Best Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners (Revised)

Best Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners
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Finland has one of the best educational systems and a stable economy. Aside from that, it also has one of the very best healthcare in Europe. So, if you are a nurse seeking to relocate but not sure if you’ll find what you need in Finland, you’ve found the right post. we have listed the Best Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners

In Finland, their tax-funded public healthcare program provides medical services to everyone residing in the country. This healthcare program is a decentralized three-level system that is similar to what can be found in their Nordic neighboring countries making it a favorable destination for foreign nurses.

In this article, we have highlighted the best nursing vacancies in Finland for foreigners. Continue reading!

Nursing Profession in Finland

According to Yle, it was reported that Finland will need about 30,000 nurses by 2030. This is mainly due to the new policies developed by the government to take care of the aging population.

With this, you can predict a rapid rise in employment for nurses. Currently, there is also a shortage In the number of nurses in general. Also, the Finnish Union of Practical Nurses has attributed this to the relatively poor working conditions, and also a lower rate of pay.

These conditions and pay make the nursing job unattractive to the average Finnish person. So, a lot of nurses in Finland are quitting to focus on other career paths, there are also fewer students choosing to study nursing.

It gets a bit worrying for the Finnish government because even those who decide to get trained don’t finish their training. Even more, they quit mid-training to pursue something else.

On the bright side, the government has set up policies and plans to make the nursing industry more attractive to prospective nurses and even former nurses who left to pursue other professions. The Finnish government also plans to have 7 nurses for every 10 elderly people. A nursing career in Finland right now would be a great idea.

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How to Work as a Nurse in Finland

Every nurse in Finland has to get a license from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) to practice. Any nurse practicing without could face serious sanctions which include jail time.

This application takes time to process. For different scenarios, the time varies. 

  1. For someone who completed their training in a different EU/EEA country, it takes 3-4 months to get the practicing license.
  2. If the training was completed in a country outside the EU/EEA, the license takes at least 4 months.
  3. If your training was done and completed in Finland, it takes 30 days from the day the application was received by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health

Various fees will be charged during the application process, at various decision stages. Even in cases where the decision is a negative one. In the case where you cancel your application, you’d still be charged half of the application fee.

Once you have your license, it is advisable to be proficient to a decent degree in the local language.

There are processes in place to make learning the language a fairly easy task. They have an integration training municipality that you can access through the TE office or your municipality employment services. The integration training usually includes learning the language, other cultural education and knowledge, and even some work tryouts.

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Nursing Opportunities

If you study and complete your nursing training in Finland, there are a host of opportunities and perks that come with it. Your degree will be accepted all over the world considering the very high standards of Finnish education. 

With the shortage of nurses, you might be required to do jobs beyond your nursing scope, but don’t see that as a bad thing entirely. It can be an opportunity to learn something new and even interact with people outside your field.

With your degree, you can function as a consultant or even an expert in various workplaces ranging from non-governmental organizations to multinational corporations.

Best Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners

Best Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners
Best Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners

The following are the best nursing vacancies in Finland for foreigners.

  • Registered Nurse – Aspen Medical, Finland – Contract job – at least 3 years of nursing experience, with 6 months of acute and emergency unit experience.
  • Cruise Ship Nurse – Aspen Medical, Finland – Contract job – at least three years of nursing experience
  • Locum Nurse – Corona Help Forum, Finland – Full-time job – Valid license as a nurse – pay can be up to $6500. 
  • Registered Nurse – Hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Finland – Full-time job 
  • Registered Nurse – Helsingfors Stad, Finland – Full-time job
  • Overseas Nurse for UK – LifeInside UK – Must have a nursing degree – Pay is between $35000 – $45000 per year.

Best Sites to Find Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners

  1. available in over 50 countries, Indeed is a reliable source for jobs. For nurses in Finland, they have access to lots of jobs, making them a go-to site for those looking for nursing jobs in Finland. 
  2. LinkedIn: the variety of jobs that can be found on LinkedIn knows almost no bounds. You can find any job and nursing jobs are not any different in Finland. It is a very good starting point to look for nursing jobs. 
  3. Glassdoor: with a global presence, Glassdoor offers a plethora of career choices that suit your needs. 
Best Sites to Find Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners
Best Sites to Find Nursing Vacancies in Finland for Foreigners

The Average Salary of Nurses in Finland

Salaries and other benefits may vary but the average nursing salary in Finland is about 59212€/year

To a lot of people, this is a not-so-large sum when you consider the fact that Finland is one of the most expensive places to live in Europe.

What people don’t consider is, it’s already mentioned a top-quality education system. Also, its economy’s drastic price changes are very rare, with a great transport system and the happiest set of people in the world.

Frequently Asked Question

The frequently asked questions on this subject are listed below.

1. Can a Nigerian Nurse Work In Finland?

Yes, but You will require a residence permit to work in Finland. However, if you are a citizen of any EU state or one of the Nordic nations you do not require a residence permit

2. How Can a Foreigner Get a Job In Finland?

To work in Finland, you need either a residence permit for an employed person or some other residence permit entitling you to work.

3. Are Nurses In Demand In Finland?

Nursing is a career in high demand in Finland due to the increasing cases of terminal illnesses and aged ones.


Going into the nursing industry in Finland might look like a big risk but, on the bright side, when these risks and opportunities are considered, they present even more job opportunities for those interested. Also, the serene environment and other tourist attractions make Finland a wonderful place to reside.

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