10 Biggest and Best Sweden Recruitment Agencies (Revised)

Biggest and Best Sweden Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are companies that bridge the gap between you and the company that wants to employ you. They have to partner with companies to find suitable candidates for their available roles. You need the Biggest and Best Sweden Recruitment Agencies to scale the best jobs in Sweden.

Such that, instead of applying directly to the company, you apply to an agency, and they link you with the company. In most cases, the interview is even conducted by the recruitment agency you applied to.

These biggest and best Sweden recruitment agencies have made the burden on companies a lot easier. Also, with them being affiliated with many companies, finding a job with a recruitment agency is faster and easier.

However, all these do not go without a price. Most of these agencies have a certain percentage they charge off your salary. Generally, it ranges from 20% to 35%. The factors that influence these percentages include job role, level of experience, qualification, etc.

Recruitment agencies are widely used all over the globe. Most countries make use of them and Sweden is not left out. This list covers the 10 biggest and best Sweden recruitment agencies.

But, before we proceed, let’s take a quick look at Sweden’s unemployment rate and the most sought-after disciplines in Sweden.

Sweden’s Unemployment Rate

Just like everywhere around the globe, the advent of the Coronavirus (COVID- 19) affected every aspect of human life. This is including the education sector, health sector, transport systems, and including employment and unemployment rates, etc. Sweden is not left out in all these changes. In March 2020, the unemployment rate in Sweden skyrocketed to 9.2% and even though it eventually fell, it has not fallen beyond 8.3% ever since then. This is compared to its average unemployment rate of 6.8% in the previous years.

Most Sought After Service Providers in Sweden

  1. Architects
  2. Engineers
  3. Construction workers
  4. Pharmacists
  5. Surveyors
  6. Healthcare assistants
  7. Teachers
  8. Midwives
  9. Medical secretaries
  10. Interpreters
  11. Lawyers
  12. Dentists
  13. Firefighters
  14. Psychologists
  15. Prison officers
  16. Software developers
  17. Personal assistants
  18. Carpenters
  19. Electricians
  20. Chefs

10 Biggest and Best Sweden Recruitment Agencies

1.      Wise Professionals:

This is an agency that offers services in recruitment, consultancy, lecture, workshops, filming and moving materials, etc. Wise Professionals are well experienced in recruitments as they know both what their clients and candidates need. More so, they work with both small-scale and large-scale firms. The following are their areas of expertise: HR, payroll, specialized managers, market and communication, economics and finance, administration, e-commerce, etc.

Website: www.wise.se

Address: Linnegatan 87, 104 22, Stockholm Sweden.

Number: +46850512831

2.      Icluso:

This is an agency that provides recruitment and staffing services. They are also involved in internship acquisition and career counseling. With over ten years of experience, Incluso is meticulous when sourcing candidates for their clients. Their areas of specialty are Marketing and sales, engineering, logistics, IT & Tech, HR, communication, accounting, administration, etc.

Website: www.incluso.se

Address: Halsningegatan 49 113 31 Stockholm, Sweden

Number: +46701506100

Email: kontakt@incluso.se

3.      Manpower Sweden:

This is a recruitment company with over 65 years of experience in recruitment and staffing. Because of Manpower, about 20,000 people get employed in Sweden every year. They currently have over 10,000 vacancies on their website. Their specialty covers the following: HR and salary, administration, sales and customer service, technician, market and communication, media, warehousing/logistics, hotel and tourism, building construction, etc.

Website: www.manpower.se

Address: Sodermalmsallen 36 118 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Number: 0771559910

4.      Recruitment international:

This is one of Sweden’s best and oldest recruitment companies. Recruitment International offers recruitment, executive search, and professional consulting services. Their services extend to other countries in Europe and the rest of the World. They focus on executive roles, specialists, and other key positions. They specialize in recruitment, executive search, HR service, Interim management, personal development, etc.

Website: www.recruitment.se

Address: Karleksgatan 2 A 211 45 Malmo, Sweden.

