Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example UK

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This Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example should be used only as a guide. Please do not copy it as it has already been used. If you need assistance writing yours, click here to contact our experts today

Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example

My father who happens to double as my career mentor made me appreciate the relevance of the accounting profession and helped me develop a love for the discipline. My dad, a graduate of Banking and Finance, tutored me from basic business studies to complex commerce subjects during my secondary school and helped pave the way for my success in accounting. I love accounting because it plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, and without it, businesses would not be able to function effectively. For instance; the activities of Accountants in any organization inform their decision-making, and if the accounting department fails for any reason, the organization is moving towards potential ruins.

I am an alumnus of xxx. My first-degree study exposed me to course modules such as intermediate financial accounts, cost accounting, international finance, monetary policies and theory, and research methodology. By my final year, I have become passionate about financial technology and focused my final year project on xxx. Through this research, I discovered that xxx, but it has actually reduced customers’ confidentiality. But with proper implementation of electronic banking laws to protect customers from fraud, customer confidentiality will increase.

Since I graduated from the university, I have been active in the corporate scene where I have been applying my knowledge in accounting to help businesses make informed decisions. My current job as an Accountant in an Oil and Gas company has exposed me to a wider range of finance and accounting responsibilities. As a forward-thinking professional, I have taken the huge task that I face as a challenge to improve on my knowledge to proffer better business solutions as an accountant. Furthermore, gaining an advanced degree in Accounting and Finance will help me stay up to speed with the latest knowledge and technologies in the accounting field which will boost the career opportunities that I qualify for. Through this study at Hull University, foresee improving my skills and knowledge in xxx.

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I am inclined to study at Hull University because of its rich history and reputation amongst UK universities. As someone who works for an Oil and Gas company with international ties, I saw the course modules for this program as a good fit because the modules were specially selected to enable students to develop a strong understanding that will be applied in global organizations. After thorough research on the teaching staff for this course, I am confident that my experience here will be worth the investment. Personally, I look forward to learning from Dr. Yawen Hudson and Professor Mahbub Zaman because I find their career background and areas of interest inspiring.

My aspiration after developing a deeper understanding of accounting and finance is to maintain a steady career path in the financial sector. I look forward to taking up managerial roles in the next couple of years, and this degree will be instrumental to prepare and qualify me for those positions. My academic and career background has already put me in a good position to excel in this program, and I believe that I have what it takes to achieve impressive results if given this admission.

Thank you for taking the time to go through my application, I look forward to your consideration.

Helpful Guide

Part 1:

Possible Scenarios When Writing Your Statement

  1. You’re going for a new program, different from what you studied in your first degree.
  2. You’re going for a new program, different from your first degree but related to your current job
  3. You’re going for an advanced degree in a course that you studied in your first degree but you’ve not been practicing.
  4. You’re going for a program that supports career transition like an MBA, Masters in Global Business, Analytics, etc.
  5. You’re going for a lower degree e.g. after obtaining a BSc; you want to go for a post-graduate diploma.
  6. You’re going for a degree in a different course that is within your industry.

Part 2:

The most important thing when writing your statement

  1. Research: Gather enough information about the school, the course, and how successful statements are written for the particular school. Find out if there are word limits or specific interests that the school has that interest you.
  2. The admission committee: The admission committee of any school wants to know your story, your passion, and your motivation for picking this course. They also want to know why you think you’re a good fit for their school or why you decided to study in their school. And if you’re a foreigner, they want to know why you want to study in their country.
  3. You: Tell your story; write your statement because it is yours. Know what you want to say, and say it in a way that shows how your academic and career experience has brought you to where you are now. Don’t just stuff in sentences, make your statements purposeful and driven towards the goal that; you’re ready for this program, you understand what it will take, and you’ll be a good addition to their next intake. Tell your story.

Part 3:

How to avoid rejection

  1. Tell your story, and personalize your statements.
  2. Follow the standard outline or the school’s given personal statement outline.
  3. Write good sentences and paragraphs.
  4. Proofread, use Grammarly, use people. Proofread not only for spelling and grammar, proofread for story, consistency, and believability. Let your story add up.

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