How to Become an Android Developer in Nigeria 2023?

How to Become an Android Developer in Nigeria : A blogger system

Are you in search of a lucrative and evolving field in the tech space? If yes, you should consider becoming an android developer. Find out How to Become an Android Developer in Nigeria as you read through

A deep knowledge and practical skill in mobile  app development, especially Android development has the potential of attracting high paying job opportunities in different fields. 

According to, the android operating system had a market share of 24.46%  in the US alone and a 72.19% market share worldwide as of 2021. This indicates the lucrative market for mobile app developers, precisely, the android development specialists.

Interestingly, Android development is not only a thing in Nigeria, As per figures from, in 2021, there were 26.9 million software developers worldwide, with a proposed  growth to 27.7 million in 2023 and 28.7 million in 2024. This is no surprise as the 

However, due to the struggle of  some young techies in the field and the confusion on how to get started in this great field, many newbies leave the mobile app development field for other tech spaces like frontend and backend development, leaving the android development field to a few who dare to strive.

But, we believe anyone can excel in the mobile app development field with a strong passion and self-discipline. If this is you, join us as we discuss the steps to become an android developer in Nigeria. 

We will address the basic  skills you need, the best platforms to get trained, how much to expect as an average android developer. Lastly, we will discuss how to get your first job as an android developer. But first, who is an android developer?

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What is an Android Developer?

We won’t bore you with much  technical jargon. In the most simple terms, Android developers are software professionals who specialize in building, texting and running special programs or applications called apps, on Android devices such as Google’s Android and Samsung devices.

The major role of an android developer, aside from the technical intricacies that deal with codes, is to ensure seamless interaction with apps on android devices. 

They do this, by running different codes (Programming), conducting a series of testing and Implementing the best app with perfect user experience.

How Long does it take to Become an Android Developer?

There is no existing rule for this. How long it takes to develop and master the skill of Android development depends on how much time you are willing to give in, your previous tech experience, available budget and learning system.

However, on average, becoming a proficient android developer may take as little as three months or as much as four years. But, with the availability of resources and free training sites, like Simplilearn, YouTube, you can learn as much as you are open to.

But note, your ability to land a job depends on how much practical knowledge you can prove. So, mastering this skill requires you to be more practical than theoretical. 

What do Android Developers do?

Although we’ve covered a glimpse of some common responsibilities of Android developers, it’s important you understand the common day to day duties and job responsibilities of an android developer if you are intending to be one

So, what exactly does an Android developer do? The truth is, the duties of an android software developer aren’t fixed to a particular field. You may choose your desired area of expertise based on your area of specialization. 

However, your common duties regardless of your area of expertise depends on the company you are working with, including size, finance and other technical factors.

Below, we have outlined the common general duties of an android developer as is found across several platforms.

1. App Functionality and UI Design 

You’ll be responsible for writing programming codes, creating a responsive and appealing site architecture. Additionally, your success in this role also lies in your ability to identify possible bugs that could affect the functionality of your design and taking proactive steps to avoid them.

2. User Interface (UI) Design 

As part of ensuring seamless user experience, aside from writing and running codes, it is also your duty as an android developer to design the user interface of mobile apps. You will achieve this by creating designs that are visually appealing with easy to navigate layouts. So, having a good sense of design and the knowledge of interpreting human expectations and preferences is a plus.

3. Testing and Debugging 

This is another great duty of an android developer. You should be able to identify codes that are working and implement the right debunking strategy to maintain smooth operation. 

To do this, android developers make it a point of duty to identify software bugs and fix them to save the app function from crashing by conducting user and unit texting.

Generally, android developers work with other software engineers to ensure Quality Assurance (QA)in all mobile production.

4. Integration of Databases and APIs

To work efficiently, you will be  required to work with external source databases and application programming interfaces (APIs) to fetch, store and use data. These systems help you create and execute an easy to use  to ensure easy use  app interfaces

In perspective, to excel as an android developer, you must be skilled in dealing with third – party code since you will often work in collaboration with other software developers for an enhanced production. We will talk about this much later 

5. Collaboration with other Team Members

Android developers, like other tech fields, do not work in isolation. To ensure the best results in terms of improved user experience, well-thought app architecture and a seamless interface, android developers work with designers, project managers and other team members. 

Hence, posing a good communication skill and team spirit building  is a great tool to progress in this field. 

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What are the Best Websites to Learn Android Development?

As established, Android is no doubt the most-used operating system in the world. This explains the reason why there is a high demand for Android developers. If you are interested in learning Android development, and you are sure you’ve got what it takes to explore this career option, you need a good standing and comes with learning with the best platform.

Top platforms or websites to learn Android development:

  1. Android Developers:they offer free courses, and the website is ideal for beginners, intermediate and mid level professionals.
  2. Udemy: Udemy offers Some free courses but basic packages are paid for.
  1. Udacity: Udacity offers  plenty of courses and nano-degrees related to technology. They also offered some free and paid Android development courses. 
  2. Vogella: offers  text and image-based tutorials, best if you are not a fan of many videos. First you get to learn about  Kotlin and Android Studio – the very beginning , then it takes you way up to the more complex part. 
  3. Envato Tuts+: if you want to learn some tricks to improve on your designing, this is the best platform for you.

Other popular websites include:

  • Great Learning
  • Tutorials Point
  • JavaTPoint
  • W3Schools
  • Geeks for Geeks
CV writing services
CV writing services

Important Technical Android Developer Skills for Beginners

As a beginner in the tech space with aspirations of If  becoming an Android developer, there are different skill sets you should possess. 

