How To Study, Work And Live In Finland

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Finland is an excellent place to study and work. If you have ever thought of going to Finland to study and work, this is the one post you will need.

When you hear Finland, what comes to mind, nature, tradition, or delicacies? It offers high salaries and provides a secure working environment. In Finland, international students can work part-time in various fields and industries. Additionally, many colleges assist students in connecting with local businesses while they are still enrolled in school.

Despite its modest population of approximately 5 million, Finland has a lot to offer international students and workers. We will learn about these benefits and how to obtain them through studying, working, or living there.

How To Apply To A Finnish University

The first step in attending a Finnish school is to apply. To apply to study in Finland, follow these steps:

• Submit a copy of your high school diploma

• Also, provide admission exam or SAT results

• Then, provide minimum English language test results

• Lastly, provide proof of high school grades on the transcript.

In addition to this, Finnish universities do not always have an application fee.

Furthermore, the cost of living there is affordable compared to other countries. An average student can survive on a €700 budget a month (source).

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

How To Work In Finland After During And After Studies

While you study, you can also work part-time jobs, which will help with your finances. You can work about 25 hours/week during school sessions, however, during holidays, you can work unlimited hours.

After graduation, apply for an extended residence permit for up to a year to search for work. Once you find a job as a graduate, you can go and apply for a new residence permit, based on your new work placement.

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Steps To Get A Finnish Residence Permit

The residence permit is usually issued for a year or two, depending on the duration of your degree program but it can be renewed once it expires.

The steps to getting a Finnish residence permit are as follows:

1. Complete your application process, either online or physically and provide all the required documents.

2. Book and attend an appointment with the Finnish embassy or consulate to identify and present your original documents.

3. You will be granted a residence permit if your application is approved. This usually takes up to 3 months.

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Top 5 Effective Tips To Easily Get A Job After Graduation In Finland

These are five amazing tips that will enhance your job search after your studies.

1. Learn Finnish or Swedish, as that is the official language in Finland. Learning how to communicate in these languages will give one an edge over other applicants.

2. Connect with students, and professionals while you are still in school.

3. Prepare a good CV and job application

4. Volunteer, and be actively involved in student organizations, and support groups.

5. Gain work experience during studies


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