Finland Government Fully Funded Scholarship

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Are you in search of an international university to further your education? The Finland Government Scholarship is offering you an opportunity to achieve your dreams through this fully funded scholarship program.

Why is Finland a Great Choice for Educational Purposes?

Finland has been named the Happiest Country in the World, for the fourth time in a row, by the United Nations’ World Happiness Report. It is a great country to study in, given the fact that they have a quality education system; that prioritizes both teachers and students. Finnish schools usually record a high graduation rate of 93%, thereby lowering the number of school dropouts.

About the Finnish Government

The Finnish Government offers many international scholarships for students eager to further their studies at any university in Finland.

Another interesting fact about the Finland government and its education is that Finland, runs an almost free education, with the government covering the education costs up to about 50%–100%. Also, the government provide a monthly allowance for its students. This contradicts other countries with high financial demands and no quality education. The Finnish government will be responsible for your travel expenses, tuition, health care, and monthly allowance.

In this article, we will explore the Finland Government Fully Funded scholarship, especially how and when to apply, eligibility, available programs, the deadline for application and also the top 6 Finland scholarships for study. So without further ado, let’s begin.

About the Fully Funded Scholarship

The Finland government’s fully funded scholarship is offered to students from other countries who wish to get a master’s degree after concluding their Bachelor’s degree program in another country. Although it is a two-year scholarship program, it is awarded for one academic year, after which it is renewed by the second year depending on the student’s academic performance.


The following categories of students are eligible for this two-year fully funded scholarship by the Finland Government.

1. Must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

2. Must be a citizen of a developing country

3. Have a good command of the English Language, since most of the lectures will be taught in English.

4. Have not studied in Finland before

5. Must not be enrolled in any university in Finland before the time of application

In addition, each school also have their specific requirement which students have to meet to be fully eligible for the scholarship.

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Available Programs

The available programs at the Finland government fully funded scholarship include

1. Arts

2. Agriculture

3. Business Administration and law

4. Education

5. Engineering

6. Humanities

7. Health and Welfare

8. Information and Communication Technologies

9. Medicine

10. Natural Sciences

11. Service Military

12. Social Sciences

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Documents Required

Your application will not be complete without the documents listed below.

1. A letter of motivation

2. A research plan

3. A copy of your academic transcripts

4. Two (2) letters of recommendation

YouTube: Watch the video below on motivation letter for scholarship in Finland.

Motivation letter for scholarship in Finland.

How to Apply

The steps below will guide you on how to apply for the Finland government fully funded scholarship for the 2024 -2025 session.

1. Go to the official website of the Finland government scholarship.

2. Ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria before you begin your application process

3. Prepare and submit the required documents for application.

In addition, the requirements for the application vary between schools, so be sure to check the requirements of the program or institution you are applying for/interested in.

Deadline for Application

The deadline for the application differs between schools also. It is advised to always check the portal of the institution you are interested in.

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Top 6 Best Finland Scholarships For Study in Finland Universities in 2024

In no particular order, here are other Finland scholarships you might be interested in. They are

1. University Of Helsinki Scholarship For International Students

2. Aalto University Scholarship For International Students

3. University Of Oulu Scholarship For International Students

4. University Of Vaasa Scholarship For International Students

5. University Of Turku Scholarship For International Students

6. Tampere University Of Applied Science Scholarship For International Students



To sum up, we have covered the Finland Government Fully Funded Scholarship, who is eligible, how to apply, what documents are needed, what programmes are available, and finally, additional Finland scholarships that you should take into consideration for your studies at Finnish universities.

We hope that this will help you realise your dream of earning a master’s degree from a Finnish international university.

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