What to Say in an Interview that Makes You Unique?

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What makes you unique for this role? This is the most likely question you would encounter during your interview. To avoid feeling awkward or confused when asked, this article provides ten unique ways to say what makes you unique in an interview. 

Before we get deep on this, you should know that the question “What makes you unique” for a role could come in different ways. For example, your interviewer could say, “What makes you different?”, or “What differentiates you from other candidates?”, “What motivates you?” – there are different ways of phrasing this, so don’t get confused if you encounter any.

However, there is no perfect answer to this question. Just like the “tell me about yourself” questions, answering what makes you unique for a role is an open-ended question and can be difficult to answer outright. 

But, one thing you want to avoid is over dwelling on the term “unique” This can be confusing. Instead, think of your best skills, experiences, and achievements. The question presents you with an opportunity to brag about the best qualities that make you stand out from the other candidates. 

This could be a skill that helps you complete tasks faster and more accurately. Or, it could be a task you concluded alone or with a team that was highly rewarding. Whatever your response, you must ensure it is in line with the role you are applying for. Moreover, you must be careful to avoid sounding overly proud and making the entire conversation all about you. 

But why do employers ask this question? Let’s find out.

Why Employers Ask the Question “What makes you unique”?

There are different reasons why an employer or an interviewer asks the question about what makes you unique. Some of the most common from popular research and reports by HR highlight these few points:

#1. To give you the opportunity to talk about your best qualities. 

The question of what makes you unique also translates to what are your skills and abilities. When an interviewer asks this question, they want you to talk about your skills. More like, it’s an opportunity for you to grab their attention with details not shown in your resume or an emphasis on your most distinguished accomplishments

Therefore, one way to scale this is to think about 1 or 2 key things that you know make you different from the other applicants. This could be a specific skill, volunteering opportunities, work experience, or qualifications.

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#2. To find out how creative you are for the role 

No employer wishes to hire a candidate worse than the previous employer. So, this question helps them identify how deeply you can think about yourself and the role. It shows them your ability to solve problems and create solutions while standing alone.

#3. They want to see how well you’ve researched for the role

The skills and experiences you choose to speak about will reveal to the employer how much you know about the job and your role. 

So, ensure you talk about things that are relevant to the role while spotlighting your key skills in your previous roles. 

Therefore ensure whatever you say refers to the job description and is in line with your skills

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The Best way to Answer the Question “What makes you Unique “

When answering the question, “What makes you unique?” In an interview or any personal context, it’s important to convey your individuality effectively. Here’s a structured approach to help you respond:

#1. Talk About your  Best Qualities as Outlined by your Previous Employer: 

That is, take some time to self-reflect and identify the qualities, experiences, and skills that set you apart. In the context of your past achievements, consider your strengths, passions, and qualities that help you perform at your best. 

#2. Acknowledge your most Relevant Strength and Emphasize your Uniqueness: 

Focus on key attributes or experiences that distinguish you from others, maybe key personality traits that have been identified by your previous employer or family. These could be specific skills, life experiences, or personal qualities. Then relate it to the job role and outline how it can help you thrive better.

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#3. Always Connect to the Role or Situation: 

A major turnoff for employers happens when applicants talk about things not connected to the role they are being interviewed for. Always tailor your response to the context. As mentioned earlier, spotlight aspects of your uniqueness that are relevant to the job, organization, or situation you’re discussing.

However, as much as possible, avoid exaggeration, and don’t be clingy to yourself. Authenticity is key to making a strong impression.

Having reviewed these, What are some “what makes you unique” answer examples?

“What makes you unique” Sample Answer

1. What Makes You UniqueAnswer 1

One thing that makes me unique is my ability, my combination of a background in engineering and a passion for art. 

While I excel in problem-solving and analytical thinking, I also bring a creative perspective to challenges. 

For instance, in my previous role, I devised innovative solutions by blending these two worlds, engineering basic technique with an artistic design, this led to a 20% increase in efficiency.”

2. What Makes You UniqueAnswer 2

I think one of the main qualities that make me stand out is my ability to adapt to any working environment and get tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Having worked for different startups, and key influential organizations in fintech, I am able to initiate and see to the fruition of ideas that would double the revenue of the organization I’ve worked with.

I understand the importance of being open-minded and flexible, particularly within a startup environment

3. What Makes You UniqueAnswer 3

Problem-solving and critical thinking:

 I have a natural ability to analyze complex problems and identify innovative solutions. I’m not afraid to think outside the box and challenge conventional approaches.

For example, in my previous role, I was tasked with improving the efficiency of our customer service department. I conducted a thorough analysis of our processes and identified several areas for improvement. 

Also, I implemented my recommendations, which resulted in a 20% reduction in customer wait times and a 15% increase in customer satisfaction.

4. Answer 4

I have a natural ability to motivate and inspire others. I’m confident and assertive, but I also have a strong sense of empathy and compassion. For example, in my previous role, I was responsible for mentoring junior team members. I provided them with guidance and support, and I helped them to develop their skills and confidence. The team member went on to become a top performer in the department.

5. Answer 5

My ability to build and nurture relationships is what makes me stand out. I have a natural talent for connecting with colleagues and clients, which has led to strong partnerships and fruitful collaborations. In my previous position, I was responsible for client engagement, and my interpersonal skills played a crucial role in increasing client satisfaction and retention rates.

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Conclusion on How to Answer What Makes You Unique

There you have it, the best way to answer the question “What makes you unique’ lies in your ability to recognize your best qualities, skills, and achievements that set you apart for the role. 

It doesn’t have to be something strange, but being able to connect your previous experience to the current role you are applying for. 

When interviewers ask you the question ‘what makes you unique” they want to check they want to know if you are the best fit and if you’ve done your research. 

No need to be scared, with the sample answer given above, you can model these responses and ace your next interview. 

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