10 Best U.S. Government Jobs Search Sites in 2024

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Top Government Jobs Search Sites in the US – Do you seek to be a part of a secured workforce and enjoy several parks in the US? If yes, then you should consider working with either the federal, state or local government in the United states.

According to the Congressional Research Service’s study, the workforce of the federal government in the US contains approximately two million civilian workers. And, the good part is, more qualified applicants are accepted into the government workforce of the United States every year. 

So, whether you are in the professional field seeking a U.S.  government job or you are in the diverse skill sector, There are several open job roles you could choose from.

Although, one of the challenges many job seekers face when searching for job opportunities is the problem of not receiving timely information. Most of these government job vacancies may not be announced in public channels, hence the problem of hearing about the job role only when it has already been filled up. 

However, this won’t be the case if you have your notification turned on on a reputable job search site.  This way, you don’t get to miss out on offers like this when they come.

Several authorized job search sites in the UK help you keep track of government job listings in the US. These sites offer several benefits to job seekers. And, one of the most important advantages is that they give you free and open access to recent job listings that fit your skill sets. 

On this note, we have compiled this list of the Top 15 Government Jobs Search Sites in the US to save you the stress of searching the internet endlessly.

10 Top Government Jobs Search Sites in the US 

Here are the top 11 government job search sites in the US

  2. Political Job Hunt
  3. Careers in Government
  4. Roll Call Jobs
  5. CareerOneStop
  6. ICMA.org
  7. Idealist
  8. PublicServiceCareers.org
  9. Administration JOBS
  10. GovtJobs


Top on our list as the top government job search site in the US is USAJOBS. The USAJOBS website is the official employment site of the US Federal government. This website serves thousands of job seekers across the country including institutions and the federal government. 

The USAJOBs website provides over 14,000 job vacancies at every given time. These job vacancies range from internships, to volunteer jobs and other opportunities for veterans. Little wonder why it attracts so much traffic from job seekers and hiring managers.

USAJOBs platform is very easy to navigate. To freely navigate the website, all you need to do is create an account which is usually free, then you create your profile for easy search. 

Although, you can search for jobs without having an account with the platform. More so, setting up an account with the platform gives you access to top features such as real-time notification whenever job vacancies are available.

2. Political Job Hunt

Political job hunts is also one of the top government jobs search sites to search for government jobs in the US. This website provides a large number of politically centered-jobs across different levels and categories. 

Another interesting fact about the political job hunt is its collaboration with other job search sites for recent job postings. That is, it pulls out government job vacancies from LinkedIn and ZipRecruter for a vast job search. 

Therefore, most times while applying for a particular role, you may be redirected to these other sites to process and complete your application. However, setting up your account or applying for any job role that fits your interest does not take up much time. Political job hunting provides easy access to government jobs.

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CV writing services

3. Careers in Government

Careers in Government Is another great Government Job search site in the U.S. and is considered one of the largest too. As with other job searches, it offers thousands of job opportunities with unique features. 

With the Careers in Government website, you can search for jobs using the name of the employer you seek to work with.  To do this, access the list of government and public sector employers and feather your search till you find what you need. 

Also, with the Careers in Government job search, you can search for jobs by city, state, and category. However, to access this job search for government jobs in the U. S, you need to create a profile address. i.e. register your details first. You can either do this by providing your email address or linking your LinkedIn account to the profile. 

Furthermore, creating an account with the careers in government website allows you to upload your resume and have free access to different resources. These resources include salary range, qualifications and requirements, employer journey or profile and more. Also, the site provides free articles on interview tips and job descriptions. 

4. Roll Call Jobs

With Roll Call Jobs, you have access to more than 3,600 institutions across public affairs and government-related positions in the United States. According to the reveal by careerhire.com, the Roll call jobs contain a wide database of over 8,800 resumes. This means that over 16,800 job seekers use the RC jobs site for monthly job searches.

You can search for open jobs without creating an account. However, setting up a profile with the site like others gives you access to top features. Such as uploading your resume, updating your recent job ad career achievement and creating job alerts.  This keeps you updated with the latest government jobs in the U.S

5. CareerOneStop

CareerOneStop sponsored by the US Department of Labor is one of the best options for U.S government  job search and career training, hence one of the best Government Jobs Search Sites in the U.S. It offers the best of both worlds. Also, it contains a unique feature called job banks. Here you can access open government positions online and proceed with your application. Additionally, the CareerOneStop job site lists jobs from different categories, levels and locations.

