Reported Fake Recruitment Agencies in the USA

Reported Fake Recruitment Agencies in the USA
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When job hunting, it is important to cautious of fake job agencies to avoid being a victim. As you may know, most applicants make use of recruitment agencies in their job search.  However, not all recruitment agencies out there are legit. Legit recruitment agencies do not solicit money from applicants, only the fake ones do. And apparently, this is one of the biggest rules of thumb to understand if an agency is a scammer or not.

Many job seekers fall prey to these fake recruitment agencies because of their desperation to get a job. That is why we advise job seekers to remain calm and alert while in their pursuit of getting a job. One of the ways job seekers can avoid being scammed by fake recruiters is to be aware of the tricks and doings of these fake recruitment agencies, which of course are not like those of the legit recruitment agencies.

So, in this post, we have not only coved the list of reported fake recruitment agencies in the USA but also how you and other job seekers can pinpoint fake recruiters when you come across any.

How to Know Fake Recruitment Agencies: 9 Tips

Fake recruitment agencies are fraudulent groups that most times portray themselves as recruiters. They post job offers with huge pay rates intending to try to loot huge amounts of money from job seekers or sometimes steal their identity.

The fake recruiters use many tricky techniques which makes it difficult to identify them from the real ones. Notwithstanding, there are ways to know a fake recruitment agency and some of these ways have been listed below.

  1. They ask job seekers to pay some amount of money as an advance to getting hired.
  2. Some fake recruiters focus on stealing people’s (job seekers) identities. In this, they approach people with resumes from any job portal and try to get their confidential information.
  3. Their job listings are always too good to be true.
  4. They give unusual job descriptions.
  5. The emails sent by them look unprofessional.
  6. Asking for your personal information that shouldn’t be used in a job application.
  7. They don’t have a professional website or social page where you can find them.
  8. Ask you about the bank details or the credentials for fund transfer.
  9. No proper contact information.

How to Avoid Being Scammed by Fake Recruitment Agencies

  • Never Pay Money to Recruiters for A Job Offers: Remember this, no company would ask a job seeker to pay money as an advance to give the person a job.
  • Research The Company: If the company has no website, then be cautious about them. However, if there is a company website, then try to cross-check the details provided to you with the details on the Internet.
  • Suspect Free Email Accounts: In the present time, all/most companies have a corporate email account. If any company approaches you with free email accounts like yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail – it is likely to be a fake company.
  • No Employment Offer Without Interviews: No company would recruit an employee without an interview. You might receive an email stating that your resume is very well qualified for the vacancy and hence, you are hired for the job. This kind of email is undoubtedly a fake job offer.
  • No Work from Home for A Full-Time Seeker: Generally, work from home is given only to an experienced candidate. A company would not seek to hire a full-time staff and in the end settle for work from home with clear reasons.

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  • Random Job Offers: Getting random job offers that you have not applied for is a scam. Nobody would come and give you a job offer that you have not applied for in your career.
  • Huge Pay Looks Good but Can Be Fake: Always think twice when you are offered pay that is more for your experience. If it is beyond expectation, think twice because money is not that cheap to give out. This type of job offer might surely be a scam.
  • Don’t Share Your Confidential Information: No genuine recruiter asks to know about your credit card credentials, social login details, or your debit card details before offering you a job. Never consider such type of fake offers as it is purely a scam.
  • Verify URL: Fake URLs are very common red flags found in scam recruiting websites. Verify the URL whether it is true or fake. Most scam recruiting websites use fake URLs to show themselves as big corporate.

Reported Fake Recruitment Agencies in the USA

  • Amble Boat Company (USA).
  • A.W.C. Cruise Ship Employment (USA).
  • Blue Sea Cruise, Blue Sea Cruises International (USA).
  • Celebrity.BS VIP Recluting (USA).
  • Cruise Ship Centers International (San Francisco USA).
  • Fleewing International (California USA).
  • Getaway Abroad (Angola, South Africa, USA, United Kingdom).
  • Global Cruise Shipping Services (Canada, USA).
  • IRG Recruitment Agency & Traveling Consultancy Inc. (USA)
  • Pacific Cruise Corporation (USA).
  • Pacific Ocean Cruiseline (USA).
  • Pacific West Liners (USA).
  • Pan American Cruise Corporation (Berverly Hills USA).
  • Ramos Cruises Inc., Ramos Cruise Shipping Company Inc. (USA).
  • Sealife Crewing Recruitment & Traveling Consultancy Ltd (United Kingdom, USA).
  • Voyage Blue Sea Cruises International USA.
  • International Transition Abroad – The New Era (South Africa, United Kingdom, USA).

Other Reported Fake Recruitment Agencies

  • ApolloShips – International Cruise Services Inc.
  • Blue Sea Cruise, Blue Sea Cruises International (
  • Capt. David Phillip ( – pretending to be from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
  • Capt. Edward ( – pretending to be from Royal Princess Cruise.
  • Centro Maritimo Panama (
  • Coastal Cruises.
  • Crystal Cruise Line – not to be mistaken for Crystal Cruises (
  • Crew File.
  • Cunard River Cruise Line, Cunnard Cruises Lines (not to be mistaken for Cunard Line.
  • Dublin Cruise Line Management.
  • Goldline Shipping Ltd Cruise Ship Agency).
  • HR Princess Cruises.
  • International Cruise Ship Recruiters.
  • International Seamen Agency Services.
  • ISM AGENCY GROUP ( or (+54112212260172).
  • All job offers on Jobs on Luxury Yachts.
  • Midway Cruise Company.
  • Oax Recruitment.
  • OceaniasCruise (
  • Princess Mariana Company.
  • P&O Cruises Line (
  • Seamen Energy Construction Company.
  • Starboard Crewing Manning & Recruitment Agency (
  • Starboard Crewing Recruitment & Traveling Consultancy Inc.
  • Victoria Cruise Ship Lines.


Note that this list of Reported Fake Recruitment Agencies in the USA was not formulated without verification nor by intuition. But rather, after proper research, these names were found recorded as fake recruiting agencies in the United States of America. Also, all of the above scam agencies charge upfront fees for jobs, visas, and work permits. They have been repeatedly reported to fail to find any employment for their victims. If you encounter any of the above names, please do not send them money. Stay Safe!

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