How to Find the Best  Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

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Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam: Studying in Amsterdam is a brilliant choice, because why not? Students in Amsterdam enjoy so many perks, from easy access to large international and Dutch companies like Heineken and Phillips, to access to large private organizations. 

However as exciting as this can be, if you wish to study in Amsterdam, you should know that one of the major challenges you would encounter is finding a place to stay. This is because of the increasing housing shortage in the Netherlands. 

According to a research agency, ABF Research’s annual forecast for the Ministry of Home Affairs, the housing shortage in the Netherlands increased from  315,000 in 2022 to 390,000 and is projected to keep rising until at least 2028, 

However, regardless of these statistics, you can still find nice student apartments in Amsterdam. If you search in the right places and with a student agency, you will find a comfortable place. 

The first place to check for a good student housing option in Amsterdam is on your university website. Most universities or hogeschool offer student housing to their students, however, this provision is only available for one year of the study program. 

Why Choose a Student Housing Agency?

You need a student housing agent to bridge the gap between you and your prospective landlord. Because securing comfortable accommodation in Amsterdam can be challenging. Hence, they make the process seamless.

A student housing agent, aside from negotiating with your landlord, provides you with different housing options (Flat, studio or private apartment) and the opportunity to compare different housing options. They help you find cheap student accommodation options in any location of your choice. Housing agencies also help you with the paperwork and organize everything you need, from moving to settling down. That includes providing you with details on what to bring to your new apartment, collecting keys, etc. 

Although you can find landlords who work directly with tenants and have a smooth rental process, this works for many students. But, if you need someone to walk you through the process, offering you advice on where to live and where not to, then booking a housing space through a housing agency is an option you should consider.

How to Find the Best  Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

Nobody likes being cheated and trust me, being scammed in another country is an experience you must avoid. Choosing the right student housing agency in Amsterdam is a task that requires complete attention to detail and a thorough search. Before you make any commitment, you must spend some quality time researching the best and most proficient agency platforms.

Keep these few tips in mind:

1. Define What You Need

It is okay to contact an agency with the expectation of getting details on housing options in the Netherlands, but it is preferable and wise to define your needs. When you approach a housing agency with a clear definition of what you need, like the type of student housing you need, location, size, price and other preferences. This knowledge guides you in choosing the best student housing agency to partner with.

2. Do your Research

Once you are convinced about what you need, the next step is to research the best student housing agency for international students in Amsterdam. Things you should look out for include: 

  • Agency Review online 
  • Credibility of the website 
  • Years of working experience
  • Duration of accommodation search.
  • Reputation and reliability

3. Plan your Budget 

It is true landlords take full responsibility for the chargers of the housing agency. However, ensure you reveal this to the agent. Most student housing agents usually charge a service fee of  10% of the annual rent. Ensure the service fee of any agency you plan to work with suits your budget so you don’t run out of options. 

5. Lease Agreement – Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

Before you make any commitment, ensure you read the lease agreement and rental contract carefully. Consider the rent payment plan, tenants’ rights, security deposits and utility charges. If you are comfortable with the provided terms and conditions, you can proceed with the next stage. 

6. Make payment

This is the final stage of securing good student accommodation with a housing agency in Amsterdam. Note that this stage comes after good accommodation has been found and you affirm the rental contract and lease agreement. Also, note that you are not required to pay a separate fee to the agent. Everything, including your rent and agent feel, would be fully explained in the lease agreement.

Best Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

There are several housing agencies in the city of Amsterdam offering amazing services with unique customer reviews. You can sign out with any that matches your description.

1. De Key

De Key is one of the best student housing agencies in Amsterdam, with a huge number of student housing all over the city. They own over  37,000 rental properties in Amsterdam, Diemen and Zandvoort, with rental home prices lower than €478.00. The waiting list sometimes takes up to 6-12 months. Most universities even use this agency to fill in their accommodation lapses. 

Summary of De Key Housing Agency

Name of Agency De Key
LocationHoogte Kadijk 179, 1018 BK Amsterdam
Contact No (Telephone)0031206214333
Working HoursMon – Thu 8.30 – 16.30, Fri 8.30 – 12.30.
Summary of De Key Housing Agency

2. DUWO – Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

According to popular statistics and online reviews, DUWO is the largest student housing corporation in the Netherlands, with over 33,000 rooms and houses across different cities. They have a significant presence in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Delft, Deventer, The Hague, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Leiden and Wageningen. Duwa is known as a specialist in student housing. They offer university housing services, student rooms and even rent offices for corporate business. You can search for your specific housing choice using the search filter section and type in keywords.

Contact Details of DUWO

Location Uilenstede 108, 1183 AM Amstelveen
Working hours Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm
Telephone (Customer contact)088-2353888 (local rate) or  +31(0)15-2192299 
Contact Details of DUWO

3. Casa Academica – Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

Case Is one of the oldest student housing service providers located near Amstel station in Amsterdam, founded in the late 1950s, helping solve ‌the student housing shortage. They offer well-furnished rooms for students, usually from October to June, and also rent hotel rooms for guests. 

To rent a student room in Case, you must pay a registration fee within the specified month of application, then you will be on the waiting list for up to ten months.

Contact Summary of Case 

Name of AgencyCasa Academica
Location Eerste Ringdijkstraat 41097 BC, Amsterdam
Telephone+31(0)20 665 1171
Contact Summary of Case 

Other Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

Aside from the student housing agencies listed in the previous section, several other non-commercial agencies in Amsterdam deal in housing too.

Popular Housing Agencies in Amsterdam:

  • ASW—Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen
  • ASVA – the General Student Union of Amsterdam
  • SRVU Kamer Bureau,
  • Studenten Steunpunt Hogeschool IN HOLLAND

1. ASW – Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen

Unlike other agencies where you register and join the waiting list, the ASW—Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen operates quite differently. Instead of booking a space, you participate in a lottery. The process is simple. 

