How to Write Personal Statement for Seoul National University

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Without doubts, Seoul national university is one of the top best universities in Korea. And it is widely recognized globally. Getting into this university requires lots of effort and self-determination. It accepts thousands of students in the country and outside the country. 

The acceptance rate of Seoul national university is relatively low because the institution is in search of students with high GPAs. With its reputation, thousands of students apply to this university yearly but got rejected due to one reason or another. But why?

Seoul national university believes in preparing students and creating an outstanding intellectual community for all. However, to get accepted as a student in this varsity, you must meet up with its requirements and take them seriously. 

Aside from the grades, you must also write a personal statement, informing them of your interest in the school. 

And that is why in this overview we will be providing a guide on How to Write a Personal Statement for Seoul National University.

About Seoul National University Korea

The Seoul national university (SNU) is a prestigious university best known as a research institution. It was founded in the 1940s and nestled in the capital of the country (Seoul). 

This university is one of the top best varsities in the country. 

With thousands of students in the university, Seoul national university aims to provide the best services on its own regardless of your nationality.

Speaking of nationality there are various student exchange programs available for students who wish to study at the university.

The Seoul national university is a public higher institution in Korea. It has a profound respect for liberal education. Also, it has a total of 16 colleges that offers over 80 undergraduate degree programs. There are over 99 programs for doctoral and master’s programs. Its academic calendar starts from March to June and September to February.

SNU is not only the best university in Korea, but it also has its ranking in the top 100 best universities in the world. Although Seoul national university has a low acceptance rate of 10-15%, it still creates a haven for students looking forward to becoming the world’s best. 

Best Subjects to Study at Seoul National University

Seoul national university offers 83 undergraduate degree programs and over 99 master and doctoral programs for graduates. 

All these programs/subjects/courses are unique in their ways depending on what you choose to study. 

However, there are some subjects that most SNU students will agree to be the best. 

Here are some of the best subjects to study at Seoul national university:

Agricultural Economics



Arts & Humanities

Asian History

Business & Economics


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Clinical, pre-clinical & health

Computer Science

Data Science


Consumer Science

Engineering & technology

Food Science and Biotechnology


International Relations

Korean History

Korean Language and Literature


Life sciences

mechanical engineering

Modern languages and linguistics


Physical sciences




Social Welfare



Western History

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How to Write Personal Statement for Seoul National University

A personal statement {statement of purpose} is a crucial requirement for your application to Seoul national university. Admission officers often look for a well-written personal statement of a candidate when reviewing the application. But how do you write a unique personal statement for Seoul national university?


1. Your Motivations:

Personal statements are written essays that will help the school get to know you better. The first step towards writing a personal statement for a national university should describe things that motivate you towards applying for the program and why you believe the varsity will help your future career. You need to explain why you want to study, why you believe that you are a perfect applicant for the program, your contributions if accepted, and your purpose for the program. 

Also, you should know that your personal statement should not exceed two pages, so avoid redundancy words. 

2. Family and Education Background:

As said before, this is an essay to help the varsity know more about you. While writing a personal statement, you should provide relevant details of your family and your educational background. You should describe your academic level, your achievements as a student, and your previous major/course (if any) 

3. Extracurricular Activities/Achievements: 

Your personal statement should be an exception, and to make this work, you must include details of your extracurricular activities, achievements, and accomplishments.

All the details you choose to add to your personal statement should be relevant to your choice of study. Write about your achievements, influences, previous work experiences you had done, and extracurricular you have done for the community.

Regarding your accomplishments, you should write about your awards, skills, and accomplishments, and in what regard you received them.

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Tips to Get Accepted by Seoul National University

Here are helpful tips that will most likely get you accepted by Seoul national university:

1. Understand the grading system:

To get accepted into the Seoul national university, you must meet up with the required grade. SNU required grade point average of an applicant should be 3.7 to 4.0 for Korean students, while a minimum of 2.7 to 4.0 is accepted for international students.

Understanding the requirements for acceptance will enhance your chances of getting selected. 

2. Make your statement and study plan unique:

A personal statement and study plan are vital requirements for getting accepted into Seoul national university. And that is why, as an aspiring student, you should uniquely write them without making them like other students’ essays. Make it original and unique and boldly describe the purpose of studying in the institution.

3. Be proficient in the required language:

Being proficient in the Korean language is not compulsory for international students. And, English proficiency tests like IELTS, TEPs, or TOEFL are required. So, you must prepare and pass any of these tests for you to be considered as a candidate.

4. Provide all other requirements:

Providing all the necessary documents and requirements will give you an edge over other competitors. Other requirements include letters of recommendation, achievement records, and other requirements.

SNU Personal Statement and Study Plan Template and How to Answer the Questions

A Seoul national university application form usually requests a personal statement and a study plan during the application process. Here are a few questions to answer when writing a personal statement and a study plan:

Here are a few Personal statements and study plan templates and how to answer the questions:

1. To what purpose do you want to apply for this program?

This is a question asking about why you want to study the program. To answer this, you have to elaborate on what your motivations are and why you believe you can make significant contributions to the program. You can also give details on how a person influences you to become a better person.

2. What are your significant experiences as a student?

This question is not regarding your day-to-day activities as a student. However, you should discuss more the experiences you gain from working as a volunteer, or experiences you gained from working in a related field to your desired major.

3. What are your Achievements?

You should elaborate more on your proud achievements and award. Make mentions of the awareness you have received and how you got them. If you are the author of a book or a scientist, you can make mentions of your past projects that got recognized by people.

4. What are the risks you have taken: 

You should make mention global concerns or a personal issue and why you seek a solution to it. Or you can describe how a person (teacher, family, or friend) has a significant impact or influence on you and what the influence is. 


Seoul national university is one of the best in Korea. It offers an outstanding educational standard that makes teaching unique. To get accepted into the university, you will be required to write a personal statement. To secure your chances of getting accepted, let us write for you. Lastly, we hope this overview is a helpful guide to your search.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How easy is it to get into SNU?

Getting into Seoul national university may not be as easy as it may seem. The acceptance rate of this varsity is 10 to 15% which is relatively low compared to other universities. 

Which subjects are best at Seoul National University

Here are a few best subjects at SNU: Archaeology, Architecture, Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Korean Language and Literature, Law, Sculpture, Astronomy, etc. 


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