Visa Sponsor Recruitment Agencies in the UK

Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies in the UK
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As an employer in the United Kingdom, sometimes you want to employ a foreign professional. Various situations can lead to the need for an expatriate or a specialist and somehow you can’t find one in the UK. So, you have to find one from another country.

This plan sounds simple right, but it is not quite. As an employer, offering Visa Sponsorship is a great way to ensure a smooth Visa experience for your prospective employee. It also makes your job offer more attractive to these employees. However, there are various requirements and challenges in your way.

From the perspective of the employee looking to find Visa Sponsorship jobs in the United Kingdom, Recruitment agencies are the best way to go about it. However, you do need a guide on how to take advantage of Recruitment agencies to get jobs in the United Kingdom.

In this article, we will discuss Visa Sponsor Recruitment Agencies in the UK. So by the end of this post, you will know what a recruitment agency is, why it is important to enplore the services of recruitment agencies, visa sponsorship in the UK, certificate of sponsorship, visa sponsor recruitment in the UK, and other relevant information. Continue reading!

What Is a Recruitment Agency?

Finding jobs as a foreigner in the United Kingdom can be tricky. This gets even harder when you are not in the UK but you want to get a job in the UK. So, how do you go about it? Well, you have some options

  1. Register with a Recruitment Agency
  2. Make use of a job website

Let’s focus on Recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies or Employment agencies are organizations created with the sole aim of connecting employers with employees. They use their expertise to find the best candidates for the jobs that have been advertised by the employees.

In simpler terms, once an organization working in tandem with a recruitment agency needs a vacancy filled, these agencies look through their database of clients with the skill description. Recruitment agencies also post these vacancies to attract professionals with the required skills. The jobs posted on these websites are typical of three kinds;

  1. Temporary Jobs – These are roles that last anything from a day to a year.
  2. Temporary to Permanent Jobs – These jobs have a contract and after some time, the contracted staff will become permanent staff. Keep in mind, that either one of the employers or employees can terminate the contract at any point.
  3. Permanent Jobs – In this case, the employee is a full-time employee of the company. Also, there is no end date for these types of jobs.
UK jobs for foreigners
Latest Vacancies in UK (Work Abroad)

Some of the services offered by Recruitment agencies include;

  1. Search for potential highly skilled candidates
  2. Taking part in the selection process
  3. Organizing and managing the search for specialists
  4. Design placement and job advertising
  5. Preparing the documentation for selection
  6. Take care of inquiries and applications
  7. Conduct initial interviews with shortlisted candidates
  8. Help with the negotiation process
  9. Inform and advise unsuccessful applicants

Why Employ the Services of Recruitment Agencies?

If you are an employer, recruitment agencies help you save time. The processes involved in making an opening in your company known to the public, screening the candidates that apply for this opening, organizing interviews when necessary, and choosing the perfect fit for the opening can be a lot. Furthermore, you do not want to make the mistake of employing the wrong candidate as it can be expensive to lay off these workers.

Recruitment agencies, however, can take on this burden by making the process of hiring as seamless as possible. These agencies already have an innate knowledge of the availability of candidates for your opening, the trends in the local market, and the proper screening process.

As a job seeker, a Recruitment agency is also a good option. The agency will find jobs for you in the right industry, but that is not all. These agencies will help out with other important things like curating your CV and interview tips. It is also important to communicate regularly with your Recruitment agency so that you will be kept informed about potential job openings.

Remember, you are not a regular job seeker in this situation. You are a job seeker in a foreign country looking to find a job in the United Kingdom with Visa Sponsorship. In this situation, a Recruitment agency will come in handy. Having one would make your job search process easy as the agency would have access to the kind of job you want and the employment process would be smooth.

Recruitment Agency Fees

Here we are going to discuss the various ways agencies get their payment from both employers and employees. For Employees, there are three different methods of remission from their recruitment agencies and they are;

  1. Temporary Work Fee – When the agency finds a temporary job for one of their clients, they are paid a pre-agreed amount and sometimes an extra percentage to cover sick pay, pensions, and insurance
  2. Temporary To Permanent Work Fee – It’s the same situation with the temporary work fee, but this comes with an added transfer fee. This is paid when the temporary worker transitions into a full-time worker.
  3. Permanent Work Fee – Here, the employee pays an agreed percentage of his annual salary.

For employees, there are two types of agreements to be made with recruitment agencies. These agreements then lead to two different methods of payment. These are;

  1. Contingency Recruiting – In this situation, the agency only gets paid when the company has filled the position
  2. Retained Recruiting – In this type of agreement, recruiters are paid in advance for continued use. Companies often use this when recruiting highly skilled professionals such as directors.
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Visa Sponsorship in the UK

To get a Visa Sponsorship in the United Kingdom, you have to have found a job that offers to sponsor your Visa. Once you have done this you have to meet the following criteria to apply for a sponsorship;

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Pay the application fee
  3. Send the requested documents to the right authorities in the UK
  4. Show proof that you are being employed by a legitimate company

Your employees also have some obligations.

  1. They have to ensure the job they have posted is suitable for Visa sponsorship
  2. They also have to show proof that they are a legitimate business
  3. Show proof that they have the necessary staff required to run a business and also take care of the sponsorship program
Visa sponsorship in the UK
Visa sponsor recruitment agencies int the UK

Certificate of Sponsorship

A Certificate of Sponsorship will also be needed.

This is an electronic record with a particular number that is reserved for foreign employees. This number can be used to apply for your work visa.

This is issued to foreign workers who are skilled and qualified to get a Tier 2 or Tier 5 class job. Tier 2 is further divided into; tier 2 general, Tier 2 Intra-company transfer, Tier 2 sportsperson, and Tier 2 minister of religion. Meanwhile, Tier 5 is for temporary workers and can be further divided into Creative and sporting, charity workers, religious workers, the government authorized to exchange, and international agreements.

Visa Sponsor Recruitment Agencies in the UK

  1. Reed: This is the oldest recruitment website in the United Kingdom. It has now grown into one of the top career marketplaces in the UK. Their websites offer over 30,000 jobs to job seekers daily and these jobs are in the public and private sectors.
  2. Staffex: Doesn’t matter whether you are in search of a permanent role, or a short-term job, Staffex is one of the most reliable agencies to help you find the role of your dreams. They have They also take into account your skill level and ensure you are paid at the right time.
  3. Tier 2 Jobs: This agency specializes in helping clients find Tier 2 sponsorship opportunities in the UK. These include internships and regular jobs. They also offer you the chance to be a part of their professional network to give you access to the latest news and developments in your industry.
  4. Vira International: This is also one of the many visa sponsor recruitment agencies in the UK. They provide high-level services at a single point of contact to their clients.
  5. Wellcome: They help applicants outside the United Kingdom find jobs in the UK. They also ensure to help immigrants in the UK as well find jobs and settle properly.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Conclusion: Visa Sponsor Recruitment Agencies in the UK

We hope to have provided you with the right tools and knowledge to apply for jobs in the United Kingdom and the right agency to use. However, don’t be restricted by agencies, you can decide to make use of job websites to search for jobs in the right industry. We recommend Fasthire as a great option. This website would also offer you advice on your CV and other important factors.

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