Best Apps to Save Money in Dollars Nigeria 2024 (Revised)

Best Apps to Save Money in Dollars
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So you earn in dollars but still not show how and where to save your fund. Well, worrying is not out of place . But do you know there so many Best Apps to Save Money in Dollars available for free or a little token? You are about to find out more.

Why would anyone want to save money? The answer is simple. Saving money allows you to enjoy financial security. That is, you are confident to take risks, try new things, and overcome uncertainties 

However, saving can become a disadvantage if it’s affected by currency devaluation. Unfortunately, that is the case of the Nigerian currency (naira) today. 

Naira is drastically losing its value. As a result, everyone is aiming for a better saving opportunity that will secure their finances. But what other financial security is better than the United States dollars?

The US dollar remains one of the strongest currencies in the world, and also the most traded currency in the foreign exchange market. It’s a pity that this is the direct opposite for Naira.

While there’s little to what you can do about it, deciding to save in dollars is considered reasonable.

In this article, we have elaborated on the benefits of saving in dollars, how you can save in dollars, and the best apps to save money in dollars. So let’s dive in!

How to Save Your Money in Dollars 

There are two major ways you can save your naira in dollars which are:

1. By Using a Domiciliary Account

A domiciliary account is a specific kind of bank account that allows you to receive and make payments in foreign currencies, including US dollars.

However, this account is a bit difficult to obtain because of the request for certain documents and referrals. Also, there is the stress and high rate of changes when converting your naira to dollars in the black market before depositing it into your domiciliary account. Possibly, the average Nigerian will not be able to access or afford it.

2. By Using a Fintech App.

The second way to save in dollars is by using a fintech app. And it is the focus of this article. The fintech app provides a dollar platform that enables its users to save their money in dollars and other currencies. This method is quite simple compared to a domiciliary account. 

To save in dollars using any fintech app, you have to download the app from Google Play Store, then proceed to register with your correct details, fund your wallet and convert the funds to the dollar platform. Interestingly, all these can be done in your comfort. In addition to this, many benefits come with saving in dollars. And these benefits have been listed below.

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Benefits of Saving in Dollars

When you save in dollars you,

  1. Secure a good investment.
  2. Beat the currency(naira) devaluation and Inflation rate.
  3. Retain or increase the value of your money.
  4. Get access to different saving plans.

For Example: In 2021, Miss Favour saved N30,000 in dollars which was converted to $80 at that time. After two years, the value of her $80 in naira increased to N35,000. This simply means that Miss Favour accumulated N5,000 profit in 2 years. 

Are you ready to start saving in dollars? Here are the best apps to save in dollars as a Nigerian.

Note: These apps are accessible irrespective of your status or grade. You can begin your savings with as little as 1$. 

Best Apps to Save Money in Dollars Nigeria

Although there are many apps used for dollar exchange and saving, However, we’ve listed just a few of the moat trusted apps to save money in dollars with high interest rates.

  1. Muna
  2. Piggyvest
  3. Cowrywise
  4. Bundle Africa
  5. Crowdyvest
  6. Binance Exchange App

1. Muna

Up to 15% annual interest

Muna app is a crypto wallet that allows you to save in different stable coins like Bitcoin, USDN, Waves, and more. The USDN is a stable coin pegged to the United States dollar. So, Muna enables USD saving for their users through USDN. In addition, you can accumulate an annual interest of 15% while saving on the Muna app. The best part is you will receive your interest rewards every day until you withdraw your funds.

Features: Cryptocurrencies.


  1. You can save in different crypto coins.
  2. The annual interest rate of 15%.
  3. Allows up to five savings plans (1 flexible and 4 locked).
  4. Daily rewards.


  • The locked plan has a 3% default fee for every withdrawal

2. Piggyvest

Up to 7% interest rate 

Piggyvest is one of the largest online savings and investment platforms in Nigeria. It is a savings app that allows its users to save in dollars and naira. To save in dollars, you have to first fund your naira account on piggy flex which you can then convert to dollars. Also, piggyvest offers up to a 7% annual interest rate on your dollar savings. You can open a piggyvest account by clicking here, then proceed to fill in all the necessary details that are required including your BVN. 


  1. Piggy Bank Wallet: for regular savings or transactions.
  2. Target Savings: this allows you to set a particular amount goal. 
  3. Safe Lock: this enables you to lock away your funds for a fixed period.
  4. Flex Dollar: allows you to save and transfer and invest in dollars.


  1. It is easy to use.
  2. Good interest rate per annum (up to 7% on dollars and 15% on naira).
  3. Easy dollar transfer to your domiciliary account if you have any.
  4. Provides investment opportunities.


  1. Charges are collected on transfer or conversion.
  2. You need to first fund your naira accounts then convert them to dollars on your Flex dollar account.
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3. Cowrywise

The interest rate varies from time to time

This savings app is just as good as a piggyvest. Cowrywise enables you to plan, save and invest your money in dollars. With the app, you can build your dollar savings, invest, and manage your money security.


  1. Regular savings.
  2. Halal Savings: designed for Muslims who don’t want to earn interest on their savings. (It is an interest-free saving plan).
  3. Saving Circle:  saving targets like a saving challenge


  1. Investment opportunities.
  2. Free Advisory Service
  3. Easy to use
  4. Variety of investors to invest in bonds, real estate, stock, and treasury bills.


  1. The Interest rate varies from time to time.

4. Bundle Africa

Up to 6% Interest rate per annum

This is another crypto wallet for saving in cryptocurrency. Bundle Africa allows you to save in different cryptocurrencies including BUSD (a stable coin pegged to USD). You can even save as low as 1 BUSD which is equal to $1 and earn up to 6% annual interest.

Feature: Cryptocurrencies.


  1. It is easy to use.
  2. Up to 6% annual interest.
  3. Easy funding through their secure P2P exchange method.


  1. You cannot withdraw from the fixed BUSD plan until the due date.

5. Crowdyvest

Up to 15% annual interest rate

It’s also one of the best apps for saving dollars in Nigeria. Crowdyvest creates financial solutions for individuals that are committed to financial freedom in alignment with the 17 SDGs.


  1. Flex Savings: this allows you to save and withdraw at any time.
  2. Flex dollar: allows you to save in dollars on your term.
  3. Vault: allows you to lock your money in a fixed number of months and earn interest.
  4. Pace: set and meet saving targets.

6. Binance Exchange

Binance is one of the major cryptocurrency trading platform with universal usage. The app can be used to store US dollar in form of stable coin or any listed cryptocurrency. It also offers cool and seamless exchange services known as P2P or peer to peer.

With the Binance app, you can pick from different US Dollar stable coins to use in your savings. Examples of these USD coins are USDT, USDC, and BUSD.

The only Challenge or constraint in using Binance app in Nigeria is the lack of direct deposite options. Despite this limitation, Binance is still a highly accessible and user-friendly platform for Nigerians to trade cryptocurrencies.

The P2P trading method allows for a more personalized and secure way of buying, and selling digital assets, which is especially important in the Nigerian market where scams and fraudulent activities are prevalent.

By following the guidelines set by Binance, users can confidently engage in P2P trades and benefit from the convenience and efficiency of using this popular cryptocurrency exchange. Overall, Binance remains an excellent option for Nigerians looking to invest in or save the US dollars.

Conclusion: Best Apps to Save Money in Dollars

These best apps to save money in dollars offer you a great and easy opportunity in your finances. However, you still need to choose what suits you. Currently, I use and recommend Piggyvest because they have one of the best interest rates and offer a secure and fast funding method.

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