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A well-composed letter of intent serves as your pitch to the admission committee. It helps you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be.  It is important to put together a good MBET letter of intent. This is with bias to international students seeking admission into one of the universities that offer masters in business and technology courses.

This sample of the MBET letter of intent will guide you on how to approach your statement especially if you are writing to universities like the University of Waterloo that only allows a maximum of 500.

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Universities to Study for a Masters in Business and Technology

  1. University of Waterloo
  2. University of Strathclyde Glasgow
  3. Saint Mary’s University
  4. University of Reading
  5. University of Sunderland
  6. Ulster University
  7. University of Georgia
  8. Vrije University Brussel

500 Words MBET Letter of Intent Sample

MBET Letter of Intent Sample PNG
MBET Letter of Intent Sample

Name and Surname

Contact details

5th November, 2021

University of Waterloo,

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs,

200 University Avenue West,

Waterloo, ON, Canada N2L 3G1.

Dear admissions committee,

Letter of Intent for Masters in Business Entrepreneurship Technology

My passion for business and entrepreneurship has influenced most of my life choices; it has helped determine the type of friends I keep, my academic path, skills I learn, communities I join, and the books I read. I’m always looking for the latest trends in the business world and I never get tired of engaging in any conversation that is centred on business. I hold a National Diploma in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. My academic training alongside working experience has given me valuable experiences that have helped me develop refined business competencies that are applicable in the real business world.

After 10 years of paid employment covering job roles in sales, marketing, and trade development across banking, petroleum, and fast-moving consumer goods industries, I decided to venture into entrepreneurship by pioneering the establishment of a Sales and Marketing company operating in the Importation industry.

Though a combination of qualities has helped me to succeed in my entrepreneurial journey including; knowledge of marketing, administration, resilience, leadership, strategic planning, I however owe a better share of my success to my undying hunger for improved understanding and knowledge of the things I indulge in. So, even if I can say that I have enjoyed growth in my company moving from three (3) employees to fifteen 15 permanent staff, I still understand that the chances of my company maintaining relevance over time in our fast-changing business environment depends on our ability to continually grow and innovate through different growth stages. And, it is with this knowledge that I wish to increase my depth of understanding with newer information from an advanced learning institution in the area of business and entrepreneurship. I desire to gather the knowledge and skills needed to manage the growth of an emerging company in the Nigerian and African markets.

I find the MBET program of the University of Waterloo advantageous because coupled with the knowledge I would have gained from an MBA, I would gain practical training that will address the technological advancements in the business world and how I can position my company to utilize them. Course modules such as Managing Technological Innovation (BET 607), Applied Business Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs (BET 600), Strategically Managing the Entrepreneurial Organization (BET 601), and Entrepreneurial Finance for the Technology-based Enterprise (BET 603) will prepare me specifically to manage business growth by incorporating tech-based innovations in my future business endeavours.

My previous academic result is a representation of my dedication and capabilities as a student. I believe I have what it takes to excel in this program. If offered the opportunity to enrol for this program, it’ll offer me the depth to foster growth in my company while utilizing the latest technologies and techniques. I look forward to your consideration.


Name and Surname

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