How Does Flutterwave Work? (All You Need to Know About Flutterwave)

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If you have come across questions like “How does Flutterwave work” but don’t know how to answer, stay with me you will soon find out.

Here’s an easy guide to show you how Flutterwave works. If this is your first time hearing about Flutterwave, it will interest you to get some insight about this unicorn from the next section.

In this article, we will uncover everything you need to know about Flutterwave, its functions, and how to get started. Though the functions of Flutterwave appear to be comprehensive for simplicity, we will work with the discourse outlined below.

Now let’s begin!

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About Flutterwave

Flutterwave is a fintech company that was founded in the year 2016. They provide financial services that help businesses with payment operations for their international clients. Although Flutterwave mainly operates within the African continents (over 11 African countries), it has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Perhaps, in the future, they’ll also extend their services to other continents.

How Does Flutterwave Work?

Firstly, it can be used to send and receive money. The website has a sales mode feature that allows you to collect payments from customers in any part of the world. That is, you can receive payment in different currencies. “How does this happen?”

Well, once you open an account on Flutterwave, you can create a payment link that can be shared with your customers or networks who want to pay for your service or make donations. You can even attach the link to your social media handles.

More so, as an individual, a registered business owner, an NGO, or an event company, Flutterwave offers you the right tools to grow your business. These tools make up the different functions of Flutterwave.

Different Functions of Flutterwave

Flutterwave provides so many functions for businesses. Below we have listed the various functions of Flutterwave.

  1. Payment tool: This is designed to provide the best payment experience for your customers. You can easily receive money from anywhere in the world and even make transfers in single or bulk to other accounts. Another good thing about this is that you can receive payments in over 150 different currencies
  2. eCommerce tools: This includes creating a free online store, professional invoice, and payment links.
  3. FaaS: FaaS Embed financial services into your products.
  4. Virtual Cards: Issuing physical and virtual cards.
  5. Capital: You get quick access to flexible loans to grow your business.
  6. Registration: Register and incorporate your business from anywhere.

Now that you understand the functions of Flutterwave and its importance to businesses, you may be considering opening an account; we need to walk you through a step-by-step process on how to create and confirm your Flutterwave account.

Different Functions of Flutterwave
Different Functions of Flutterwave

How To Create And Verify A Flutterwave Account

Having understood the basics of Flutterwave, here’s how to create an account on Flutterwave.

1. Click >Flutterwave and fill in the required details as seen in the image below. After that, click on >Get Started to proceed.
How does flutterwave works Image 1
2. An email will be sent to your mailbox, check to confirm the email address which will redirect to your account.
How does flutterwave works Image2
3. Next is to select your purpose for using Flutterwave – this will help you get the right tool just like it is written on the top of the image below. (Ps: if your business is not yet registered it is best to select “…as individual”). 
How does flutterwave works Image 3
4. You are now in the dashboard section. In this section, fill in the information as requested. Observe that this section is divided into three – bank account, merchant information, and document upload. As you complete each of them make sure it is correct and then save it.

Once you have completed this section you will get an image like the one below, which takes you to verify your account.

Note: It is possible that while doing this you got distracted and logged out. Don’t panic, just log in again and click on the top that says >Get started or simply go to >settings >>business preference to continue from where you stopped.

5. Click on >START SESSION. There you’ll be required to take a clear picture of your ID card (front and back), and a selfie of yourself. If you did this correctly, click on <CONTINUE as seen below.
6. Once that is completed your accounts will be on review, and when it’s approved, an email like the one below will be sent to you. (NB: It takes about 30 minutes to get verified). 

Congratulations! You have successfully created your account. Next is to learn how to receive payments in your Flutterwave account.

Again, to get started on your account, go straight to the account creation page and follow the steps outlined above.

How To Receive Payment In Flutterwave (Local and International)

To receive local and International payments to your Flutterwave account, you have to first create a payment link. As we said earlier, your payment link can be shared with anyone you are expecting payment from. You can also add it to your social media bio for anyone who wants to buy from you. 

Creating a payment link is very easy, just follow these steps.

How to Create a Flutterwave Payment Link

  1. In your Flutterwave dashboard, go to the Payment Links page and select >Create Payment Link.
  2. For a single payment, select >Single Charge while for a payment plan select >Recurring Charge.
  3. Fill in details of the payment; if you wish to allow your customers to specify the amount to be paid, leave the >Amount field empty, otherwise, fill in a specific amount. 
  4. Then, select >Create Link to create the link to your payment page.

The payment link will be shown on your dashboard. You can copy and share the link with your clients for them to make payments using their cards, bank accounts, USSD, etc., as applicable.

This is what the payment page looks like.

We can now move over to set up your online store. This might not be necessary for all businesses, but for a business that involves selling goods, it will be a profitable tool to explore.

How To Set Up A Flutterwave Store

  1. In your dashboard, click on >Store, select, >Set up your store.
  2. Fill in the required information – store name, stall description, store URL, store image, store category, and submit.

Your store has been created! You can now add your product images.

Furthermore, as you begin to sell and receive payments with your already generated payment link, Flutterwave allows you to withdraw your money at any time. This brings us to the final guide.

How To Withdraw Your Money From Flutterwave

Furthermore, to withdraw your money from Flutterwave, follow the steps provided below

  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on >Transfer, then select >New transfer.
  2. Select the currency you want to transfer in and enter the amount.
  3. Enter a new account detail or select an existing recipient.
  4. Click on >Proceed tab to complete your transfer.
Use this link to open a Flutterwave account 

Frequently Asked Question

1. What Bank Does Flutterwave Work With?

Flutterwave works with different banks in different countries. Once you create an account with them, they work with designated banks in their countries of operation. 

So, opening an account with Flutterwave means that you would be assigned an account with a bank in your country (e.g Wema Bank for Nigerian), so when you receive payment in your country, Flutterwave will receive it with the local bank that is working within your country. But, when you receive payments in other currencies, the money will be held in your Flutterwave wallet.

If at any point in time, you decide to receive the payment to your bank account, you can transfer the money to your account.

Note: If you receive payments in different currencies and send them to your designated account, Flutterwave will automatically convert the money and pay you the equivalent (after their charge) in your local currency. But if it remains in your Flutterwave wallet, then it will remain in the currency that you received the payment in e.g EUR, CAD, or USD.

2. How Long Does it Take Flutterwave Customer Care to Respond?

Flutterwave works from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During this time, their call lines are open and you can contact them immediately for all your inquiries. However, if you want a faster response you must mail them during regular working hours.

3. What is Flutterwave’s Email Address? 

Flutterwave email address is 

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.


In conclusion, I hope this article has fully and concisely disclosed all you need to know about how Flutterwave works. You can open a Flutterwave account today and explore more opportunities for your business. Remember, signing up with Flutterwave will guarantee you a payment solution both locally and internationally.

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