Number: +4640354890

Email: post@recruitment.se

5.      Autorekrytering:

This is one of Sweden’s recruiting and staffing companies in the motor industry. Founded in 2005, Autorekrytering offers services in tire fitters, recruitment, crew, auto executive, outsourcing, etc.

Website: www.autorekrytering.se

Address: jarnvagsgatan 3 413 27 Gothenburg.

Number: 0313885806

Email: infovast@autorekrytering.se

6.      Saljpoolen:

Saljpoolen is a recruitment firm with a specialty in recruiting candidates in positions covering leadership, market industry, and sales. With claims of offering 96% satisfaction to its clients, Saljpoolen gives employment to over 550 candidates every year. They have offices in Gothenburg, Malmo, Linkoping, and Stockholm all in Sweden.

Website: www.saljpoolen.se

Number: 5563543726

7.      Ehrab Workforce Solutions:

This is a recruiting and staffing agency that offers services mostly to the construction industry. With over 10 years of experience, they specialize in electrical installation and building construction.

Website: www.ehrab.com

Email: info@ehrab.com

Number: +46101770100

8.      Talentor:

Talentor offers staffing and executive search services with a focus on the industrial, FMCG, and energy sectors. They equally offer consulting and HR services. Founded in 1994, their offices have extended to over 21 countries. Also, they’ve been able to complete over 500 searches locally and internationally. 

Website: www.talentor.com

Address: Repslagargatan 15B 118 46 Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: +46856005700

9.      Trib:

This agency offers both temporary and permanent recruitment, staffing, and executive search services. Trib was founded in 2010 with a strong passion for reconciling talent and teams. They have grown a reputable network of credible experts and specialists. More so, they work with large-scale and small-scale companies, creative digital shops, tech startups, and advertising agencies.

Website: www.trib.se

Address: Jakobsbergsgatan 22 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden.

10.  Ferrotaget:

This is a staffing firm with a focus on the hotel and restaurant industry. Their services cover providing staffing solutions for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, sports events, bars, and events, etc.

Website: www.ferrotaget.se

Address: Klostergatan 9 75321 Uppsala

Number: 0184704646

Email: info@ferrotaget.se

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How can a Foreigner get a Job in Sweden

There are a couple of ways to easily get a job in Sweden if you are a foreigner. While these steps do not guarantee automatic employment, they are sure to get you started.

1.      Get a work permit:

This is the first step to getting a job as a foreigner in Sweden. Get the work permit document that will allow you to work in Sweden. Without this permit, you won’t be allowed to work in any Sweden office, even if you do, it will be illegal.

2.      Online Search;

This is a good place I will point you to considering how global the world has become. So, in the comfort of your apartment, try searching online for job opportunities. Who knows, you might just get lucky and find your dream job.

3.      Recruitment agency:

This is another effective method to get a job in Sweden. You can make use of any of the biggest and best Sweden recruitment agencies. This is where most foreigners begin their search from. This has some level of guarantee and you have the privilege of choosing what kind of job to do. Make your choice from the agencies above and you will be well on your way to landing your dream job.

4.      Manual search:

This is the part where you search around the cities of Sweden in search of job opportunities. This method might be old school, but it is still effective. You may not leave your house for this purpose, but as you are at the grocery store, or while you are waiting for a cab, just keep vigilant, you might see a vacancy somewhere.

5.      Networking:

This method works some of the time. So, the first thing you should do when you find yourself in a new environment or new country is to make good friends. If possible, look out for people from your country of origin and connect with them. You can join a book club, church, or other social and religious gatherings. Who knows, someone there might know someone that knows someone who can get you a job.

Conclusion: Biggest and Best Sweden Recruitment Agencies

Whatever you do, just make sure your papers are complete and up to date. Also, before you work with any company anywhere, be sure to make adequate inquiries and research about them. This is to avoid being defrauded. We hope you make the most with this our list of the top best and biggest companies in Sweden.

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