Top 12 International Student Recruitment Agencies

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If you wish to study abroad, you need to read this article to the end. The top international student recruitment agencies in the UK and other top international institutions.

Studying abroad is a dream almost every student desires, especially, studying in universities in the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

While this desire is so much cherished by many, you would agree with me that the chances of getting admission slots in these universities do not come by without a hassle. Hence, the need for international student recruitment agencies.

Meanwhile, the stress and challenges faced during the application process for these opportunities do not end with prospective students alone. Believe me, even staffs in prestigious institutions have their share of stress. This happens in the admission and intense screening process and others. 

The button line is, both institutions and students need the help of an international student recruitment agency. These agencies make the application process easy by:

  • Assisting in the screening process
  • Helping students meet the admission requirements
  • Assist students settle issues regarding accommodation 
  • Help students settle down in the desired country once admission is granted.

Overall, recruitment agencies connect educators to qualified students.

In this article, we will explore the top 15 international student recruitment agencies in the US to help you have a seamless application process for your dream school.  

Top 12 International Student Recruitment Agencies

Because student recruitment agencies play important roles in facilitating the process of admission abroad, in this section, we have listed the top international student recruitment agencies operating in different parts of the world.

The top 12 international student agencies for students and educators can patronize are: 

  1. Keystone Academic Solutions
  2. Studyportals
  3. Bridge Education Group
  4. Studyco
  5. Only Student Recruitment
  6. University Agent Network
  7. Neuron Educare
  8. VIEC
  9. Apply Uni
  10. Zain Global
  11. Terra Dotta
  12. Bossa Cossa

Let’s look at each of these agencies to know what makes them special and if you should consider any for your prospective admission process. 

1. Keystone Academic Solutions

The first on our list of the top international student recruitment agencies is Keystone Academic Solutions. Keystone academic solutions, formally known as Master studies marketing group, is an expat recruitment agency that provides support for universities seeking new and talented students all over the world. 

Moreso, they help universities to target their student reach, by providing data on students’ enquiries and converting these enquiries into enrollment.

Additionally, Keystone is a reliable and trusted agency with thousands of positive reviews. Over the years, they have assisted thousands of qualified students by connecting them to their dream institutions while saving the time and process for major institutions. 

Also, keystone provides dedicated pages for undergraduates, postgraduates and online education programs. This makes Keystone one of the best choices for both institutions seeking a seamless admission process and students seeking international study opportunities.

2. Studyportals

With studyportals, aspiring students seeking to explore a better and higher level of education can access global international educational facilities. This platform enables students to compare their options across all borders while providing them with the best programs according to the set qualification.

Also, for educators, the study portals platform offers a result-driven channel that enables universities to market their facilities by providing a global audience of diverse student population hence, facilitating international student recruitment 

3. International Student Recruitment Agencies: Smart Move Education

Smart move education group is another great international student recruitment agency that helps connect prospective students to desired international institutions. 

The Smart Move Education agency is a student recruitment consultancy offering support to students seeking admission abroad, especially in the UK. 

Also, they assist students in course selection and institution type and offer a step-by-step guide to the admission application process. They also help students seek the best services for their personal statement letters. 

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Additionally, Smart Move Education provides student finance application support for Home & EU Students. This makes smart move education agencies one of the best to partner with both educators and students. 

4. Studyco

Studyco is a great recruitment site for both educators seeking qualified talents for their institution, students seeking the best institution for study abroad. This platform provides recruitment services to universities in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, and Canada. One reason Studyco stands out amongst others is because of the simplicity in navigating the platform. 

Additionally, studyco offers hands-on assistance to students who employ their services for admission processes. These services include assisting students make the right choice of university, putting them through the admission process, visa requirement process and general travel requirements.

Also, for educators, Studyco takes care of the core admission and onboarding processes while universities do the final approval.

5. International Student Recruitment Agencies: Only Student Recruitment

Only student recruitment is also one of the top international student recruitment agencies you will find. They help universities and colleges recruit students from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. 

More so, the services provided by this agency are streamlined to educational institutions. They assist these institutions in acquiring international students through campaigns which involves data-driven websites, student fairs, social media outreaches and even traditional advertising. 

