List Of Fake Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

Fake Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

The rise of fake recruitment agencies in Johannesburg has now become a subject of great concern. It is easy for job seekers to fall victim especially when they are new to the city. 

With numerous recruitment firms giving fake promises about finding you your dream job, it’s quite challenging to identify who to trust. 

The worst of all is that the so-called fake staffing companies disguise themselves as legit. And unfortunately, milk nonchalant job hunters of their money, make them divulge their data and promise to get them a job. 

In this post, we’ll be analyzing some of the fake recruitment companies in Johannesburg, highlighting the tactics they use, and how to avoid falling victim. Most importantly, give directives on how to identify a real hiring firm to assist you in realizing your career goals.

Tactics Utilized By Fake Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg To Scam Job Seekers

Fake staffing companies often adopt the same strategies to deceive victims. These lions in sheep’s clothing go overboard by promising handsome salary jobs, assured placements, and also volunteering to assist with visas and moving to another country. But their main motive is to collect your money, and then vanish into thin air. 

In addition, many of these firms might go the extra mile to post fake jobs, interview you, and even offer you a fake employment contract. The scary part is that anyone can fall prey because these people are difficult to spot. However, there are red flags to look out for.

Ways To Save Yourself from Fake Recruitment Agencies

The following is a step-by-step guide to how you can avoid falling victim to fake hiring companies:

  • Take your time to carefully research the recruitment agency’s name.
  • Check the firm’s VAT number to evaluate if such a company in question exists and is approved to function in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Ensure to check the given phone number if it is real.
  • Get yourself familiar with legit recruitment firms affiliated with your area of expertise within your region.
  • Endeavor to get the main job roles and descriptions directly from the hiring firm’s official website.
  • Under no circumstances should you give out your banking details or financial data.
  • Re-verify or cross-check whether the recruitment agency’s adverts are genuine and following recruitment protocols.


The South African Police are doing an excellent job to fish out these recruitment scams. If a staffing company falsely and illegally extorts or swindles an applicant of their money, such individuals can reach out to the South African Police Services with proof and necessary details of such a fake recruitment firm.

List Of Fake Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg 

Recent research conducted by Unique Personnel (the only safe recruitment portal in Africa) states that the majority of popular fake hiring firms are located in Sandton, Kempton park, residential areas in Fourways, RoseBank, Randburg; and Johannesburg, South Africa. What these firms do is target unsuspecting Africans who are new to the city and desperately in need of employment. 

These false companies advertise their fake jobs on various employment sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Best Jobs for roles in organization staff, hospitality, IT and Retail security, and so on.

Furthermore, it was revealed that they utilize fax and email to make money. With fax, job seekers are asked to send their application which is quite exorbitant. 

Moreover, the recruitment company receives a lot of funds through faxing. 

Faxing is one of the recurring recruitment scams in Johannesburg. So it is advised to exercise caution and meticulously research any staffing agency before engaging with them. 

Below is a comprehensive list of fake recruitment firms to steer clear of;

However, before citing them, it is important to be aware that, under no circumstances should you pay any fee be it training materials, uniforms or what have you in the process of seeking for jobs.

