Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship: 2024 Guide

Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship
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Famed for its very neighborly people, beautiful landscapes, and its properly structured education system, Ireland is a dream location for many tourists. It is also an ideal place for people looking for a stable country in Europe for them to relocate to.

Ireland sits off the coast of England and Wales. It is the third-largest island in Europe. Geopolitically, the island is home to two independent countries; The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The latter is a member of the United Kingdom while the Republic of Ireland is not. The Republic of Ireland’s independence from the United Kingdom is the reason they are part of the European Union. Meanwhile, the rest are former members.

Though, I know you’re are not here for a geography lesson in Ireland so do not worry. This article is still about Data Scientist jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship. But first, let’s examine what the Data Science industry is like in Ireland.

Data Science in Ireland

Data is everywhere, we constantly create data and we never run out of it. For these reasons, the search for the ability to analyze and interpret it effectively is now a very sought-after skill. In the United Kingdom alone, there has been a 231% rise in the demand for Data Scientists and engineers alone.

Ireland itself is no different in experiencing a rise in demand for Data Scientists. One of the reasons for this is, Ireland is now the European home base of a lot of big companies including; Pfizer, Facebook, IBM, LinkedIn, GFK, etc.

Due to the increase in demand and the apparent shortage of the number of people skilled enough to meet this demand. It has presented a good opportunity for Data scientists looking to relocate to a European country to work.

Having known all these, you might be wondering, “How much do Data scientists earn in Ireland?”.

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Salary of Data Scientists in Ireland

Salaries and other forms of compensation are important factors to consider when picking countries to work as a Data Scientist.

With its increasing prominence, and increased demand, Irish big corporate chains, government, and small companies and startups are willing to pay well to acquire these services.

In Ireland, Data Scientists earn up to €52,450 annually on average. Senior Data Scientists though, earn higher. They get up to an average of €78,522 annually.

In Europe, this is not the highest you can get but these numbers fall within the average of how much Data scientists earn in Europe per year. You should also note that these numbers can vary depending on your Data science role and the company you work for.

If these meet your requirements and expectations, you might want to get a data science job that offers visa sponsorship to Ireland.

Visa Sponsorship in Ireland

In its simplest form, visa sponsorship is a set of documents that guarantees certain privileges for people moving to a different country. The most common privilege is the work privilege.

In this case, your employers can help make sure you obtain the right documents so that you can work immediately after you relocate. After this, you would still need to apply for an employment permit. All these are necessary for non-EEA nationals.

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Top Companies to get Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship

  1. United Health Group
  2. Accenture
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Zalando
  5. Optum
  6. IBM
  7. Allied Irish Banks
  8. Microsoft
  9. Google
  10. Amazon
  11. Merck Sharp and Dohme
  12. Allen Recruitment
  13. Avenade

Websites for Finding Data Scientist Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship

1. Fasthire

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2. Indeed

Their reputation precedes them as a top job website for finding various kinds of jobs in various industries. Users can also find jobs in the Data industry in Ireland. 

3. Irish Jobs

They are part of the world’s leading e-recruitment group Stepstone and are one of the top recruitment and job websites in Ireland. They aim to deliver jobs in Ireland and jobs outside Ireland to people within and outside Ireland. 

4. Total Jobs

The highest hiring platform in the United Kingdom, they have over 280,000 live job adverts on their website for users in Ireland and outside Ireland. They also have access to tons of jobs with Visa sponsorship in the Data industry. 

5. Arbeitnow

A very efficient job website to connect people within jobs in Ireland. It is also a great option for people outside Ireland looking to get Data science jobs with Visa sponsorships. 

6. Jobs Rapido

Another job website offers a wide range of job opportunities in various industries across Ireland and other European countries. 

7. Jooble

Partners with Google and LinkedIn to combine technology and idea to bring jobs closer to people who need them. One of the biggest job websites globally in terms of daily traffic is the job section of their website. 

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Studying Data Science in Ireland

Arguably, the best way to get a Data Science job in Ireland is to study it there first. A survey by Burtch-Works found that the Data science workforce in Ireland has a high number of Masters and Ph.D. holders in Data science-related courses that were studied in Ireland. If you are a student aiming to work in Ireland in the near or distant future, then you should consider studying in Ireland.

Still, on the matter of studying in Ireland, it is also a pretty effective way to make sure you have adequate documents to work and stay in Ireland. Study visas in Ireland enable you to work while you study. Also, when you graduate it is easier to apply for a work permit.

Below is a list of highly demanded jobs in the Irish Data Industry that you can study:

  1. A Data Architect
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Multimedia Systems Developer
  5. Data Analytics Consultant
  6. Data Science Expert


The employment opportunities the Data industry in Ireland offers are something that should not be overlooked by students and Data science workers looking to relocate to the country. As you know, Ireland is a stable country with a stable economy. Also, the Republic of Ireland has the advantages that come with being a member of the EU. This means you can also enjoy its benefits.

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