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Studying at a Korean university comes with many benefits. The country is well known for its beautiful culture and lifestyle. One of the requirements needed for a Korean university is a personal statement. 

Writing a personal statement for a Korean university will most likely enhance your chances of getting into the institution. Most times, individuals from a foreign country may assume that the application process to a Korean university is impossible, but this is not true because if you know how to write a personal statement for a Korean university, your chances of getting accepted will increase.

In Korean universities, a personal statement letter is one of the top list requirements, and, that is why you should put more effort into writing a captivating one. You do not have to go to the extreme, or sound nonchalant about it. 

Instead, you must make your intentions known by stating your goals, objectives, and why getting accepted is important to you. 

However, this overview will provide more details on how to write a personal statement for a Korean university.

What is a Personal Statement

A personal statement (also known as a statement of purpose) is a personal essay written by a student to a school to share details on why they should be accepted in the school. 

A personal statement is a letter that provides little but crucial details about a student to the school. 

There are many dos and don’ts of personal statements. Because a well-structured personal letter will most likely help you get selected and vice versa. 

Therefore, constructing a unique personal statement is vital.

Nonetheless, it is one of the basic requirements of a Korean university; whether you are a foreign student, or a Korean, to get into any Korean university, you must write a personal statement describing your will to learn and be part of the student committee.

Making noticeable remarks on why you want to study in the school and country will increase your chances. However, don’t write your personal statement in the booming Korean entertainment industry. But personalize it to the country’s culture and educational sector.

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Why Korean Universities Request Personal Statements

Personal statements are essays describing a student’s interest in the school and course. You cannot write a personal statement letter to the school except if requested. Most of all Korean universities request a personal statement because they want to know more about the student, starting from their personal background, views, and other things aside from things they are aware of.

When a university wants to know a bit about the student applying, they often request personal statements. From the definition of a personal statement above, it is clear why you should make your personal statement more unique.

Getting accepted into any Korean university is not an easy process due to the high standards of the varsities.

This is not said to overwhelm you. Instead, it helps you note the importance of personal statements in Korean universities.

Korea Universities Personal Statement Writing Guidelines

Following the Korean universities, personal statement writing guidelines will help you avoid lots of mistakes. Most students often wonder why their applications are not accepted. 

This can be due to not following the guidelines for Korean universities. Here is a guideline for writing a personal statement for Korean universities:

1. Write in an official language:

To write a personal statement for Korean universities, you must write in an official language. Students must write their statement of purpose in Korean or English language. 

2. The length of the statement:

While it is crucial to write a unique personal statement, it is also vital that the length of your essay should not be too short or too long. 

At most, a personal statement should not be more than two pages. Regardless of the details, you wish to include in a personal statement ensure to fit them into two pages.

How to Write Personal Statement for Korean University

When you write a unique personal statement, your chances of getting accepted into t Korean university will increase. 

Normally, a personal statement should answer some questions that will help the university know you better than your grades and test scores. Also, you have to make your choice of words personal. Also, link your stories to these questions and answers you are providing.

1. Your motivations:

A personal statement letter will allow you to answer the ‘what motivates you’ question. To answer this question in your easy, you should link the course/major you aspire to study with things relevant to the industry. 

This could be making mention of how you wish to improve basic things through your project or/and how studying the course will be helpful to you personally.

As an international student, you should highlight relevant things that made studying in a Korean university your first choice and things you love about the country. 

2. Your background (Family and Education):

Without being biased, your background is what most admission officers look out for in a personal statement. In this paragraph, you must describe where you were born, where you grew up, and how your environment contributed to the major/course you choose to study. 

This is also in terms of what motivates you. However, this should focus more on you and try linking them with the country and school.

3. Personal Extracurricular Activities: 

Personal extracurricular activities are vital in a personal statement. 

This is not the part where you talk about hobbies like swimming or dancing. 

Rather, you must write about your significant activities that contribute to your community, such as volunteer jobs, club activities, and others. 

4. Accomplishments/achievement:

Your accomplishments and achievements are to be added to your statement of purpose. 

With a personal statement letter, you can make the university aware of the benefits of having you as their student. Talk more about your work experiences and the accomplishments you are proud of.

You can write about what you can offer if accepted as a student. And also, on the skills that will become an added contribution to the school.

Pros and Cons of Studying in Korea

Studying in Korea comes with lots of benefits and a few disadvantages. In this overview, we will share insight on some of them.

Pros of studying in Korean universities:

1. Quality education:

There are several universities in Korea. This is an advantage to individuals looking forward to studying in the country. 

In a scenario where you cannot meet up with the basic requirements of one university, you can opt for another. The education standard of each varsity in the country is top-notch, and they provide excellent educational systems. 

2. Unique student life:

Studying is fun when a university provides activities that can make student life easy and fun. Korean universities provide basic social events that can contribute positively to their student’s mental health. If you choose to study in Korea, you will have the opportunity of enjoying and be part of fun activities such as cultural events, arts clubs, festivals, and many more. 

3. Advanced facilities and structures:

Korean universities provide students with advanced facilities and well-structured buildings such as cafeterias, campuses, sports centers, parks, libraries, and many other facilities that can help improve students’ life at school. 

4. Advanced healthcare services:

When looking for a university, the healthcare services it provides should be on your checklist. However, Korean universities provide top-notch healthcare services for emergencies also.

Cons of studying in Korean universities

1. Intense competition: 

Getting accepted into a Korean can be intense. But it does not end there. Because getting a good grade can also be highly competitive. 

2. Language:

Language can be a barrier for an international student. Although, there are apps that can help you learn the basics of the Korean language in a few weeks.

Top 10 Universities to Study in Korea

Here are the top 10 universities in Korea:

1. Seoul National University

2. Kangwon National University

3. Konkuk University in Seoul

4. Korea University

5. Kyungdong University:

6. Kookmin University

7. Sogang University

8. Yeungnam University in Daegu

9. Yonsei University 

10. Pusan National University 

Top 5 Courses to Study in Korea

Here is a list of top courses to study in Korea:

1. Network Management and quality assurance.

2. Medical Sciences

3. environmental and civil engineering

4. Business Administration

5. Information Technology


Writing a personal statement is not as difficult as it may seem. With a personal statement, you can link your desired course to the school and the country itself. Sharing personal details on what motivates your choice of school and course will most likely enhance your chances of getting accepted. Let’s help you achieve this – Contact us today. We hope this overview is a helpful guide to your search.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Must I learn the Korean language before studying in Korea?

No. You do not have to learn the Korean language before studying in Korea. Aside from the Korean language, the English language is also an official language in the country. However, you can choose to learn the language if you only want to.

2. What do I need to study in Korea as a foreigner?

As an international student, you need to meet up with the application requirements of the school and provide the necessary documents requested by the university, such as personal statements, grades, certificates, and others.



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