How to Get Data Science Jobs In Europe: 2024 Guide

How to Get Data Science Jobs In Europe

In our world today, Data science is important to individuals, firms, companies, and organizations. It is one very fundamental aspect of the technology industry. And currently, it is highly demanded by companies in various parts of the world

While it is becoming more and more important, a lot of people still do not know exactly what it is.

Well, this article is going to help you understand what Data Science is. Also, this article will serve as a guide to those who want to know how to get Data Science jobs in Europe.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a field that cuts across various disciplines. It uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to gain insights from raw data (structured or unstructured). The insights gained from this are applied to solve a problem usually or just improve performances.

Every field has some sort of data that can be analyzed and sorted out to provide insights. This insight will give the company a better understanding of its current route to ensure its improvement.

A data scientist applies these principles to help the firms address certain issues or gain information that will be helpful in the future.

Data science has various roles within it, and it goes beyond just sorting and analyzing the data provided. Roles in data science include;

  1. Data Analyst: They analyze a large set of data using statistical tools and techniques. Also, assemble reports and ensure the data is of high quality.
  2. Machine Learning Engineers: These guys build machine learning models, create machine learning algorithms, single out complex problems and provide their solutions using the machine learning models they have created.
  3. Data Architect: They specify the framework for Data architecture and manage the data flow.
  4. Data Analytics Manager: They coordinate the team of data analysts, observe the operating processes, build analytic solutions and help develop systems to utilize data to solve real-time problems
  5. Statisticians: They focus on collecting, analyzing, and identifying trends or patterns in the data collected.

Data scientists work a lot with programming languages. Data scientists usually utilize any of the following programming languages; Python, R, SQL, Java, MATLAB, etc. Although in recent years Python seems to be the preferred programming language. A survey conducted by the European Leadership University had data scientists pick their preferred programming language for data science purposes and 59% picked Python and a distant second was C++.

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Demand for Data Scientists in Europe

According to a report by the European Commission in 2017, there would be an increase in the demand for Data workers by up to 10.43 million in 2020. This is a projected 14.1% increase, the report also stated that in 2020, there would be 100,000 data-related jobs created. If these projections are right, it can only suggest that by now there will be a high demand for data scientists and other data-related professionals in Europe.

Well, those projections were right, the numbers are not exact but there is a ridiculous demand for data scientists in Europe. The demand for data science skills is so high that European countries now employ skilled data scientists from countries outside of Europe, with about 30,000 startups already hiring Data science professionals.

So, if you stay outside of Europe with the desire to relocate, and you have some of these data skills that are sought after, you can a job in Europe.

Data Science Salaries in Europe

While data science is in demand across Europe, its salary varies across different European countries. Salary and compensation are huge motivations for Data scientists looking for jobs from countries outside Europe.

We would take a look at some European countries and their average Data science salaries.

 Country Salary per Annum (€)
The U.K.52,400

From the table, we can see that Switzerland pays the highest Data science salaries. For the other countries, the salary average is about €49,500 per annum.

How to Get Data Science Jobs in Europe?

Now that we have established the demand for data scientists in Europe, the next phase is to determine the best way to work in that industry in Europe, especially for someone staying outside.

1. Picking the right European country: 

Various European countries offer Data science jobs along with various benefits that come with staying there. You would have to pick one that suits your branch of Data science and also suits your needs as an individual. For instance, if you want to own a Data science start-up of yours, countries like Spain and Italy are ideal. If you want established companies, countries like Finland and Sweden would be the place.

2. Getting into Europe: 

For an easier job searching process, to enjoy benefits that come with certain jobs like health insurance and more. Once you get your documents right and move to a country in Europe, you can find a Data scientist job and enjoy these benefits. However, there is also the option of working remotely or as a freelancer from your country without moving. This allows flexible working hours and also saves you from the stress of moving to a new country and adapting to its new conditions.

3. Applying for Data Science Jobs:

At this point, you have decided where you want to work, remote or full-time maybe and it’s now time to apply for Data Science jobs. European companies are big on recruitment agencies and websites. You should try some of these and you would have access to lots of jobs that fits your needs. Then if you moved to the country already, networking and meeting people in that field is another tested and trusted method.

It is worth noting that you can find Data science jobs that are offering visa sponsorship. The company hiring you can advocate for your visa, making it easier for you to obtain the necessary documents for you to stay and work in the said country.

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Websites to Find Data Science Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorships  

  1. Fasthire: Fasthire is a career brand that renders career and educational services. We offer services that help career individuals acquire their career goals. Our services include CV/Resume writing, personal statements, LinkedIn optimization, Letter of Recommendation, and abroad job listings. Contact us today.
  2. Relocate: Their website offers various data science and technology-related jobs with visa sponsorships all over Europe and the Americas. 
  3. Indeed: Tested and trusted international job website. They offer a wide range of jobs from remote to full-time data science-related jobs, and even jobs in other industries. 
  4. SimplyHired: They offer a wide range of jobs as well, data science jobs as well with visa sponsorships. 
  5. Stack Overflow: A website that offers jobs particularly in the technology industry and some of these jobs come with visa sponsorships. 
  6. Arbeitnow: On this website, you can search specifically for jobs with Visa Sponsorships and relocation support. 
  7. Glassdoor: Another website with a huge reputation for finding jobs. Data science jobs with visa sponsorships are not excluded. 
  8. CodeDaily: They are a coding, data science, and technology blog that very often posts links to technology jobs. They also post data science jobs with visa sponsorship. 
  9. LinkedIn: Like Glassdoor and Indeed, they offer a wide range of jobs, and sometimes it does come with visa sponsorship when you search for it. 

Conclusion: How to Get Data Science Jobs In Europe

Finally, for data scientists and others who have skills that are related, Europe is a fast-growing data-related environment. If you don’t live in Europe already, now would be the best time to think about taking that step in putting your skills to good use in a thriving European country.

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