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A well-composed statement of purpose for Masters in Global Management is your pitch to any admission committee. It helps you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be.  It is important to put together a good statement of purpose when seeking admission into one of the universities that offer masters in global management. The sample statement of purpose for Masters in Global Management will guide you on how to approach your statement.

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Universities to Study for Master of Global Management

  1. Royal Roads University
  2. Nord University
  3. London Business School
  4. University of Salford (Online)

Statement of Purpose for Masters in Global Management

No business can compete effectively and achieve its mission without a strong management system. The expertise of a manager cannot be overemphasized; whether in a small scale business or global conglomerate, the additions of competent management is instrumental in building strong organizational culture.

It was during my first paid employment in a bank that I experienced how application of the right management principles enabled teams and departments to contribute significantly to the overall growth of the organization. I observed firsthand how the management ensured that all the staff members regardless of the department or branch operated with the same team spirit. It was fascinating and that alone kept me committed to the organization as a staff.

It didn’t take long before I began to envision the day that I would be directly involved in building the type of system that I experienced while at the bank. I wanted to look back someday at a working corporate system and say that “I was part of the management that created this system.”

After undertaking various work roles in my banking career that lasted seven (7) years, I took a very important decision to go into entrepreneurship. Applying the knowledge gained while working as Business Development Officer ensured that I got to a good start with my business. And in the last xx years, I can comfortably say that I have enjoyed relative progress managing the operations of the business. My role entails the formulation of strategies to lead organizational growth by capturing the target market to achieve sales numbers. Through this experience, I have also learnt that it’s not only managing the processes that matter, leading people effectively and efficiently is core to the growth of any business. Which has caused me to reinvent my leadership method over time; I have gotten better at leading, delegating, trusting, and allowing colleagues to strive.

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Since my core responsibilities demand high-level of leadership and management experience, and coupled with the expansion plans of the business, it’s pertinent that I equip myself with formal knowledge in a course that is focused on leadership, strategic management and business development. Getting a higher education in business management will help me inspire organisational growth.

The achievement of studying Global Management in an institution with years of experience grooming successful managers is like gaining a double-edged advantage. I have chosen the Royal Roads University Global Management Program because it comes with an internship research project option. This research project will enable me to immediately apply the knowledge gained in an organization where I’ll spend 12 weeks analyzing, and drafting reports on management issues. This exposure is appealing to me and will allow me to gain practical experience in Canada.

My dynamic personality, passion, and vision make me a suitable candidate for this program. Also, as a way of preparation for this program, I recently wrote the IELTS exam and achieved an average band of 7.5 out of 9, I have attached a copy of the result to this application.

In the next five years, I hope to make an impact in my immediate environment by applying the knowledge gained from this program to champion growth in my business and employing at least 1000 workers by the year xxxx. I look forward to being part of the next class of students for the Masters in Global Management program at Royal Roads University. Thank you for your consideration.

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