6. University Agent Network

Here is another site connecting students, educators and education consults across the world with over 18 years of offering quality study abroad services. 

Over the years, UAN has contributed to over 10000 students, 50 Educators and 800 consultants. UAN also STUDY ABROAD APPLICATION MANAGER, offers top-notch services that cover; Pre-screening applications, screening for admission prerequisites, free agent training and lots more. 

Moreso, the university agent network operates an automated application and screening process which makes selection of qualified students easy and without bias. 

Additionally, with the strategic use of e-marketing facilities, UNA employs a unique way of marketing education in different countries which increases students selection from around the world. This agency makes student recruitment easy with the technologies they have in place.

7. International Student Recruitment Agencies: Neuron Educare

The Neuron Educare is also one of the top examples of international student recruitment agencies for top educators and students. They are one of the top rising student recruiting partner organizations in the UK. 

Also, this agency offers services across universities and colleges in the UK, United States and Canada and are making their way into the heart of Australia and Africa. For further enquiries kindly check the official page to know more.


Viec is another great choice for top international student recruitment agencies recruiting students in Australia, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, some parts of Europe and New Zealand. 

You should know that Viec is a great recruitment agency for institutions seeking customized marketing of leads. They provide education fairs as part of their offers to help institutions promote their competence and admission outsourcing. 

Also, students seeking international study opportunities can employ the services of the Viec agency for smooth admission outsourcing. Viec offers free consultation services to students, helps them address admission queries and helps them through the entire admission process. 

They work with you until you settle into your chosen university. Viec is present in Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and the Philippines.

9. Apply Uni

Apply uni offers support to both undergraduate, master and postgraduate local and international students looking to study in the UK. Their offer includes free in-person or over-the-phone calls on consultations, advice on the best ways to fill out your application letters, visa application procedures and other requirements. 

10. Zain Global

Zain Global is another top international student recruitment agency based in the UK. Established in 2012 with a backing certification by the British Council as a global recruitment agent. Like other student recruitment agencies, Zain Global offers top-notch support to students before and after the admission process.

Hence with over 12 years of global operations and a high rate of successful admission process guaranteed, Zain Global is a great option for students seeking international education experience.

11. International Student Recruitment Agencies: Terra Dotta

Terra Dotta uses an automated admission process and a robust data management system to assist institutions in their student recruitment process. Also, Tarra agency provides a suitable environment for students to make enquiries about their choice institution while ensuring all onboarded get the best experience. This makes Terra Dotta a go-to agency when considering an international institution to study. 

12. Bossa Cossa

Last on our list, is Bossa Cossa. This is another student recruitment agency but specific to Chinese students. Bossa Cossa recruitment agency helps in the recruitment of Chinese students to international institutions abroad. 

Bossa performs this by matching the information of qualified Chinese students to the institution of choice. However depends on the information provided by the institution. 

To achieve this, Bossa Cossa has a consultation platform that sets the necessities in place. This includes financial advisory services, international student insurance and foreign legal advisory amongst others.


1. How do I Become an International Student Recruitment Agent in the USA?

To become an international student recruiter or recruitment officer, you need to have a higher degree. A bachelor’s degree is a plus. Although, you don’t need to study a particular course. The most important thing is that you have the experience and know your job role description.

2. How much Does an International Student Recruitment Officer Earn?

According to the data by, the average student recruitment officer salary in Canada is £29,741 per year or £15.25 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £26,465 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £36,315 per year.

3. What is the Role of Agents in International Student Recruitment?

The role of an agent in international student recruitment is to ‌connect students to their choice institution. Most agents working with registered agencies can serve the role of providing basic guidelines for the application process and admission prerequisite. 

4. What is the Best UK Agency for International Students?

There are so many agencies operating in the UK, however, amongst all others, SI-UK is a global education agency owned and managed by the UK. They offer support to UK students wherever they are in the world.

Conclusion on International Student Recruitment Agencies

International student recruitment agencies help bridge the gap between students and their dream universities. They make it easier for institutions to connect with the right talents from around the world. While saving them the trouble of going through the rigorous process of admission and rejection.

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