

Here is another highly reputable staffing agency that has been offering IT staffing solutions to businesses across the USA for many years. 

Bridge Technical strategically matches employers with IT gurus who are adequately equipped to deliver the IT needs of an employer.

Furthermore, the agency provides IT talent for numerous organizations, insurance, software development, and retail, like healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Additional information

  • Founded: 2002
  • CEO: James Wright
  • Area of Focus: General
  • Regions Served: Global
  • Visit Website 

5. Diversant

This list of the top 20 IT staffing companies would be incomplete without adding Diversant to it.  As one of the biggest staffing recruiters and also a certified minority-owned business in the U.S. they strategically match top talented candidates with Fortune 500 and mid-tier companies. 

Additionally,  their  screening process ensures perfect placement between open positions and what IT professionals want. Hence, setting them apart from other staffing companies.

Additional information

  • Founded: 1998
  • CEO: Rajiv (Raj) Sardana
  • Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

6. Epitec

If you seek an IT staffing company that prioritizes a people-first approach to client care and screening, Epitec is the go-to. Since its inception in 1978, this company has built a strong reputation due to its impeccable client’ satisfaction rates. 

Epitec focuses on IT, engineering, and professional staffing, and works to cut expenses, enhance productivity, and improve workflow management.

Additional information

  • Founded: 1978
  • CEO: Jerry Shepherd 
  • Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

7. Frontline Source Group

This (2020-2022) Award-winning staffing company offers flexible hiring options and experienced talent pools across a host of fields.

Frontline Source Group also hosts a team of technical IT staff who have an expert understanding of industry standards. That is not all, Frontline is renowned for filling highly specified roles, including software developers, software QA testers, help desk support, and network administrators.

Additional information

Year Of Foundation: 2004

CEO: Bill Kasko

Specialities: General

Served Regions: Global

Visit Website 

8. Insight Global

This Staffing Company is exceptional in prioritizing women, who make up about 70% of its employees.

Insight Global also offers an IG University training program and is well-positioned to find top-notch candidates with years of experience.

Owing to their exceptional performance, the company earned multiple recognitions in 2021, including:

  • Best CEO Positions for Women
  • Best Teams in Sales,
  • Best Company for Career Growth

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 2001
  • CEO: Bert Bean
  • Areas Of Specialities: IT, government, finance, healthcare, and engineering.
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website

9. LaSalle Network

LaSalle goes beyond staffing and recruitment, and built a solid standing as that company prioritizing “employee-employer fit.” 

As a result of this, it was recognized by people as one of the Companies “That Care in 2021.” This company also  directs training groups where recruiters learn to efficiently match talents to thriving businesses.

Additional information

  • Founded: 1998
  • CEO: Tom Gimbel
  • Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

10. Lucas Group

Lucas Group is a division of Korn Ferry, and leverages the global landscape to select exceptional in IT, legal, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain, and sales. 

In 2021, this agency was ranked 8th in Forbes’ America’s Best Professional Recruiting company rankings.

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 1970
  • CEO: Randy Marmon
  • Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website

11. Robert Half

Robert Half is highly outstanding in providing businesses with a full spectrum of customized staffing and consulting solutions. 

In addition to this, they help job seekers locate the perfect career opportunities where they can fit and flourish.

Remarkably, Robert Half was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol: RHI and also a member of the S&P 500 index. 

Robert staffing agency has received national accolades for their exceptional services. 

Additional information

  • Founded: 1948
  • CEO: Harold Messmer Jr
  • Areas Of Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

12. Pinnacle Group

Here is another reputable IT staffing agency with a strong track record of offering trusted services to businesses across the United States for more than 25 years. Pinnacle Group is known for their outstanding staffing solutions, which entails: direct hire, contract, contract-to-hire, and managed services. 

Through these services, this agency has helped several businesses locate the best candidate to meet their needs.

One notable strength of Pinnacle Group is their ability to extend top-notch talents quickly and effectively. They also employ a stringent screening process that ensures only the most qualified candidates are delivered to their clients. 

This process entails background checks, prescreening, and verification of credentials through testing and references. 

