How to Get a Job in Human Resources as a Fresh Graduate

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Generally, finding your dream job in human resources can be challenging, especially if you do not have any prior skills or experience. As a fresh graduate, searching for jobs in HR can be even more difficult. However, it is not impossible to get a job in human resources as a fresh graduate. 

More so, one of the best opportunities that can be offered to a fresh graduate looking for a job in human resources with no experience, is an entry-level job. However, having top skills and experience will provide you with more access to higher opportunities.

Therefore, this article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get a job in human resources as a fresh graduate. 

What is Human Resources?

Human Resources is a set of people who make up the workforce of an organization, economy, industry, and business sector. The main concept is human capital, the skills and knowledge that the individual commands. The role of a human resource manager is to recruit, interview, and employ new talents. Also, there are several roles in the human resource department for fresh graduates, including graduate trainees, human resource officers, and more.

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How to Get a Job in Human Resources as a Fresh Graduate

Below is a guide on how to get a job in human resources as a fresh graduate:

1.       Look For Internships

Having internship experience is very valuable. So, before completing your degree, it is advisable to search for internship opportunities offered through your school to gain more hands-on experience and skills. 

Most internships being offered are unpaid, but it does not matter. What matters the most is the benefits and opportunities it will provide you in the long run. 

When you get internships, you will most likely gain valuable experience that can help you better and give you more experience concerning the Human Resources field. This can also provide you with some great connections in the industry that can help you get different job offers in the future. 

Almost all high-level positions in human resources require applicants to complete internships. It is as important as getting a degree in Human Resources. Moreover, employers often hire a candidate who has more experience in the Human Resources field, as well as a candidate with a degree.

2.       Build a Network

Building a network can help you connect with potential employers as a fresh graduate searching for a job in human resources. You can build a network through social media platforms by joining different Human Resources organizations, associations, and community groups. 

Try as much as possible to look for people in the Human Resources field to form a better connection with them in terms of their work, experience, and skills. Working in the Human Resources industry is more like working directly with people. So, ensure to spend time building a strong network with professional people. 

Additionally, another best way of exploring your network includes connecting with your old colleagues and professors, who have connections in the human resources field. Also, contact alumni of your past education programs who are working in the Human Resources industry as they might have some job positions that you may be interested in working on. 

A great platform that can be recommended for networking is LinkedIn.  LinkedInis a great channel that can provide you with good connections for your audience.

3.       Get Certified

As a fresh graduate searching for a job in the Human Resources, becoming certified can show your professional experience. It can also show your degree in a specific area of Human Resources. 

There are some certifications that are highly qualified, respected, and recognized among Human Resources professionals. Some of the certifications for Human Resources professionals include The Society For Human Resources Management (SHRM), Professional In Human Resources (PHR), Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Professional In Learning And Performance (CPLP), and others.

In order to earn some of these certifications, you must first participate in the examination process that will determine your skills, knowledge, and understanding.

4.       Work On Your Resume

Normally, before applying for any job, it is crucial that you have to update your resume with new skills or experience that has recently been acquired relevant to the Human Resources field. 

You need to point out some skills that have been gained. Even, if you have no experience, it does not matter. As a fresh graduate, you can also update your resume with volunteer activities, work-study, and even class work performance you have done while in school relevant to HR. Also, you can include other work experience that will showcase you as the best fit for a job in Human Resources. 

Also, do not forget to include extracurricular activities that you have experienced during your time in school. Where necessary, address specific knowledge, including both classroom and life experience that has given you the education that led you to apply for the job. Choose a nice format that emphasizes work history while working on your resume. 

5.       Consider Human Resources Opportunities In Small Businesses

Considering Human Resources opportunities in small businesses will most likely help you look for jobs in small businesses.

The HR department has a vast career path that will help you strengthen your experience in personal development and improve your skills in the business environment. 

However, most small businesses offer various opportunities that are open for candidates who are willing to take part in several jobs. To consider this factor in small businesses, you must have the free will to sell your experience in IT, bookkeeping, or accounting. There is always an opportunity for fresh HR graduates in these categories.

Human Resources management is linked with every basic function of an employee’s life cycle with the company including reviewing raises and promotions, conducting exit interviews, hiring, on-boarding, and processing payroll and benefits. So, consider applying extensively.

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6.       Volunteer Your Time

One way to get a job in human resources as a fresh graduate is you volunteering for nonprofit organizations and supporting their Human Resources Development. This will help you gain more experience in your field. 

So, when you are updating your resume you can include your volunteering experience as well. It is valuable and helpful on your resume. 

Volunteering your time and effort to a nonprofit organization will help you develop your skills in the future, the company might pay you, and some might not. This should not bother you at all, but you should focus more on the goal you are trying to accomplish in the organization for long-term success. 

Therefore, search for volunteer opportunities. You can do more research online that concerns what you are looking for exactly.

7. Develop Your Communication Skills

Building your communication skills is crucial before working in the Human Resources industry. As an aspiring Human Resources worker, it is vital to understand that people have different means of communicating. 

Some people may like you to be more direct when communicating while some prefer you to be more thoughtful when communicating.

To carry out performance reviews the job may require you to communicate clear information professionally. It is vital that you learn more languages and communication skills because there are many communications that won’t happen in person. 

However, most of the time, you will need to communicate clearly through video calls and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, which will require you to be more direct when communicating. 

Therefore, try to practice your proofreading and writing skills to ensure a tactful email is easy to read and understand.

8.       Look For the Right Job

Searching for Human Resources jobs on an online job site as a fresh graduate is very important especially when you are looking for a new position in the industry. Also visit industry-specific websites, like the Society for Human Resources Management’s job site. 

Ensure to focus your search on Human Resources positions with a title like “graduate Human Resources jobs” to find the perfect job you are qualified for. In case, you are looking for more ways to gain experience, it is better to consider internships. 

While searching for jobs, you can reach out to the professional people you met during your networking to tell them you are searching for a job as a fresh graduate. Some might have a better position for you in their Human Resources company, while some could connect you with people who have experience in the field. 

9.       Be Proactive

One way to get a job in human resources as a fresh graduate is to be proactive. If you wondering how being proactive helps in the Human Resources field, this is it. It helps employees to improve their engagement and clarify roles, while also helping create a consistent and well-rounded working process. Pro-activeness also helps employees save money, time, and effort by providing solutions to problems before they arise. 

Most companies always look forward to hiring proactive individuals who are capable of creating Human Resources policies from the bottom. 

10.       Improve Your Soft Skills

One way to get a job in human resources as a fresh graduate is to improve your soft skills. As a fresh graduate, it is crucial to build your soft skills and develop a good polite attitude in the workplace. 

To improve your soft skills, you need to improve on the soft skills you are currently lacking and where you need to focus on. Therefore, it is essential that you have soft skills, such as a good work ethic, critical thinking, empathy, adaptability, organization, leadership, and teamwork.

These soft skills are transferable and can be applied in many aspects. The soft skills that you need in the Human Resources field can also be developed in a variety of ways in the workplace. 

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Getting a job as a fresh graduate can be challenging. However, most of the time it does not matter if you have any experience or not in the human resources industry. It depends on the position you are applying for. That is why it is very advisable to consider internships. Nonetheless, this article has provided insight and guidance on how you can get a job as a fresh graduate in the Human Resources industry. We hope they serve as a guide.


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