Also, one other reason why the CareerOneStop job site is so popular for government jobs in the U.S. is that it provides a special tool that helps veterans and military who wish to transition into civilian jobs find the right resources to make that possible. 

Hence, the CareerOneStop website is an incredible site for not just job search, but also a place to gain more insight about career growth and transition. Those who use this job search site also enjoy free tips in the form of blog posts where they get to learn about interview tips and other resources for career success.

6. ICMA.org

If you seek a job search site with optimized features and a systematic database offering a streamlined search interface, the ICMA.org, or International City/County Management Association is your best bet. It offers up-to-date postings of available jobs in the local government. These jobs range from levels and cover various categories. Using the filters allows you to streamline your search down to your location, job type, salary expectations and location.

Furthermore, another ICMA.org website offers a unique feature that connects you to the employer’s website just after you apply. With this feature, you can search for more jobs by the same employer thereby, increasing your chances of getting your desired job.

7. Government  Job Search Site – Idealist

The Idealist website is reputable for credibility and the quality of job vacancies listed on the site. With over 28 years of existence, the Idealist job site provides thousands of job vacancies that cuts across internship positions, full-time job roles and volunteering opportunities. The Idealist website not only provides government-related jobs but also includes its listings, of non-governmental and nonprofit institutions. 

Although the Idealist job site is based in the US, it is also widely used by millions of job seekers around the world including organizations and institutions. To get the best of the Idealist website while job searching, ensure to use the filters. These filters help you  narrow down your search by job location, experience level and even type of industry.

8. PublicServiceCareers.org

Here is another top government job search site for jobs in the U.S. PublicServiceCareers.org is considered one of the top leading websites for jobs in the U.S. public sector. Because of its sponsorship by prominent organizations and institutions in the public administration fields, PublicServiceCareers.org is trusted by millions of job seekers all over the world. 

Amongst others, the PublicServiceCareers.org job site lists career-savvy tips on career planning, interview advice preps and general advice on public services careers. To navigate the job search platform with ease, consider creating an account with PublicServiceCareers.org, this enables instant access to the original website of employers after you make your application.

9. Administration JOBS

Although the Administration JOBS platform is not entirely focused on jobs in the federal government sectors in the U.S., it is a great resource for administrative job roles in the US government. 

This stretches different areas such as career opportunities healthcare, benefits and Public administrators. More so, in addition to searching for administrative roles, this website also features a career advice section which provides details on everything you need to know about Administrative Jobs.

10. GovtJobs

This list cannot be complete without a mention of the GovtJobs job search website. It is considered one of the largest search sites in the US with a robust database of executive-level and local government job opportunities listings. 

However, to fully access the features on this website, you need to create a profile and fill in your details as needed. You could upload your resume or manually enter your experience level, doing this will help you get a tailed job recommendation whenever there is an opening.

Best Job Search Site For U.S. Jobs

In the previous article, we provided the best government job search sites in the US. However, there are other reputable job search sites for jobs in the United States.

  • LinkedIn
  • Fasthire
  • Glassdoor
  • Job2Careers
  • Monster
  • Nexxt
  • Resume-library
  • Snagajob
  • Workable 
  • Indeed
  • US.jobs
  • ZipRecruiter


1. What is the Most Popular Job Search Site in the USA?

According to the July 2023 ranking by SimilarWeb, the most popular job search site in the USA is Indeed.com with an average page visit of 8.51. The second best is 


2. Which Government Job is Easy to get in the USA?

There are several government jobs available in the U.S., and the answer to how easily these jobs can be gotten depends on several factors, However, with the right skills and resources this should not be a problem. 

Here are 15 government jobs in the US that are easy to get: 

  • Lifeguard.
  • Library assistant.
  • Data entry clerk.
  • Court reporter.
  • Administrative assistant.
  • Postal clerk.
  • Census taker (enumerator)
  • Social services assistant.

3. What are the Best-Paid US Government Jobs?

According to federalpay.com, the best-paid US government job with an average pay of $258,715.74 is the office of the Medical Officer. 

Conclusion on Government Jobs Search Sites in the U.S

Job search is never an easy task and trust me, searching for a government job role is not any better. The process can be nerve-breaking and lengthy, however, with the right resources and the best Government  job search site, you can escape some of these heartaches. Ensure you create your profile with at least three to four of these job search sites, and for better results, please sign in to receive notifications, this way, you don’t miss out on any offerings.

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