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 1996
  • CEO: Nina Vaca
  • Areas Of Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

13. Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a privately owned global franchised agency with several franchised locations all over the world. 

They assist businesses and job seekers find good fits for their staffing and career needs. The company also provides a broad option of employment solutions such as professional search, temporary staffing, evaluation hire, and human resources for hiring firms operating internationally. 

Additionally, the team at Express helps its clients in fulfilling a wide array of positions like industrial, administrative, professional, and others.

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 1983
  • CEO: Robert A. Funk
  • Areas Of Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

14. Manpower

With ample years of experience and global standing, Manpower keeps impacting people’s lives with top-tier jobs and development opportunities. 

The company associates with leading partners to ensure they serve their clients and candidates in the best way possible. And above all, to enhance and expand their reach, to feature fresh talents and veterans.

Additional information:

  • Year Of Foundation: 1948
  • CEO: Jonas Prising
  • Specialities: General
  • Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

15. Aerotek

Started as an engineering staffing solution for aerospace and defense industries, and these roots influenced the company’s name. 

This company is awarded as one of the biggest staffing agencies in the U.S. for engineering and clinical/scientific industries. And also earned recognition as one of the top staffing firms for accounting and financing.

Additional information

  • Founded: 1983
  • CEO: Todd M. Mohr
  • Areas Of Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

16. TEKSystems

TEKSystems is a subsidiary of Allegis and provides IT staffing for numerous industries. Aside from staffing IT professionals in tech roles, they also specialize in placing those roles within government, healthcare, finance, and more.

Another remarkable feature of this company is its solid understanding of AI technology, Blockchain, and internet security.

Additional information

  • Founded: 1983
  • CEO: Jay Alvather
  • Specialties: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

17. AppleOne Employment Services

AppleOne Employment Services is among the ActOne Family of agencies and has delivered services to the Federal Government including direct involvement with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). 

The agency has currently established a new corporation with ActOne Government Solutions Inc. to specifically focus on serving Federal government contracts. 

This company has a strong reputation and support as its CEO, Janice Bryant Howroyd, was a White House appointee appointed by former President Barack Obama.

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 1964
  • CEO: Janice Bryant Howroyd
  • Specialties: General
  • Regions: U.S.-only
  • Visit Website 

18. Jobspring Partners

Jobspring focuses on the highest-demand tech skill sets, including UI/UX, Microsoft development, data science, AI, DevOps/Infrastructure, open source, mobile, and network security. 

Their  team of top experts creates rich networks and has a rich knowledge of localized technology markets. This enables them to deliver impressive results through their consultative approach.

Additionally, Jobspring offers contract-to-hire, and direct hire globally with offices in Washington DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Toronto.

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 1989
  • CEO: Beth Gilfeather
  • Areas Of Specialities: Engineering, IT
  • Served Regions: U.S.-only
  • Visit Website 

19. Kforce

Kforce delivers great recruiting solutions through systematic partnership and knowledge sharing. As one of the top staffing services agencies that specializes in technology, accounting, and finance, Kforce actively engages its network of professionals. 

The company has effectively delivered contract jobs and direct hire needs for numerous businesses and employers alike, including a great number from the Fortune 100.

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 1962
  • CEO: David Dunkel
  • Specialties: Finance, Healthcare, IT
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 

20. Randstad

Randstad is highly renowned for integrating human expertise with innovative HR technology to integrate solutions such as outplacement services, on-site management, and recruiting process outsourcing (RPO). 

This company utilizes a streamlined approach to technology consulting to deliver solutions to the projects and challenges your IT firm is encountering.

Additionally, Randstad conducts independent studies of employers and employees to gather equitable workforce data to help you gain more insight into the workforce and enhance your business performance.

Additional information

  • Year Of Foundation: 1960
  • CEO: Jacques van den Broek
  • Areas Of Specialities: General
  • Served Regions: Global
  • Visit Website 


To sum up, partnering with a remarkable IT staffing company can help businesses and employers alike find the ideal talent quickly. And this post has carefully analyzed companies with proven track records of delivering quality candidates and remarkable service to their clients. By selecting one of these top 20 IT Staffing Companies In The USA, businesses can be rest assured that they will find the perfect talent to meet their needs.


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