Let’s take a look at these technical skills for android developers:

1. Expertise in Java, Kotlin or Both

You should have an extensive knowledge of at least one of these android development (Java or Kotlin). This forms the basics of your programming foundation. You should be able to write and read correctly with these codes or not. 

Java book

Knowing java is not enough, you should also have a practical knowledge of the java book  syntax and structure works. You should be able to apply this knowledge into 

  • Object-oriented fundamentals (e.g. inheritance, class, and static methods)
  • Loops
  • Variables
  • Lists

To master different language path in you learning journey with java, consider using JDK documentation 

2. Understand Android SDK Concepts

Furthermore, it is also important for you to master the use of  Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK). 

To master this, you should take due note of the views groups, here are several areas you should be aware of:

  • Effective ways to get and store data from the web
  • Be able to create  apps  that will adopt to different screen sizes
  • Also be familiar with Android documentation and different third-party resources that will help you quickly master any parts of SDK that are still unknown to you.

3. SQL Database Skills

To improve your chances of getting a highly paid job as an android developer, you should understand how to apply SQL. 

Since all android devices must store and process data in the most responsive design. Hence, understanding the  proper application of this SQL data management system is a plus on your side.

4. Knowledge of Git

Not all Android developers possess this skill. You can call it secondary but then, having a basic knowledge of Git like how to commit changes or how to use repositories. This is because, you may be required in your company to operate some version control tool and this knowledge would save you eventually.

5. Know  XML Basics (Extensible Markup Language)

The XML is majorly used in the development of web solutions.

However, since XML is used to gain easy access to web data, it forms a major part of Android app development —- As android apps generally require the transfer of data from the app to the web. As such,this is a must-have skill for any android developer. 

6. Know Basic Material Design Guidelines

Understand the elements that make up basic design in apps such as shades, element placement, colors and transition. This is a basic skill every android developer must possess. Creating an app that aligns with the set material design principles does not only enhance better user experience, It also most importantly allows for seamless publishing to Google play store app. 

7. Backend Programming Skills

Have basic knowledge and applicable insights on basic programming languages  (Python, PHP, Java, Node.js, .Net, etc). Other field you should consider are;

  • Understand Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of APIs

How to Become an Android Developer in Nigeria

You can become an android developer even without having a bachelor’s degree in the course. If you have the passion to learn and patience to practice with consistency, you can become the best in your field. Below let’s take a look at the process of becoming an android developer:

  • Passion and Drive: You should be able to define your passion. Why do you desire to pursue a field in Tech as an android developer. If you are able to define your passion, and your motivation, this would help you stay focused and not get distracted and frustrated along the lie
  • Education Qualification: Although you can pick up the android developer choice even though you do not have a bachelor’s degree. However, a bachelor or master degree or diploma in computer engineering, computer science or a related subject, offers you with a better advantaga.In place of these educational qualifications or degrees, you can as well take up paid or free certified training with the websites already listed in this above.
  • Learn and master the basic skills for android developers e.g SQL, XML, Java
  • Get familiar with Android Software Development & Android Studio
  • Practice, Practice: The only way to get perfect with android development is practice. Text your knowledge, make mistakes and learn more in the process 
  • Seek for internship opportunities or voluntary jobs to get more practical hands-on knowledge. You can find these opportunities on platforms such as linkedin, Freelancer and other job search platforms like, and Glassdoor

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How to Get Android Developer Job in Nigeria

One easy way to get a job as an android developer is freelancing. Freelance means working for different companies at your own pace and time. This offers great benefits because it gives you time to take up multiple projects from different companies while making more for yourself.

There are different freelancing platforms out there where you can work. A good number of them are free, but to access the top features, you have to subscribe for a little fee. Notwithstanding, these platforms are very easy to navigate. Once you create your profile, you would be required to fill up your experiences or upload your resume. 

Top freelancing website to get an Android Developer in Nigeria:

Other website offering full-time job:

These are just a few examples of website and job board listing sites you can find full time job listings for android developers.

Top Courses for Learning Android App Development

If you are confused or in doubt about what course to get started with, here is a quick list to help you get started.

  1.  Android App Development – Coursera Specialization
  2. Learn to Code in Kotlin by Building an Android App – Mammoth Interactive
  3. Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers – Udemy
  4. Android Basics by Google – Udacity
  5. Learn the Basics of Android – Codecademy
  6. Complete Java Masterclass – Become an Android App Developer – Mammoth Interactive

These are just a few examples of some beginner courses you can take to get started with android.

How Much Do Android Developers Make?

How much an android developer earns depends on the individual’s level of expertise and skills, the size and location of the company and most importantly the country. 

According to SalaryExplorer, the average monthly salary of an android developer in Nigeria is 305,000 NGN, culminating to  3,660,000 NGN yearly.  However, they may earn as low as 162,000 NGN, an AVERAGE 305,000 NGN  and most times as HIGH as 463,000 NGN. 

Moreover, these all depend on the nature of the job, the duration and other factors such as company size and budget. Moreover, Most Android developers in Nigeria do not work for Nigerian based companies. Some work with international clients hence earn even higher than most nigerian based workers. 


As an android developer your job entails understanding and implementing the best code metrics to develop a seamless app interface for both mobile and desktop users. This is an interesting career path for anyone looking to explore tech careers in an evolving field. Although the tech industry like every other is saturated with top professionals, mastering the essential skills as android developers can open opportunities for growth.

With the high demand for android developers, anyone, even you, can find your feet in the industry. Moreover, it is important to know that, to grow and excel in any field requires perseverance and strategic planning, the same applies for a  career in android development.

If you are motivated by passion and the quest to create cutting edge applications in the mobile app development field, then this is a field you can try.

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