Also, the agency advertises available rooms for rent. If you are interested in any of the rooms, you call the agency and participate in the lottery draw. So, if you are successful in drawing the right room, you then pay an entry fee for access to the address of the property. However, if at the point of accessing the property, you do not feel comfortable with the location, size or amenities, you can decline to participate further and get your fees back.  

Summary of ASW Contact 

TelephoneTel.: 0031205230130,
Location ASW: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 32, 1012 RZ Amsterdam
Office hour Office hours: Mon, Tue, Wed 10.00-12.30, Thu 19.00-21.00.
Summary of ASW contact 

2. SRVU Kamer Bureau, 

In SRVU Kamer Bureau, you pay a one-year or yearly fee which grants you access to available housing offers via their agency, helping stay informed and updated. 

Summary of ASW Contact 

Name of AgencySRVU Kamer Bureau, 
De Boelelaan 1083a, room N-096, 1081 HV Amsterdam
Office hoursMon-Fri 12.30-15.30.
Summary of ASW Contact 

3. ASVA – Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

ASVA – the General Student Union of Amsterdam also functions via the drawing of lots. If you love the room options advertised in the lottery, join the union by paying a fee in the draft. If you are successful in picking the right lot, you will be required to pay a deposit to see the place. Should you not like the place, you also get a deposit back.

Contact Address of ASVA

Name of AgencyASVA
LocationASVA Kamerbureau (Room Office) at desk 7, Binnengasthuisstraat 9, 1012 ZA, Amsterdam
Office hoursMon-Fri 12.30-16.00, Thu 12.30-18.00.
Contact Address of ASVA
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Best Websites for Finding Student Accommodation

Aside from working with agencies, you can also use credible websites to search for and book student housing in Amsterdam. They also offer several alternative student housing options such as temporary and long-term housing options. 

Please note: Before making any commitment to a website, ensure to conduct necessary checks to avoid rental scams.

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Here is a list of the best websites for finding students’ accommodation in Amsterdam: 

1. provides updates on different housing listings to students. Their options range from student rooms and studios to shared or private apartments. The user interface is simple and seamless to use. You can create a profile, and input your choice of accommodation to receive emails on relevant posts.

2. Kamers Amsterdam

The Kamers Amsterdam provides listings which list affordable student housing rooms in Amsterdam 

3. Kamernet

Kqmernet is a popular search site for rental properties, to get the best use, a fee is required to access specific advertisements.

Other Student housing website includes:

  • Hotel Janzen
  • Housing Anywhere 
  • Hotel Janzen
  • Student Experience 
  • Pararius
  • Funda 
  • ASVA Student Union

Popular Student Housing Areas in Amsterdam

The popular student housing areas in Amsterdam are:

  • City Center 
  • De Pijp 
  • Oud-West
  • Nieuw-West 
  • Noord F. Zuidoost
  • Diemen

Let’s find out why: 

1. City Center 

The city center is the most popular student housing area in Amsterdam because it is home to some of the most prominent universities and colleges in Amsterdam. Like, the University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

2. De Pijp

De Pijp is also another popular city with a dense student population, located south of the city center. If you love to stay in a place with grooves and light scenes, this is your best bet. The city is close to bars and has pleasant restaurants with spacious areas for social visits. Also, there are several student housing options available in De Pijp, making it a brilliant option for you. 

3. Oud-West

If you want to be away from the bustle of the city but still close enough to access specific facilities in the city, you can stay in Oud-West. This city is located west of the city Centre and offers affordable student accommodation options such as single rooms in shared apartments, private apartments and student housing complexes. 

4. Nieuw-West 

Nieuw-West is another popular neighborhood in Amsterdam for both domestic and international students. The city is beautifully decorated with parks and green spaces. If you like outdoor movements, you surely like it here. 

Other Popular cities in Amsterdam for student apartments are:

  • City Center  
  • Oud-West
  • De Pijp
  •  Nieuw-West 
  • Noord F. Zuidoost
  • Diemen

Cost of Living in Different Amsterdam Neighborhood  

AreaCost of Living (per month)Average Rent Range (per month)Basic Facilities
City Center€1,000-€1,500International student dorms, Student housing complexes, private apartments Shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities, internet
De Pijp€800-€1,200Student housing complexes, private apartments, rooms in housesN/L
Oud-West€700-€1,100Student housing complexes, private apartments, rooms in housesWIFI, laundry facilities, public transportation
Nieuw-West€500-€800Student housing complexes, private apartments
Noord€600-€1,000Student housing complexes, private apartments, Hostels kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities, internet
Zuidoost€500-€800Student HostelsShared kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities, internet
Diemen€400-€700Shared apartment,  private apartmentskitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities, internet

Conclusion: Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam

Finding a comfortable place to stay in Amsterdam is a challenging process. Although there are different ways to handle the stress of securing comfortable accommodation. One of the most important ways to shuttle this is by hiring the services of a student housing agency in Amsterdam. Student housing agencies serve as a  bridge between you and your prospective landlord. This makes the process more seamless and easy. 


1. How to find housing in Amsterdam as an international student?

There are different ways to find a housing option in Amsterdam. Try a student housing agency or corporation, like DUWO Office Amsterdam, De Key and Casa. Also, you can work with an official website like KamersAmsterdam, Kamernet, or These sites provide a plethora of accommodation options like shared and private apartments, and studio rooms, and also provide a list of filters that make search easier.

2. How much is student rent in Amsterdam?

As per the figure from the ISchoolConnect website, the average monthly rent in Amsterdam for a single student ranges from around 500 and €1000. This depends on different factors, such as location, available facilities, and size of accommodation.

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