Top IT Consulting Companies In Stockholm, Sweden

Top IT Consulting Companies In Stockholm, Sweden
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There are various reasons to travel to Sweden, ranging from its landscape and lifestyle attractions for tourists to its booming industry and economy for migrants and job seekers. Also, It gets better for those who are in the IT business as Sweden is home to a rapidly growing technological environment.

A proof of this is seen with companies like IKEA, Spotify, and even Skype originating from Sweden. A 2014 report estimated 22,000 technology companies in Stockholm alone. Those companies range from app developers to IT consulting companies. 

This article will focus on the top IT consulting companies in Stockholm. It’ll be a guide for new residents or prospective ones who have ties to the technology industry 

IT Consulting

IT consulting is services rendered by individuals or companies in form of professional services to clients in their choice or usage of various technological options in a bid to align it with their financial needs or even business processes.

In simpler terms, these individuals or companies help you make the right choices concerning software and hardware that you might need for your business or personal use.

IT consulting companies also have developers and Engineers, who are not focused on the consultancy. They develop sites and apps and provide many other IT services

Beyond this, IT consulting companies also help you with man and brain power where needed. They don’t just advise; they are most times capable of coming to help you set up your IT process for your business. And if your company doesn’t have staff dedicated to IT already, some offer proficient personnel to fill in those gaps.

Choosing an IT Consulting Firm in Stockholm

Before now, we already spoke about how many technology-related firms are in Stockholm. This implies most times that choosing a consulting company will be a fairly difficult task considering you’d be spoilt for choice.

Having options, in this case, is not a bad idea, the problem is you have to pick the one that specifically meets your needs. The thought process must be thorough to avoid constantly moving from one consulting company to the other. This can lead to multiple disruptions in your daily life and how your business is run.

To pick the right one you have to ask yourself certain questions to help your choice;

  1. Do you need it for your personal use or professional and business processes: This helps you pick a consulting company that deals especially in any of the two 
  2. Budget: what’s your budget, how much can you afford? This helps you pick a company that’s also within the budget you set.

These two questions set the tone for any other quality you want from your consulting company.

With these, you can narrow your search for a consulting company in Stockholm.

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Top IT Consulting Companies in Stockholm, Sweden

Before we go any further, it is important to note one of the key reasons for getting a consulting firm, especially as a business owner. A consulting firm helps your company focus solely on production and its primary duties while the consulting company deals with the technological aspects.

This promotes efficiency and increased productivity. 

This list is beneficial to those who need the services of an IT Consulting Company and those looking for jobs in one of these companies.

To the consulting companies;

1. Digital Dividend: 

Digital Dividend is one of the top IT consulting companies in Stockholm. They provide web development, android, and iPhone development services. Based in Stockholm, Sweden with about 45 employees and a rate of $25 – $49/hr. Also, they have a reputation of employing talented developers that fill in gaps where needed and can also manage your projects by taking care of all design and development works. They have a product strategy of engaging customers as equal partners on the product, technology, and business strategy. They come highly recommended.


2. Softlabs Group: 

Originated in India with roughly 17 years of operating internationally, they come with a lot of reputation and experience. Being one of the best software outsourcing companies around, they offer a wide range of services. Ranging from custom software development, Software Development Outsourcing, AI and machine learning solutions Startup solutions, and so on. Their methodologies include Microservices Architecture, CI/CD Pipeline, and Agile Software development. With an hourly rate of $25 – $49/hr, they are also a very cost-effective choice.


3. GTT Communications: 

They own and operate a global tier 1 internet network while providing a thorough cloud networking service. They believe in a customer-first policy and they focus on delivering outstanding experiences. As of February 2021, GTT Communication was rated 4.2 out of 5 by Gartner Peer insights. They have served and are still serving national, international, and global enterprises, governments and enterprises.


4. Beetroot AB: 

They currently engage 450 people around 7 locations in Ukraine and Sweden. And, their customers are mainly VC-funded startups and large enterprises to enhance their Research and Development with sustainable processes. More so, they have a people-focused culture that builds trust with their employees and customers. Their expertise focuses on MVP development, Word Press development, custom web, mobile, game and VR DevOps, UI/UX, and even 3D illustration. Founded in 2012, but their end-to-end solution model alongside their dedicated teams makes them a fast-growing IT consulting company with the potential to expand to a larger market.


5. Mxicoders: 

Founded in 2006 by four friends. They had a desire to create one of the best coding companies in the world. Today they are a global Customize Software Product Development Company to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. They also provide an end-to-end solution in web development and other digital services. Their vast infrastructure and skilled technicians put them at par with any IT consulting companies and solutions companies in the industry.


6. Sanet Telecom: 

They are part of a global company that focuses on telecommunication services. They have an envious list of customers from internet service providers to application service providers GSM operations and so on. Their services include cloud management, soft switch partitioning, security, and app development. Furthermore, their mission is to keep up with the developments of the market and industry to make sure their customers receive the best services available at all times. 



Other skilled IT consulting companies might have been missed because our list couldn’t cover them all. With the environment and policies in place, many more IT consulting companies will grow and also settle in Stockholm, but the ones mentioned here are some of the top ones. More so, for further research, companies like Gateway Digital OY, Chimplie, B3 Consulting groups, and Data Respons are other options.

Remember to always know what you want from your IT consulting company before embarking on the journey to choose one.

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