7 Top American Companies in Sweden for Work and Investment

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If you’re searching for reputable American companies in Sweden for work or investment, you’ll find this post helpful.

We carefully researched the American companies doing business in Sweden to come up with this list. Though there are more American companies in Sweden than this list covers, we have kept our list to the credible and internationally recognized companies.

Relationship between Sweden and America

From research, we discovered that America and Sweden have a healthy relationship that has lasted for over 100 years. In 1783, Sweden was the first country to recognize America’s independence. And ever since, the two countries have maintained a mutual relationship.

Also, statistics show that the two countries are heavily invested in their economies. Interestingly, Sweden supports about 200,000 American jobs and is said to be the 13th largest investor in America.

At this point, you must be eager to read about the top American companies doing business in Sweden. But before that; let’s analyze our criteria for considering these companies.

Reasons to work/invest with these Top American Companies in Sweden

To come up with this list, we put the following factors into consideration;

1.      Track record:

These companies are internationally recognized. They don’t just have a branch in Sweden; they are present in other parts of the world.

2.      Experience/Expertise:

They have years of experience and have developed human and capital results to be considered experts in their fields.

3.      Financial stability:

These are not companies that have the result of financial stability from years of active business engagements. Hence, if you’re interested in working with them, there’s no fear of being owed. And if you wish to invest with them, you’re sure of where you’re putting your money.

4.      Welfare benefits:

The more stable the company, the better the welfare system.

5.      Career growth:

With the experience and exposure that comes with working with these companies, you’re assured of career advancement. Most of the companies outlined have regular training and workshops to ensure the growth of their team. Hence, working with them comes with that extra push for growth that you may not get in any regular company.

Work-Life And Mental Health Balance
Work-Life And Mental Health Balance

Top American Companies in Sweden

1.      Google:

Google is a reputable American company with a strong presence in Technology. They are specialists in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, advertising, computer software/hardware, etc. Furthermore, they are globally recognized as one of the 5 big American companies alongside Meta (formerly Facebook), Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. With offices all over the globe, they currently have a staff strength of over 139,995 people.


Website: www.google.com

Location: Stockholm, Sweden Area

2.      Salesforce:

This company is known for providing customer relationship management (CRM) services. They create platforms that companies can use to interact with clients and build trust. Salesforce has been in business for over 20 years.


Website: www.salesforce.come

Location: SFDC Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: +46 (0) 850573100

3.      Microsoft:

Microsoft is a popular technology corporation known for its products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suites, Internet Explorer, etc. They also manufacture computer software, personal computers, consumer electronics, etc.


Website: www.microsoft.com

Location: Microsoft Regeringsgatan 25 111 53 Stockholm, Sweden.

Postbox Address: Microsoft AB, Box 3386 103 68, Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: +4687525600

4.      Procter and Gamble (P&G):

P&G is a popular American multinational consumer goods corporation known for making products like cleaning agents, skincare, and personal care products. The company has grown to a staff strength of over 101,000 people since it was founded in 1837.


Website: www.pg.com

Location: Hangovagen 20 10254 Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: 46852808100, 46852808364

5.      Ford Motor Company:

Ford is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world. After manufacturing, they sell these automobiles and commercial vehicles to both individuals and organizations. The company has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has a total of $267.261 billion in assets. Founded in 1903, they currently have over 186,000 employees.


Website: www.ford.com

Sweden Locations: Uppsala, Lund, Stockholm, etc.

Number: 8003923673

6.      DHL:

International courier, package delivery, and express mail service company. The name ‘DHL’ is an acronym from the names of the 3 founders: Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. Though it was founded in America, they have their headquarters in Germany and a host of other offices in other parts of the world including Sweden.


Website: www.dhl.com

Sweden Locations: Hagersten, Harryda, Solna, Stockhol-Arlanda, etc.

7.      Netflix:

Netflix is a subscription streaming service and production company. While the company has its productions called ‘Netflix Originals’, they also offer a library of TV series and films. They stream in over 30 languages across Africa, Europe, Asia, America, etc.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Conclusion: Top American Companies in Sweden for Work and Investment

Admittedly other companies could have made this list. But as stated earlier, we have ensured that the companies we listed met our 5 guiding factors (see the section on Reasons to work/invest with these Top American Companies in Sweden). Overall, there’s no doubt about the companies that made our list of top American companies in Sweden. If you would like to explore other companies and especially SMEs, you can conduct further research on them.

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