Most In-Demand Skills in Finland

Most In-Demand Skills in Finland

Finland is one of the most desirable countries to live and work in. The country has an excellent work-life balance, a high standard of living, and other amazing things that make it an attractive place. 

At the forefront of the country’s economy are the electronics (tech) and service industries. These industries make up the largest employer of labor asides from the government. Due to the high demand for skilled hands in these sectors, often, the most in-demand jobs and invariably, the most in-demand skills will be seen in these sectors. 

Bearing that in mind, let’s look at the most in-demand skills in Finland.

Most In-demand Skills in Finland 

Communication (Contact Center Salesperson)

Startups are typical in Finland. The Tech space, the service sector, and other sectors like farming and forestry are booming. This means that these startups and other businesses will need someone to be present to answer the questions that users of their products and services have. Being able to communicate clearly to customers, especially when they are unhappy with a product, and getting them to choose another from the available products makes you a valuable and sought-after person. So, if you have clear communication skills, especially oral, then Finland is calling you.


This is one of the oldest professions and the services of a nurse are needed in all sectors of the economy. Nurses assist physicians like doctors in the care of patients. They work in the medical unit of industries, ensuring that the health of the workers is not compromised. With Finland being a highly industrial country, the services of nurses will be needed across various sectors. So, if you are a nurse, securing employment in Finland could be the best thing that happened to you.

Caregiving (Home-based Caregiving)

The baby boomer generation in Finland is now retiring, hence, increasing the number of elderly to be cared for. With the younger ones in their families seeking paid employment, the need and demand for home-based caregivers are sure to increase. Being a home-based caregiver is quite tasking. This is because you don’t have a clocking out time and you do more than just look after the dependent, in most cases. There are times that you will have to cook, clean, and do other chores as your dependent requires. Other times, the unpleasant behaviors of the dependent can be too much to handle. It is generally a tasking job.

To succeed at being a home-based caregiver, you have to have traits like patience and forbearance while being kind. These will help you handle whatever challenge is thrown at you by virtue of the job. There are other qualities that a caregiver has to possess, however, if you have those mentioned above and more, you can secure employment in Finland.

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Software Engineering

A software engineer designs and maintains computer software at a company. Finland is a country big on tech. Having software engineering skills puts you on a pedestal higher and faster than the majority. There are a lot of tech companies, both big ones and start-ups alike, that will need your services. Do you have software engineering skills? If yes, then Finland is a place for you to be.

Sales and Business Development

The goal of every business is to make sales and to form partnerships that bring about bigger sales. Having negotiation skills and the ability to follow up on a business idea from start to finish is highly required in Finland. Also, maintaining already existing partners of your company is important. If you have good negotiation skills and can collaborate with teams and also, ensure that existing customers are still patronizing the company, then Finland might just be the right place for you.

Data Analytics

Data is life. Every life experience is data. Data can be anything depending on what the company is about and the information that they need. Since anything can be data, there is a need for someone to collate that information and convert it to yield profit for a business. Every business is there to make a profit and having a good data analyst can help a business scale even higher than they already have attained. So, if you have the skill and expertise of a data analyst, Finland is looking for your services.

English Language 

The English language is considered a skill in Finland. Finland entrepreneurs are going global with their businesses. Going global means interacting with non-finish speakers. Hence, a need for them to know the English language and speak it. An individual who has English language speaking skills and can also teach it, you stand a chance in Finland. Individuals from English-speaking countries can jump on this one to move to Finland.

Front-end and Back-end Development

Taking the lead in the tech space, Finland tech companies have a need for front-end and back-end developers. Tech is at the forefront of the country’s economy and with the short supply of these engineers from the local talent pool, employers seek foreigners with the skills. If you are a front-end or back-end developer, Finland is definitely a place for you to progress your career.

There are other skills that are in demand in Finland, namely:

  • Truck Driving
  • Auto mechanic
  • Kindergarten Teaching
  • Psychology
  • Domestic skills
  • Dentistry 

The list goes on and on. Whatever skill that you have and you feel it’s up to a level where you can offer your services at a price, check if you can get a job with it in Finland. You just might be lucky.

Conclusion: Most In-Demand Skills in Finland

Finland is one of the best places to live and work in. The country has a high standard of living and a good working culture with paid leaves. There are also long holidays that allow workers to be with their families. If you have chosen Finland as your choice destination for work, then you made a good choice. Not sure yet, check the in-demand skills listed above and see if you have any. If you do, then applying to live and work in Finland might be the best decision.


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