SimplyHired Review 2024 (Features, Benefits, Pros and Cons)

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SimplyHired Review: SimplyHired is one of the most popular online job search engines and employment websites that has helped thousands of individual job seekers find the right job placement, even employers.

The website operates by collecting job postings from various websites and job boards to create a broad database of job postings. 

Therefore, with SimplyHired, you can access legit jobs from the web and even get tailored results when you use the built-in filters. This is just one of many benefits of using the  SimplyHired platform. 

In this article, we review the features of SimplyHired that make it an efficient job search board. Also, we will explore the core services available to both job seekers and employers. And lastly, we shall conclude by addressing the pros and cons of the website, including reviews and ratings from other websites. 

If you are interested in working abroad and you wish to know more about different recruitment agencies or job search boards, check our company review and the job-seeking category under the career advice tab on our website to get more updates.

That said, let’s take a little history on Simply Hired, who are they and why should you care?

What you should know About SimplyHired

SimplyHired operates just like other popular job board searches you already know, like Glassdoor, Jobberman, and Indeed. It is an efficient job search and employment website that connects job seekers and employers to their desired goal, which is summed up as getting the best job or candidates. 

The website operates via a fascinating system that is programmed to penetrate the web for job listings. Which is then stored in a vast database and made available to job seekers interfacing with the website. Therefore, with SimplyHired, users have access to a good number of jobs and even hiring companies. 

It will interest you to know that, although Simply Hired was founded in 2003 in California, it was purchased by, under Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd in 2016. Hence, as an employer, you have the benefits of listing jobs or running ads on the website through Simply Hired. We will go into detail in a subsequent section.

To highlight the win on this website, you should know that SimplyHired has won some awards in the past few years or decades. 

In 2014, Simply Hired won an award for Excellence in Technology by Brandon Hall in the Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology category whilst in 2023, the company was ranked #3 on Forbes’ “Top 10 Best Websites for Your Career” list, according to a post by Wikipedia, to mention but a few. 

Now you know a few things about this company. Is it wise to patronize their services? Now, let’s discuss some of the vetted benefits of working with the SimplyHired website.

SimplyHired Review: Benefits of working with SimplyHired Website

Simplyhired is a dedicated job search website that places the comfort and satisfaction of its users (Clients and candidates) first. You can tell with the seamless user-friendly design, which improves the ease of navigating the website. Oh, even the incorporation of a special AI search tool that makes job searches easy and tailored. 

Let’s get right into it already. Here are some benefits you would gain should you work with SimplyHired:

Benefits for job seekers:

1. Explore Jobs Across the Globe

Yes, about any job search website can promise seamless job search, but with Simplyhired, it is different. How, you may ask, First of all, the website is designed in a way that you can navigate your way around any search term and tailor your results. With the job tool option at the bottom list when you click the main manual, you can search for local jobs and tailor your results by location, city, and job keywords.

More so, at a glimpse, you can access the number of jobs available in different countries at a time. So yes, with SimplyHired, you have access to over 7000+ jobs 

2. Access to top company’s Salary Estimation 

Getting exclusive information about salary estimation for specific professions across different industries is not an easy task. But, with Simplyhired, users can assess this for free. This feature helps users compare different salary ranges which affect their decision when making an application.

3. Resume Builder

Not sure about your Resume? SimplyHired provides a free resume builder that helps you create a professional resume in minutes This is in a bid to boost your confidence by improving your chances of getting employed at the company of your choice.

For more details on how to revamp or improve your resume before your next job search, contact Fasthire for your CV revamp.

4. Company Reviews

Should you not be satisfied with any service rendered or you desire to express your gratitude, you have the privilege of expressing your views via the company reviews section found under the job seekers’ tools on the bottom page of the website. SimplyHired allows users to write reviews of companies, which can help you learn more about potential employers. 

These are some of the basic privileges you enjoy as a job seeker if you work with this website. Now, how about benefits for employers? Let’s review that too.

Benefits for Employers

This is more like the exclusive benefits for employers. As an employer, your need is summed up in attracting the right candidates or talents to fill up local or remote vacancies in your organization. SimplyHired works in collaboration with to make this possible.

1. Post jobs for Free

As an employer, you can create free job listings on Indeed and attract hire visibly to your post increasing the possibility of attracting the right talent for your job. More so, doing this takes just a few minutes and costs you zero dollars. Click here to learn more.

