How To Post Free Jobs on Fasthire Website 

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Do you own an employer account with Fasthire? Well, you will need to post available vacant jobs on the website so job seekers can apply. 

This article will guide you on how to post jobs on the website as an employer.

Below are two ways you can post jobs as an employer. The first process is to read and follow the guidelines stated below, and the second is to download the job listing page template at the end of this article.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Post Free Jobs on Fasthire Website

Step One: Create an Employer Account

To create an Employer’s account, log in to, on the top right side of your screen is an option to Login/Register, click on it, and a form will appear, at the bottom of the form is an option to register.

Step Two: Register as an Employer

Click on register, and click on ‘Employer’. Provide the details required such as your email address and password, and click on register now.

Note 1: You would need to wait 24 to 48 hours for your account to be verified by an admin and thereafter a mail will be sent to you to confirm that your account is active.

Note 2: You will need to provide verifiable documents to show your authenticity in employing people in your country.

Step Three: Log in to Your Account on the Website

Login into your account on the website. This should be after your account has been verified by the admin.

Step Four: Click on Post Jobs

 After logging in, click on post jobs on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step Five: Get Started

Also, click on Get Started on a free job package, also located at the left-hand side of your screen

Step Six: Fill out the Job Data Form

After that, a new window will appear showing a job data form. Furthermore, fill in the necessary fields on the form.

Step Seven: Save & Preview

When you are done filling out the job posting form, click on save & preview at the bottom of the screen.

Step Eight: Submit Job or Edit Job

Once that is done, a new page will appear with options ‘Submit Job’ and ‘Edit Job’, if you wish to edit the job because you feel something is missing, click on the edit job section. If everything is fine, go ahead and click on Submit Job.

Step Nine: Job Basket 

Meanwhile, after clicking on ‘Submit Job’, a message saying ‘Job package has been added to your basket’ will appear on your screen. 

Step Ten: View Basket and Checkout Your Cart

Thereafter, you can choose to ‘view basket’ by clicking on view basket on the right side of your screen. 

Your basket shows your cart which displays the job or jobs you have posted.

The second process on how to post jobs on Fasthire’s website as an employer is by downloading the job posting page template. 

You can download the template below.


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