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When writing your Statement of Purpose for Masters in Public Health; it is pertinent to present your intellectual and career achievements, skills in a way that shows that you’re a suitable candidate for the program. It is important to include only the relevant information that will increase your chances of being accepted when writing a Statement of Purpose for Masters in Public Health. This sample will guide you on how to approach your statement.

Racism is a public health crisis.

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Statement of Purpose for Masters in Public Health (MPH)

During my early school days, I was one of those who received the “bookworm” tag from my fellow students, because I could trade anything just to sit with a book. I spent most of my teenage years questioning existence with the zeal to understand life and living things. What caused the big bang, how have we survived this long as a species, and built a structure to sustain our existence? These were some of the questions that I constantly sought answers to. Indeed, due to my inquisitiveness, biology became my favourite subject as it gave me the opportunity to understand the origin, growth, structure, and function of living creatures.

After completing my secondary education, I applied for the degree program in Microbiology at Imo State University – one of the renowned state universities in Nigeria. For 4 years, I was engaged in intense academic work, learning about living organisms while also gaining exposure to complementary disciplines like immunology. My attendance at immunology classes was an eye-opener, it developed my interest in diseases and how our immune system protects us from them. Immediately after my university education, I took an offer as a Biology Teacher. As I had to deal with over 50 students daily, I cultivated time management, communication, research, and leadership skills especially as my duties were not only restricted to classroom teaching; rather they encompassed conducting laboratory experiments, field trips, educational conferences and symposiums to encourage development within the teachers and students.

My teaching experience was brought to a halt when I was deployed to serve my country under the mandatory national youth service developed for Nigerian youths that had completed their tertiary education. During my service year, I worked with the UNICEF Peer Educator on HIV and Aids in Kano State – one of the northern states in Nigeria. While working with experienced health practitioners, I came to understand how the knowledge of basic healthcare and access to medical facilities played a huge role in the overall health conditions of people. I got retained to work with the UNICEF Peer Education HIV Team after completing my one-year mandatory service, but I had to leave after a year because my family was not comfortable with the security situation in northern Nigeria.

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I eventually got a bank job, and during my safety and medical orientation induction, I volunteered to join the Emergency Welfare/Medical Team of the bank. Through this position, together with a few other colleagues, we were tasked with the responsibility of looking out for the health and welfare of other workers. It didn’t take long for me to realize my interest in health management, and observing the amount of attention I give to other people’s health needs, I was forced to have a rethink my future in the corporate environment. I realized that for a long I have had deviated from my area of strength and purpose, this made me redefine my path, and intentionally hunted for a job in the position of health promoter. Now, as a Health Promoter, I have recognized that I can combine this experience with my academic background in Microbiology and the skills gained from field works with the UNICEF team to pursue a career in Public Health.

I am interested in a master study in Public Health, because I want to gain deeper insight into the health behaviour of people, and how to support policies and campaigns that provide easy healthcare access.

Seeing that this program was designed to cater for students with and without a prior academic background in public health, I believe the teaching method will help me understand even the seemingly complex public health concepts. Secondly, going through the program modules, the University of Wolverhampton offers modules that rightly speak to my interest including; assessing the health need of populations, health protection and health Improvement, and social perspectives on health. Thirdly, though I will be funding myself for this program, I also look forward to capitalizing on the funding assistance that is available for this program to lessen my financial responsibilities for this program.

Conclusively, my undergraduate degree has given me the foundation to excel in this course. As a Health Promotion Officer, I look forward to gaining more knowledge that will aid me to improve on my approach to health issues while initiating campaigns that will help promote the knowledge of basic healthcare and avert preventable health concerns. In the nearest future, I see myself as a Public Health Practitioner partnering with other skilled professionals to provide healthcare to people of all ages in Africa.

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