How to follow-up on a job application
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Having to wait after applying for a job can be frustrating and difficult, unfortunately, this happens almost all the time. However, you have to give employers some time to review applications before following up. But then, you should also know how to follow-up on a job application.

Follow-ups are more than okay if done the right way. Below are 8 tips on how to follow-up on a job application

1. Reread the listing:

Read the job description over again thoroughly. Pay attention to details such as the qualifications, instructions, and the application deadline. Once you’ve applied, you wouldn’t want to follow up prior to that date.

2. Be Respectful:

Some job listing might state for applicant to not call or email concerning their status. In that case, be careful not to send emails. If you do, the recruiter would either assume you didn’t read the job listing properly or you chose not to obey the directives, as such, the best thing to do is to wait it out and use the opportunity to keep applying for other positions.

3. Be Brief:

Whatever means you choose to contact the hiring manager (Calls, email or LinkedIn messages), ensure you keep your correspondence short and concise. I personally wouldn’t advise job seekers to follow up by texting the hiring manager except the hiring manager specifically said it’s OK to do so.
Also, ensure your notes or mail express your continued interest in the job as well as your expectation to hear from them concerning the next step.

4. Utilize Your Connection:

Before you go about writing to the hiring manager, go through your contacts (personal and business) to see if you know anyone from the company. You could also search on LinkedIn to see if you have anyone in your network with an inside connection to the company you are applying to.
If you do, you could inquire from the person(s) about the job, tell the person(s) to put up a good word for you, or even help move up your file.

5. Consider Your Timing:

As much as the wait could be devastating, always resist the urge to offload with follow up mail too soon. Timing is important; you don’t want to creep out the recruiter.
It is best to refer back to the job listing to know when the application window is closing before following up on your application, in some cases where the deadline for the application is not stated, it is ok to follow up a week or two after you applied.

6. Choose The Right Day:

You have to be smart in sending a follow-up mail or call for your application, choosing the right day can be just what is needed to land you an express interview. Generally, Mondays are busy days, being the first working day of the week, and Friday is prior to the weekend. As such, your mail might be left to be dealt with in the later week(s). So I’d advise you to stick with Tuesdays through Thursdays for your job application follow-up.

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7. Give A Call:

If after a week or two you haven’t gotten any feedback concerning your job application, it is absolutely fine to call the hiring manager unless there was an instruction. You could start by saying;

“Hello [Hiring manager’s name] my name is [Your name] I submitted an application as [Position you applied for]. I am very much interested in this role and your company and I wanted to confirm if you’ve received my application and know when to expect feedback from you”.

When you do this, listen to what the person (the hiring manager) has to say and if after the date specified for the feedback passes with no response, you might want to move on “Don’t be discouraged, there are lots of fish in the ocean”.

8. Let them know you are In Demand:

You could message your dream company and let them know you’ve received another offer and you’d be willing to turn it down. Include a date you’re expected to respond.
This is a very crucial yet tricky part, so don’t come off too strong or rude but gently make them know you’re in demand. Also, only take this step if and only if you truly received another offer.

Here Is a Quick Recap of the Tips to Following Up on Your Job Application
1. Reread the listing
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Brief
4. Utilize your Connection
5. Consider your Timing
6. Choose The Right Day
7. Give a Call
8. Let Them Know Your Are In Demand

I hope this has been helpful, if so do well to drop a comment in the comment section below.

Written by Jeynuel Nnamdi
Writer||Content creator||Philanthropist.
He is the founder and Lead digital, marketer JixedPen Enterprise.

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