Masters in Human Resources Management Personal Statement (Revised)

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If  you are interested in studying Masters in Human Resources Management, here’s a personal statement sample to aid you in your essay. Masters in Human Resources Management Personal Statement is an important document that you’ll need to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program.

We have provided this sample as a guide; do not copy it verbatim as you’ll be flagged for plagiarism.

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Masters in Human Resources Management Personal Statement

Most people see a career path as something you pick once and spend the rest of your working years excelling in that field. I am one of those who see career choices as a rather progressive decision, I believe that as humans, we have enough creativity and ability to do much more than we limit ourselves to.

I started my career as a teacher in one of the renowned government secondary schools in Nigeria. The opportunity to teach and manage students gave me the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive background in administration, leadership, and people management. I can still recall how my ability to relate well with students from different backgrounds earned me the title of “Most Approachable Teacher” at the Citizens College, Lagos State, Nigeria. I was able to build rapport with students as well as school management, and on several occasions helped to maintain healthy relationships within students and management. I was having a remarkable career as a teacher until I took a break from paid employment towards the end of 2014 to focus on childbirth and motherhood.

After about two years of bearing and nursing my children, I proceeded to gain a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the prestigious University of Ibadan. During my MEd, I received insight into the human thought process; how preconceived notions are built and how it affects our behavior including buying behaviors. After my master’s I found that I could combine my knowledge in psychology with business management, and develop a strong buyer persona. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2018, and have been able to record success through the combination of skills from my academic and previous career experiences. More so, I have been able to acquire new knowledge in my career journey; I have come to understand that as a business owner, it is important to constantly improve your workplace culture and the richness of experiences that employees and customers gain daily. This has made me nurture the idea of improving my knowledge of one of the important courses that ensure the growth and stability of any corporate setting which is knowledge of human resources management.

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I am seeking this academic pursuit to develop my skills and understanding of this field. Developing a clear understanding of my options and building competencies that will help me create strategies for progress both from an employer and employee perspective is pertinent. I believe that I will find clarity within this academic program.

I have gone through the academic opportunities in the USA, Germany, and Australia, I feel confident of the choices of universities and teaching standards that the UK provides. Not that the other countries do not have a record for excellent standards, but, the UK is the closest country to call home outside my home country Nigeria. And, seeing that I can get the same and even better experience in the UK, I feel more confident studying in the UK. I have chosen Bradford University because its teaching is research-informed. With collaboration and partnership with industry networks, and teaching staff that are research-active, I trust the knowledge that I would gain during my study. For me, I am focused on getting informed knowledge that will serve me in this current fast-paced economy, and not just generally recycled information. And after going through the modules of Bradford University, I have the assurance of getting the desired experience that I seek.

In addition, I have gained teamwork experience. I have also developed diverse skills due to my experience in business management including; …………………….. Understanding employment law, cross-cultural management, employee relations, leading, managing and developing people, are my areas of interest. I have successfully applied my skills in my business and I would like to improve on what I already know from field experience.

I find this opportunity for higher education in a business-oriented degree as an ideal investment in my future. I have always looked forward to a degree that will give me the flexibility of running my own business while also consulting in my capacity as an expert. I look forward to the opportunity, exposure, and training that will come with immersing myself in this academic program.

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