  1. North State Building, 99 Albertina Sisulu Str 8. 
  2. Factor House, CNR Kruis & Albert Str
  3. BMT Training, Royal Place, CNR Eloff & Kerk Str
  4. Mr Price Building, CNR Albertina Sisulu & Von Brandis Street.
  5. Mansion House, Albertina Sisulu & Kruis Str
  6. Brooklyn Recruitment, Jhb
  7. E.N.T Call Centre, Imas House, 28 Von Brandis & Main Str
  8. Motsepe Building, CNR Fox & Von Brandis Str
  9. Lebeya/Success Hospitality, 22 Joubert & Commissioner Str, Majesty Building
  10. Benny Recruitment And Training, 262 Madiba Str, Pretoria
  11. MK Marketing, Apollo Building, Pretoria
  12. TK Marketing, 43 Weirda Str, West Sandton, Devilliers Ave Vereeniging, Randburg
  13. Malatji Specialised Services, Metropolitan Park, Hillside Rd Opp Transnet, Parktown 35. 
  14. Management House, 38 Melle & Jorrissen Street.
  15. Ottawa Mall, CNR President & Small Str
  16.  Kariba House, CNR DeVilliers & Commissioner Str
  17.  ABC Kay Motsepe Building, CNR Fox & Von Brandis Str
  18. Mothomo House, Fox Str
  19. Meisschkes Building, CNR Harrison & Albertina Sisulu Str
  20. De Souza Direct, Power Place Building, 261 Oak Avenue, Randburg
  21. 08 Hillside Road, Parktown near BP garage
  22. 1fourall Recruitment Agency, Address Unknown
  23. Vusa House, Gandhi Square, Jhb
  24.  ILPA House CNR Commissioner & Von Weiligh Str
  25.  Klamson Towers, 151 Commissioner Str 3. 
  26. Manchester House, CNR Von Wielligh & Pritchard Str
  27.  The Great Experience, Curthberths of Chambers Building, CNR Prichard & Eloff Str 5. 
  28. Century (Insurance) Building, CNR Kruis & Albertina Sisulu Str
  29. Motaung Recruitment, Dr. Neil Agget Building, 90 President & Kruis Str
  30. DK Marketing Solutions (pty) Ltd, Mr Price Building, CNR Albertina Sisulu Rd & Von Brandis Str
  31.  ICA Marketing, Aspern house, 2de korte Str, Braamfontein
  32. Markade Building, 84 CNR President & Kruis Str
  33. MIT Group, 130 Fox & Von Brandis Str
  34. Renaissance Building, Gandhi Square
  35. Focus House, 86 Lovey Day & Plein Str 

Other firms include:

  • Empire Group
  • Human resources pro
  • Athi
  • Next Direct South Africa
  • CVStarSA (They will send you an email
  • saying your CV is ineligible)
  • National Recruitment Program Via Universal Personnel Consult

Common Red Flags About Fake Recruitment Agencies 

  1. Lack of physical address or only a PO box.
  2. There needs to be a clear online presence, usually poor website quality.
  3. Incomplete or no clear information about their services or fees
  4. Desperate or aggressive recruitment tactics. That is, they promise unrealistic salaries to lure applicants.
  5. Fake Recruitment Agencies request for payment upfront.
  6. Negative online reviews or no reviews at all
  7. They lack a vivid and transparent hiring process
  8. They offer no contract, terms or conditions


Always ensure to analyze and review the authenticity of any staffing agency before providing your personal information or paying any upfront fees.

Additionally, you can peruse the following resources to validate the genuity of recruitment agencies in Johannesburg:

  • Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)
  • South African Police Service (SAPS)
  • Consumer Protection Act (CPA)
  • South African Recruitment Association (SARA)

The Dangers of Recruitment Agencies Scam in Johannesburg 

Below are some other recruitment company scams to watch out for in Johannesburg:

1. False Job Postings: 

Fraudsters fabricate fake job postings on genuine job boards like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc., Or even social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. Thereby promising handsome salary jobs or lucrative opportunities. 

2. Prepayment: 

Some agencies request charges for services like CV writing, interview coaching, or job placement. Authentic firms don’t demand an initial charge.

3. Fraudulent Overcompensation: 

Imposters send you a check or payments more than the said amount, purporting it’s for work tools or expenses. Afterward, they request you to pay back the excess, which is their means of extorting you of your money.

4. Identity fraud: 

Fake agencies may request personal data like passports, ID numbers, or banking information, claiming it’s for job applications or background checks. However, be careful when giving out sensitive data.

5. Fake Job Opportunities: 

These people go to the extent of putting out fake job offers, oftentimes with false contracts, and also ask for payment for training or tools.

6. Training or Certification Fraud: 

Swindlers promise training or certification programs claiming it will result in attractive job offers. While in the actual sense, such programs are unreal or worthless.

