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Transform Together Scholarship is an exclusive scholarship awarded to international students starting a full-time taught course at Sheffield Hallam University or a partner institution.

This scholarship is awarded to students with good academic achievement who can also demonstrate their passion, determination and dedication for their careers.

Things to Cover in Your Application

  • Your academic achievement
  • Significant things you have done to date makes you stand out from the crowd. This could include professional qualifications, benefits you have brought to your community and non-academic achievements.
  • Your skills, talents and special interests that demonstrate your ability and ambition
  • Your personal outlook, vision and passion will help you to successfully deliver your plans.
  • How you would represent the University as an ambassador

How to be Eligible for the Scholarship

  • Be an international or a European Union (non-UK) fee-paying student
  • Postgraduate only – have achieved a minimum 2.1 or equivalent in your honours degree and must meet the English and academic entry requirements for your course. Please attach your transcripts to your scholarship application
  • Undergraduate only – have achieved or exceeded the English and academic entry requirements for the course
  • Have an offer for a full-time taught undergraduate or postgraduate course at Sheffield Hallam University. If you have not applied for a course, please visit our online prospectus
  • Be self-funding your studies
  • Be able to pay any additional fees your course may require, for example, field trips.

Preferred Study Areas for the Transform Together Scholarship

  • MSc Advanced Computer Networks
  • MSc Banking and Finance
  • MSc Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • MSc Biomedical Science
  • MSc International Marketing
  • MA Media Management
  • MSc Project Management
  • MSc Public Health
  • MSc Sport Business Management
  • MSc Sports Engineering

Read more about the Transform Together Scholarship here.

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Personal Statement Sample for Transform Together Scholarship

Logistics and supply chain management deals with the interconnected business activities that an organization whether government or non-government takes to acquire and transform raw materials into useful products while also covering the storage and transportation to the end-users. Whereas non-government organizations invest in logistics and supply chain management to overcome high costs, delays, and project abandonment, the government is interested in ensuring that their direct and indirect activities that pertain to the purchase and management of goods, services, and other state resources is conducted in a way that strengthens the value of its local currency.

I am currently the Procurement and Operations Manager at xxx, and before that, I was an Associate Procurement Officer at xxx. Through my years of experience, I could not help but notice that we still had a lot of work to do as a nation in the area of supply chain management. With proper practice of proactive procurement, we would be better at maximizing corporate gains both in income and trust in our corporate governance which will, in turn, encourage more foreign and local investors to invest in our economy. For example; xxx Business School – one of the top 5 ranked business schools recorded that in most sectors of our economy, companies spend an excess 50% of their revenue on contract expenditure which is alarming for developing countries that should be big on cutting costs and maximizing the productivity of available manpower.

I desire to respond to the increased demand for supply chain professionals who can proffer better strategies to reduce project overhead costs and delayed contract fulfilment by private and government organizations within the xxx market. This will enable me to maintain my presence in a terrain where I wish to proffer effective solutions for our economy especially in the application of better procurement policies that can help us meet our infrastructural needs as a nation.

Obtaining a master with a university that is accredited with CIPS will allow me to gain accreditation as a ……… However, as an xxx who has gained all her previous qualifications in xxx, I believe that getting an international experience will help me broaden my views and cultural perspective which will, in turn, help the results that I will produce upon completion of my studies.

Deciding to study in the UK is a big step that I am making, and I have not allowed any constraints to limit my dream of studying in an elite university. Hence, I am applying for this scholarship because it will help reduce the financial weight that I will have to carry during this program.

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