Life In Kuopio for International Students

Kuopio is a very nice city to live in and is growing quite fast. It is recognized as having the second-highest net migration rate among all municipalities in Finland in 2021. It is located in the eastern region of Finland. Kuopio’s top university is Savonia University of Applied Sciences, which is the sixth largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland with about 6,500 students.

Here, we will discuss the city of Kuopio, with a focus on the reasons and challenges of people living in Kuopio, Finland. Attached to this article is an explanatory video with which you can see practical steps to how life in Kuopio is for international students. So without further ado, we are going to start by exploring some basic statistics for Kuopio.



  • Kuopio is the 8th biggest city in Finland
  • Has 10 vocational schools and universities
  • 25,000 students and
  • 124,000 inhabitants

Despite its smallness, the city has several fun things to do. It is by far the best university for art lovers.

Top Places To Visit In Kuopio

  • Puijo Tower
  • Kuopio Art Museum
  • Monastery of Valamo
  • Savonlinna Opera Festival

Reasons for Choosing Kuopio

1. Affordable Education:

Students love to study here because of its great learning and educational possibilities. Additionally, one can also study for a double degree.

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2. Housing/Accommodation:

Kuopas housing is good enough for a student and helps fit a good living space in their monthly budget.

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

3. Well-being and Culture:

It is a lively city. Some of the notable events include

  • The Kuopio Dance Festival
  • The anti-contemporary art festival
  • The International Wine Festival

Furthermore, it has several regions, for example, the Pujio region which is known for athletic activities like jogging, cross-country skiing and playing disc golf. The Kuopio–Tahko region is known for biking, bowling, horseback riding and golf.

4. Job Seeking:

Kuopio is a city that offers jobs to about 7,000 people. Students without prior job experience are offered on-the-job training The city hires tens of pupils and students for summer help, usually between May and September. One must be at least 15 years old to be eligible for a summer job. The city’s employment service helps job seekers who have been out of a job for a longer period.

5. Security:

People love to move to any place, giving assurance of full security, and Kuopio offers assistance, help and support to its inhabitants on matters relating to their finances, disputes, crime, and other social and economic problems.

The Challenges Of Living In Kuopio

1. Language Barrier:

Many nurses and doctors from the public health sector do not speak English or even Swedish. It is usually difficult to choose an English-speaking officer or personnel, as most people speak Swedish.

2. Health Facilities:

According to the source, “The health care services are not managed at all, the worst care in my life. They have one of the best resources or capabilities, which is neither managed nor coordinated.”

3. Transportation:

Transportation is pretty bad for a city like Kuopio. The connection to Helsinki should be easier because most of the international travel happens through Kuopio. For example, flights are quite less between the two cities, and going to there needs a lot of preparation and is almost half of the trip, a source says.


In conclusion, Kuopio is a vividly attractive city with lots of opportunities to offer to students. In this article, we just looked at an overview of life in Kuopio and also have a video on life in Kuopio for international students.

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