2. Promote your Job for Faster Hiring 

The benefits do not end there, you can boost your post reach by running sponsored ads. Now, sponsored jobs have more visibility and reach as compared to the free version. Also, these jobs don’t get covered when no jobs are listed. Moreover, this comes with an extra fee, it comes with the benefit of increased visibility, and a higher tendency to hire the best candidate.

3. Manage and Screen Candidates Faster

Before you create your job listing, you will be required to create an employer dashboard. With this dashboard, you can access the candidate management tool which allows you to filter and arrange candidates in order of preference. No, you don’t need to create an additional spreadsheet to do this; it comes with the system.

4. Reach a Large Talent Pool

Popular research reviews that is ranked as the #1 job search website in the world with over 350M+ unique visitors every month. In perspective, when you create a job listing on Indeed via SimplyHired, you have over 350M+ views on your job listing supposing you opt for a sponsored listing. This helps you access the best in the industry when making your search.

SimplyHired Review: Core Services offered by SimplyHired

As earlier mentioned, Simplyhired serves both job seekers and employees. Below are the core services offered;

Services for Job Seekers 

  • Job Search: Access a vast database of job postings with advanced search and filtering options.
  • Resume Builder: Create a professional resume with easy-to-use templates and tools.
  • Salary Estimator: Research fair salary ranges for specific positions and locations.
  • Job Alerts: Receive notifications for new jobs matching your interests.
  • Company directory: access to different companies’ salary ranges, job benefits, and perks
  • Custom Profile: Create a profile to improve accessibility by employers 
  • Job Search Advice via blog posts 

Services for Employers 

  • Job Posting: Post job openings for free or choose premium options for increased visibility and reach.
  • Candidate Sourcing: Search through the vast SimplyHired database of resumes to find qualified candidates.
  • Candidate Management: Streamline the hiring process by organizing applications, scheduling interviews, and managing feedback within the platform.

SimplyHired Review: Pros and Cons for Simplyhired 

As with every job search website, Simplyhired has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we take a more general view through the lens of both a job seeker and an employer. 


  • Large database of jobs: SimplyHired collects job postings from different sources, including company websites, job boards, and social media. This gives you access to a broader range of jobs than you would find on other job boards.
  • Easy to use: SimplyHired’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you should be able to find the jobs you are looking for.
  • Free to use: SimplyHired is free to use for both job seekers and employers. Unless when  opting for a premium package (as an employer) 
  • Resume builder and salary estimator: The resume builder and salary estimator tools are valuable resources for job seekers.


  • Job quality: The quality of the jobs posted on SimplyHired can vary. Some jobs may be low-paying or entry-level.
  • Competition: SimplyHired is a popular job board, so the competition for jobs can be fierce.
  • High ad fees: As an employer, you would be investing more in ads if you want your job listing to be seen for a longer time. This could result in large expenses, which may be difficult for smaller companies to pay.

Reviews and Ratings for SimplyHired 

There is a popular saying that goes like this Reviews don’t lie.  Although cliche, it still stands. Let’s look at some popular reviews and comments from different websites about Simplyhired. 

Forbes Review 

According to Forbes’ review of SimplyHired, they have this to say “SimplyHired works great for entry-level jobs and low-skill roles, but it might not be a good platform to find the most qualified candidates.”

We mentioned earlier that simplyhired operates by collecting job listings from different websites, this justifies the review by Forbes. There are no metrics used to quantify the number of entry-level, senior-level roles listed. Hence, it is possible the system would be saturated with low-skill applicants.


  1. Trustpilot: In Trustpilot, Simplyhired has an overall rating of 1.7 out of 5, according to reviews left by 114 candidates.
  2. Glassdoor: Simply Hired has an overall rating of 2.9 out of 5, based on over 85 reviews left anonymously by employees. 

Our Verdict on SimplyHired Review

SimplyHired, is similar to other job search websites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, but there are a few differences, and that is what makes it stand out.

For instance, In the job search menu, SimplyHired has more advanced filters that allow you to search for more specific roles, and also for employers, it contains filters that enable list jobs for free. However, job boards like Indeed have a limit to the number of candidates you can assess even with your budget.  

More SimplyHired is also more user-friendly and easier to use than the others. Anyone can easily search for jobs or candidates and get easy access compared to the others.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best job listing site for your jobs, SimplyHired might be your best bet because it offers this service for free, although with limited reach. However, there are other factors to consider, like the type of job role you are posting and your industry. Simplyhired is best for entry-level and mid-level roles.

Should you use Simplyhired?

This depends on what you hope to achieve, your budget, and your overall goal. Consider this as a guideline and ensure you do your research before engaging with any website.

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