How to Write a Study Plan for Korea University

How to Write a Study Plan for Korea University

A Korea University study plan is a significant document that is required for students who want to study at any of the Korean universities. As an aspirant for a Korean institution, your study plan document allows you to talk about your background, academic goals, experiences, and your interest in the study program you are applying for. Just like your Personal Statement Writing, it is one of the documents that make you unique and stand out from other students. Also, it plays an important role in your application process.

In this guide, we will highlight, what a study plan is and how to write a study plan for a Korean university.

What Is a Study Plan?

A study plan is a document that provides detailed information about a student’s study objectives and goals he/she wants to achieve in his/her period of study. It’s one of the important documents which is required by many Korean universities. To make you a good candidate, your study plan should be different and unique from other students.

Many of the students who want to write their Korean university study plan, question how they should write it, what language they need to submit it in, and how long it should be. So, for this sake, we have listed the following general guidelines used for Korea University study plan writing.

Korea University Study Plan Guidelines:

Your Korea University study plan must be written according to the given guidelines:

  • You can write your Korea University study plan in either Korean or English language.
  • Your study plan for Korea University should not be more than three pages.
  • Make sure to discuss the goals that you want to achieve during your study program.

Why Should Your Korea University Study Plan Be Well Written?

The Korea University study plan is a document that plays an important role in the university selection procedure. If your study plan is good and well-written, it can make you a strong candidate for the selection. It increases your chance to study at your selected Korean university.

How To Write a Study Plan for Korea University

The following are the basics of how to write a study plan for Korea University.

  1. Write about your academic background.
  2. Discuss your language study plan.
  3. State your objective and study plan.
  4. Your plan after Study.

1. Write About Your Academic Background:

Firstly, you should introduce yourself by talking about your academic background:

  • What was your initial course of study?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What grade did you graduate with?
  • What subjects were you most interested in?

2. Discuss Your Language Study Plan:

In this section of the study plan you must discuss some of the important points related to your language ability, especially as an international student:

  • Do you have Korean and English language skills?
  • How can you improve your Korean language?
  • How will you improve your English language abilities?
  • What will be your goals for improving your language abilities?
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3. State Your Objective and Study Plan:

This part of the study plan talks about your plans regarding the degree program which you want to study. So, in this section you can write and discuss the following points:

  • Which university and course program you have chosen?
  • Why have you chosen that specific university and course program?
  • What will be your academic goals in that degree program?
  • How will you achieve your academic goals?
  • Write in which major you are going to pursue your degree program.
  • What will be your future academic plan regarding your degree program?

4. Your Future Plan After Study:

This section is the last part of your study plan. In this part, you must write about your future after your degree completion. You can write and discuss these points:

  • What is your plan after you are graduated?
  • Do you want to study for another degree program?
  • Will you stay in Korea after your degree completion?
  • Will you move to another country after your degree completion?
  • Do you want to do any job or internship after graduation?

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Some Tips to Write a Good Study Plan for Korea University:

To write a unique and good study plan as compared to other students, you can make use of the following tips.

  • Provide a brief introduction about yourself.
  • Make sure you have a list of the academic goals that you want to achieve during your degree program and mention them in your study plan.
  • provide a clear view of your study plan by defining your study goals which you want to achieve each year.
  • Be clear regarding what your future goals and plan will be once you have completed your degree program.

Key Takeaways for A Strong Study Plan

Ultimately, for your study plan to be as strong as you want, you need to put in time and effort in making research about your school and describe your academic history and goals effectively. To ensure this is done, remember these takeaway points:

  • Explain your program fit.
  • Be clear and concise but give details where necessary.
  • Provide evidence for your claims and arguments
  • Reference your research sources.
  • Look out for grammatical mistakes and use coherent vocabulary
  • Provide relevant supporting documents
  • Be direct on your goals.


Writing a good study plan can lead to the beginning of your dream in Korea, so make sure to give it your best. But most importantly, if you do not know how to begin, ask for guidance where necessary. At Fasthire, we believe that to be successful in your application, you need to be well informed. Therefore, we provide information that benefits students and work with clients in providing a good study plan. Do you need a well-written study plan for your university application? Get in touch with us today!

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