Top Sites For Jobs In Italy For English Speakers in 2024

Top Sites for Jobs in Italy for English Speakers
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To improve the employment rate for English speakers in Italy, these top sites list out jobs that English speakers can do. This article outlines these top sites for jobs in Italy for English speakers.

The Italian Republic is located in Southern Europe, at the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares its borders with France, Switzerland, and Austria, while also having enclaved microstates of the Vatican City and San Marino within it.

Its population of 60 million makes it the 3rd most populous member of the EU and has been a unitary parliamentary republic since 1946.

As for their economy, they have an advanced capitalist mixed economy that is the third-largest in the Eurozone and the eighth-largest in the world. It is regarded as one of the most industrialized nations and also a leader in trade and exports.

They are the world’s sixth-largest manufacturing country and this is characterized by the number of multinationals that originate from there.

The Italian economy has been a growing one, moving its economy from an agricultural one to a more manufacturing one, becoming the second-largest manufacturing country in Europe behind the Germans. However, Italy is going through a difficult time economically. Italy right now is not a very good place to look for jobs. They have an unemployment rate of 9.9% but are expected to reduce as 2022 progresses.

How To Get A Job In Italy As A Foreigner 

1 Visa Requirements

For non-EU citizens, you need to confirm what kind of stay permit you have. This is so important to prevent situations where you find a job and then realize that you can’t work due to your lack of the right documents. If you have a Stay Permit for studying, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours weekly. Once you graduate though, you can apply for a Job Search permit that enables you to work full time. It can also be converted to a work permit once you find a job. For EU citizens, all you need is a valid form of identification and then a Codice fisc al (fiscal code). You can get one from a local Agenzia Delle Entrate, you would request one and receive your code.

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2. Update your CV

Before you start your job search seriously, you would have to update your CV or Resume to fit Italian standards. For instance, if your CV is without a photo, you should consider adding one. You should also tailor your CV to fit the kind of job you are looking for.

3. Locations

In Italy, there is a large gap between the wealthy North and the not-so-wealthy South. Due to this, you have to find out what place in Italy is the best for your profession. Milan for instance is ideal if you are looking for jobs in the marketing, fashion, and IT industries. Rome on the other hand is ideal for jobs in tourism and university-related jobs. So do well to make sure you are looking for the right jobs in the right places.

4. Apply for jobs

At this stage, you already have an updated CV, and you have a good idea of what region in Italy suits the kind of job you are looking for. The next thing to do is to apply for jobs. Apply for as many as you can find. We mentioned how the Italian economic sector is not having the best of times right now. Applying for as many jobs as possible increases your chances by just endeavor alone. So, brace yourself.

In Italy, there are trusted methods for the process of applying for jobs. Sites and Recruitment agencies, Centro per L’impiego and Networking.

The Centro per L’impiego is the Italian public job center. It can provide you with an idea of the best opportunities within that region or city.

Networking is arguably the best way to find a job anywhere. You should try meeting people in your field of expertise regularly. This can be achieved by constantly attending congresses, expos, and seminars organized by people in that field. You can find these events when you search for them online.

Employing the services of recruitment agencies and job websites is probably the least stressful way to apply for jobs. These organizations do the heavy lifting by finding these jobs for you and also applying. They even offer help in terms of helping with your CV and preparing you for interviews.

Sites To Find Jobs In Italy For English Speakers

1. BancaLavoro

They provide English-speaking foreigners and regular Italians with a platform to find the best jobs available in the country. The website uses both English and Italian to it easy to use for foreigners and Italians as we said. 

2. Jobs In Milan: 

Milan is the economic hub of Italy, and this website provides users with access to the very best jobs in Milan. Particularly to the English-speaking foreigners and locals. They offer three kinds of employment opportunities; Permanent employment, Contract employment, temporary employment with full and part-time working ours. 

3. Monster Italy

One of the top job sites in Italy. They don’t just offer job opportunities, they also offer career advice, interview tips, and CV writing tips. It is the Italian branch of the Monster Job Board.  

4. InfoJobs Italy

They focus on jobs in the Information and Communication Technology sector. They offer up to 1,500 jobs daily and it won’t be hard for you to find a job that suits what you need. 

5. Carrierain Italy

Online job portal that provides jobs and opportunities for foreigners. They have sections that help you search for jobs in specific locations. 

6. Careerjet Italy

This is a huge job search engine that curates job openings from other websites as well as their sources. All you need to do here is to input what kind of job you are looking for and also your preferred location. 

7. iAgora

They offer graduate jobs and internship opportunities to job seekers. This website is ideal for new graduates looking to kickstart their careers with internships. 

You can also try popular websites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor as they are trusted international job seeking websites.

Top Unskilled Jobs In Italy For English Speakers

  1. Personal caretakers
  2. Waiters
  3. Cleaners
  4. Bricklayers

Top Skilled Jobs In Italy For English Speakers

  1. English teachers
  2. Community Relationship Coordinator
  3. Marketing
  4. Technology Consultants
  5. Health Safety Environment Advisors


Due to the state of their economy and their unemployment rate, countries like Italy and Spain encourage self-employment amongst their Citizens. So, if you are a foreigner and finding a job looks less likely depending on your qualifications or whatever reason, you should consider freelancing.

The Italian economy is quite favorable to the self-employed, although the start-up process is usually very difficult. It is worth a decent try while you wait for the outcome of your applications.

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