7. Visa or Immigration Frauds: 

Scammers may pledge to assist in getting work visas or relocation documents at a price. However, be careful of such unrealistic or unrequested offers or requests for fees.

8. Referral Frauds: 

Imposters often ask you to refer your friends or relatives in exchange for a commission or compensation. In contrast, real agencies don’t depend on referrals for recruitment.

9. Fake Online Interview: 

They most times hold fake interviews through video calls, then request money for tools or software.

10. Unrealistic Promises or Claims: 

Be wary of companies promising job placement, too-expensive salaries, or swift placement. Real companies don’t make such promises.

Steps To Identify a Fraudulent Act

  • Ensure to conduct research, research, and more research! This is to verify their real location, look up reviews online, and get recommendations.
  • Agencies that demand payment in full up ahead or guarantee employment should be avoided.
  • Refrain from being pushed to decide right away. Spend some time and do the necessary research.
  • Have faith in your gut. It’s something if it feels strange.
  • Confirm if the hiring procedure is open and transparent.
  • A contract or terms and conditions should be checked.
  • Validate if there is a credible website and social media presence.

How To Locate a Legitimate Recruitment Agency in Johannesburg 

  • Consult your friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations.
  • Examine ratings and reviews on the internet.
  • Check their contact details and actual address.
  • Look for an open and understandable hiring procedure.
  • Look for terms and conditions or a contract.
  • Verify whether a website and social media presence are professional.
  • Verify if they have a registration with the appropriate agencies.

How To Identify Real Staffing Firms

As we work to identify fraudulent recruiting firms, it’s just as vital to draw attention to the real ones that run ethical and professional businesses. This is a brief overview of the appearance and functioning of authentic recruiting agencies:

1) Physical Address and Contact Information

Authentic hiring companies have a physical location, a phone number, and an email address. They make it simple for job searchers to reach them by being open and honest about their location and contact information.

2) Professional Certifications and Memberships

Credible staffing firms are certified by trade associations such as the Association of Personnel Services (APSO) or the South African Recruitment Association (SARA). Additionally, they could be a part of associations for professionals such as the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

3) Clear Website and Online Appearance 

Reputable organizations have a beautifully designed website that describes their offerings in detail, including terms and conditions. Along with their active social media profiles and glowing testimonials from previous customers and job seekers, they also have a strong internet presence.

4) No Initial Fees:

Credible employment agencies never demand advance payments from prospective candidates. Employers who pay for their services are the customers who give them their fees.

5) Transparency and Communication

Legit staffing companies are open and honest in their communication with job seekers on the hiring procedure, job specifications, and expectations. They provide prompt responses and keep job searchers updated throughout the procedure.

6) Specialization and Expertise

To demonstrate competence and understanding in specific areas, many authentic recruiting firms focus on certain sectors of the economy or career positions.

7) Compliance with Labor Laws

They ensure to adhere to labor laws and regulations, with fair labor practices and equal opportunities for all applicants.

8) Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Legit staffing firms have been proven successful and credible due to their outstanding evaluations and reviews received from happy customers and job seekers.

Few Legitimate Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

Below are some genuine staffing companies you can trust in Johannesburg:

Tips for Applicants Seeking For Jobs Through Staffing Companies 

  • Avoid paying to get a job
  • Never send out personal data or money to someone you don’t know
  • Don’t trust firms that promise guaranteed jobs or too good-to-be-true salaries
  • Never believe staffing companies that pressure you to decide on the spur of the moment 
  • Take your time and carry out your research.
  • Lastly, trust your instincts


In summary, while it could be difficult to find a job, it can be pathetic to fall for a fraudulent recruiting firm. However, one sure way to stay out of their trap is by researching and being aware of these scams. 

Ultimately, trust your guts and above all never forget that anything is most likely too good to be true, is what you think it is. 

Good luck in your job application process and keep remember to stay safe!



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