Common Mistakes To Avoid In a Canadian Visa SOP

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Canadian Visa SOP

After submitting your statement of purpose to your prospective school, you still have to write an SOP for Canada Visa. This Canada visa SOP mainly talks about why you have chosen to school in Canada and your possible contributions to the betterment of the country. 

Because of the importance of this document, people tend to make certain mistakes while they’re trying to impress. This article will explore those common mistakes that applicants make. This is to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes in your Canada Visa SOP.

 Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Canadian Visa SOP

The following are the common mistakes to avoid when writing your Canada Visa SOP;

  1. Writing in an informal tone
  2. Using the same SOP for all your applications
  3. Talking too much about your childhood dreams
  4. Grammatical blunder
  5. Not stating clearly your career goals
  6. Writing more or less the required word limit
  7. Not giving it enough time
  8. Not conducting a proper research

1. Writing In Informal Tone

Using an informal tone is one of the common mistakes that applicants make. Your SOP is indeed about yourself and your career aspirations but you are not writing to your friends. What you write is what will guarantee if the visa will be given to you or not. Besides, the people who will approve your Canadian visa are not your buddies. Therefore, avoid the mistake of writing your visa SOP in an informal tone.

2. Using The Same SOP for All Your Applications

Your SOP is a document that should be tailored according to the school and country. Do not make the mistake of using one SOP as one-size-fits-all. For each application, you must tailor your SOP to suit it. Never use one SOP for multiple applications to avoid being rejected.

3. Talking Too Much About Your Childhood Dreams

In a bid to state why they’re choosing a career path, people tend to dwell a lot on their childhood fantasies. Your childhood fantasies are valid to you but they aren’t important to the person reviewing your application. Therefore, don’t talk too much about your childhood fantasies. Pick the necessary points that are relevant to your application and write with them.

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4. Grammatical Blunder

A grammatical blunder is a common mistake that applicants make. Especially when they don’t proofread their article. When writing and typing, it’s likely for you to make mistakes. You could spell wrongly or even omit some words. That’s why reading your application over and over again is important. If you feel you can’t, or you don’t have the time, then ensure you give it to someone to proofread. This will help you to eliminate grammatical blunders and avoid errors.

5. Not Stating Clearly Your Career Goals

Not being precise on what your career goals are is another common mistake. Your SOP is where you are to state your career goals. Of what use is it if you don’t achieve its primary aim? Stating your career goals should be your primary assignment when you’re writing your visa SOP.

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6. Writing More or Less The Required Word Limit

For every SOP, there’s a word limit specified. There’s a reason why the word limit is specified. When you write more or less the required word limit, it shows that you’re a person who doesn’t take instructions. It means that you have no regard for instructions. And as such, that could disqualify you from being granted the visa. Therefore, ensure that you maintain the word limit given.

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7. Not Giving It Enough Time

No matter how good the SOP you’ve written is, it’s necessary that you leave it for some time and then go back to it again. There’s always a way to make it better. Fresh ideas and more suitable words could come up after a while. Possibly, you didn’t present yourself well the first time. So take your time and go over it again. Although, ensure you submit before the deadline.

8. Not Conducting Proper Research

Before you choose a country for your education and begin the application process, you should conduct proper research. Research the country and the course you’re going to study. This’ll help you choose courses that’re in line with the core needs of the country and also, direct you on a better way to present the benefits you’re bringing to the school and country.


These common mistakes occur when you don’t take your SOP seriously. Do keep in mind that your SOP is an important document and must be treated as such. Therefore, give it the time and dedication it requires. It’s what will guarantee the success or failure of your application.

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