Top 7 Companies in Canada Offering Sponsorship 2024 (Revised)

Companies in Canada Offering Sponsorship
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Do you know there are many companies in Canada offering sponsorship to foreign workers? Over the years, the immigration rate in Canada has increased significantly. Because of this increase in immigration rate, more than a quarter of Canadian workforce is made up of foreign workers.

In addition to this, When Canadian employers are unable to find qualified/skilled workers living in Canada, they come up with various proposals to enable them hire qualified workers from other countries. As such, this gives a great opportunity to foreigners who aspire to get into Canada for employment. Nevertheless, the sponsorship may be for a short period or they could provide a visa for a green card. 

What Does it Mean to be Sponsored by a Company?

Company sponsorship or company work sponsorship refers to when a company/employer is willing to obtain work visas for highly qualified individuals who are living outside Canada. The company involved takes full responsibility of providing you with visa.To do this, the company does the following; 

  • Complete an application for the foreigner.
  • Prepare labor certification.
  • Fill a petition with the Canada Citizenship and immigration services.
  • Represents the petitioner for the visa.
  • Cover the cost of the petition -based visa or work visa as the case may be.

Companies in Canada Offering Sponsorship to Foreign Workers

As a result of Canada’s aging population and low birth rate, immigrants from all over the word now have increased access to enter the workforce. Because of this, there is an increase in the number of firms in Canada offering sponsorship for foreign workers with the desired skills to keep their business running. Below, we’ve listed the top companies in Canada offering sponsorship to foreign workers.

  1. PWC Canada
  2. P&H farming 
  3. KPMG
  4. Enbridge Inc.
  5. Scotiabank 
  6. MobSquad
  7. Agri-Fresh

1. PWC Canada 

PWC Canada is among the leading professional services networks in the world. They have a proud 110-year history of helping Canadian organizations thrive. PwC provides industry-focused services for public and private clients. More so, their partners and staff are located coast to coast and bring their expertise to provide quality services and products that help solve important problems.


  1. Audit and Assurance 
  2. Consulting 
  3. Data and Analytics 
  4. Risk Assurance 
  5. Tax 
  6. Others.

Contact Details:

Location: 18 York St, Toronto, Toronto M5J 0B2, Canada.

Phone Number: +1 416 941 8265, 1-877-792-5535. Email: 


2. P&H Farming

Parrish and Heimbecker Limited known as P&H Farming is a Canadian family-owned agribusiness. It was founded in 1909. P&H is growth-oriented, diversified, and vertically integrated with operations spanning grain merchandising, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills.

Also, they have more than 70 locations spanning from coast to coast, and trade links around the globe, P&H supports Canadian producers and food manufacturers who grow and sell their crops and baked goods to domestic and international markets.


  1. Crop input
  2. Agronomic Services 

Contact Details:

Location: Head Office, 201 Portage Avenue, Suite 1400, Winnipeg MB,  R3B 3K6, Canada.

Phone Number: 1-800-665-8937, 204-956-2030. Email: 


KPMG is a Canadian leader in delivering Audit, Tax, and Advisory services. They respond to clients’ complex business challenges across the country and around the world. KPMG employs nearly 8,000 people in over 40 locations across Canada, serving private- and public-sector clients. Also, KPMG is consistently ranked one of Canada’s top employers and one of the best places to work in the country. 


  1. Audit and Assurance
  2. Tax
  3. Advisory
  4. KPMG Enterprise – Private Company Services
  5. Management consulting 

Contact Details:

Location: Bay Adelaide Centre, 333 Bay Street, Suite 4600, Toronto,M5H 2S5.

Phone Number: +1 416 777 8500. Email:


4. Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Inc. is a multinational pipeline company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  It owns and operates Canada’s largest natural gas distribution network, providing distribution services in Ontario and Quebec. They have a workforce of more than 12,000 people, primarily in the United States and Canada. 

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Enbridge also is traded on the New York and Toronto Stock exchanges. Again, Enbridge has become a North American leader in energy delivery by connecting people to the energy they need safely and responsibly. Enbridge employs more than 12,000 people, primarily across the U.S. and Canada


  1. Liquid pipelines
  2. Natural gas pipelines
  3. Gas distribution and storage
  4. Renewable energy

Contact Details:

Location: Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton and, Chatham 

Phone Number: 403-231-3900, 1-877-362-7434. Email:


5. Scotiabank

Scotiabank is an internationally recognized and award-winning workplace. They’re always on the lookout for fresh thinking and unique skills. Their employees are rewarded for their contributions. Also, Scotiabank is driven by core values that put its people first.


  1. Bank Service
  2. Investment
  3. Loans
  4. Insurances
  5. Mortgages
  6. Loans

Contact Details:

Location: Scotiabank Head Office, 44 King St West, Toronto, M5H 1H1

Phone Number: 1.800.4SCOTIA, 1(800)472-6842


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6. Mobsquad

MobSquad makes starting a virtual subsidiary in Canada easy for US companies. They enable companies to keep their technology talent facing the US work visa issues or build a team of highly-skilled technology professionals, nearshore in Canada. They hire US companies’ highly skilled foreign technology workers with unsuccessful US work visa applications and move them to Canada. MobSquad manages the ongoing administrative processes of having talent in Canada.


  • Immigration Support 
  • Resettlement Service 
  • Payroll
  • Tax and Legal
  • Real Estate 
  • Human Resources 
  • Administration and Accounting 

Contact Details:

Location: 2100 – 150 9 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H9, CA

Phone Number: 1 (510) 369-1099. Email: 


7. Agri-Fresh

Agri-Fresh is trained in product hauling and safe handling practices, They produce specialists operating in a core geographic corridor, ensuring an on-time, on-temp, and tech delivery of your perishables. Also, their job sponsorship openings have been found on websites for farm work jobs in Canada. They’re asset-based with company-hired drivers that have been screened, selected, and provided with specialized training to deliver fresh and healthy.


  1. Fresh & Healthy food delivery
  2. Shipping and Receiving
  3. Logistics
  4. Drivers & Truck load

Contact Details:

Location: 100 – IXL Crescent, Box 18 GRP 329 RR3, Lockport, Manitoba R1A 2A8

Phone Number: 204-289-3033  


How to Find Jobs with Sponsorship Offer in Canada 

To get started with your search, you must make sure you know the best websites that offer sponsorship job listing. These job listing websites not only provide jobs with sponsorship offers, but also help you link to the best authorities to begin the process of your application with less stress. These websites are listed below:

Websites For Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Canada

  5. LinkedIn

However, before applying for any sponsorship offer you should;

  1. Check if you are qualified for the job.
  2. Meet the requirements.
  3. Understand the job type and description.
  4. Check other valuable details.
  5. Check the companys profile, their history and reviews.
  6. Make necessary research in preparation of the job, ensure you check the conditions and give consent were needed.

Start your job search process today with LinkedIn. See how to make LinkedIn work for you: LinkedIn Beginner’s Introduction

Other Companies in Canada Offering Sponsorship

  • RBC
  • Costa Marble 
  • Miner’s Mercantile & Bakery

Summary: Companies in Canada Offering Sponsorship

Many foreigners from different parts of the world are willing to work in Canada but have no means of migrating. Well, the case is vise versa for these companies in Canada offering sponsorship. Thankfully, with the help of these companies offering visa sponsorship jobs, you can find your desired job with little or no hassle, and travel without the fear of raising the money needed for visa preparation.

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