25 Tough Interview Questions And Answers

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Tough Interview Questions And Answers: While your resume may have secured the interview, it does not guarantee you will get the job. However, preparing for tough and tricky interview questions will prepare you for questions that may come up during the interview session. 

Undoubtedly, the interview phase can help you secure the job successfully. However, providing irrelevant responses or not up-to-standard answers may not help you secure the job. One way to increase your chances during the interview session is to go prepared.

Most interviews will pose tough interview questions to select the right candidate for the advertised job. Depending on the nature of the job you are applying for, tough interview questions may vary. 

Therefore, we will be listing 25 tough interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

25 Tough Interview Questions And Answers

Below are some of the tough interview questions and answers:

#1. What Can You Tell Me About Yourself?

This is an introductory question that will enable the interviewer to gain more information about the applicant. Hence, it is essential that you answer by introducing yourself. Make mentions of your academic background, some of your achievements, work history, and level of experience.

Suggested Answer: “I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, and after graduating, I gained employment in a reputable hotel as a manager in 2011. during my career at the hotel, I have been recognized with two major awards for my credibility and honesty.”

#2. In Your Professional Career, What Do You Consider Your Biggest Regrets? – Tough Interview Questions And Answers

This question is usually asked by the interviewer, to know more about your professional career. You can answer this question by making remarks on previous encounters that have proven to be a disadvantage to you and how you believe you can do better now.

Suggested Answer: “It took me a long time to discover that my previous job was not as challenging as I wanted it to be. I could not utilize my skills and abilities in the best ways I wanted to. However, I believe with this company, my skills will be utilized.”

#3. How Do You Feel About Leaving All Your Benefits To Find a New Job? 

This question is not asking you to reply negatively about your previous job. However, answer this question by giving a few details on why you believe you should leave your previous job for a new one.

Suggested Answer: “The benefits provided by my previous career were not the reasons why I was working there initially. I believe that my skills and abilities are worth more. However, I want to challenge myself for a new challenge that will help me utilize my skills effectively.”

#4. How Do You Handle Stress?

How you answer this question matters, to answer this question, avoid making irrelevant points that may affect your chances. You can chip in a nice story on how you once managed your stress and how you can easily control your emotions in that regard.

Suggested Answer: “When I find myself stressed out, I talk it out with my supervisor/friend/coworkers. Communicating how I feel to others has always helped me stay stress-free.”

#5. How Long Would You Stay With The Company? 

This question is asking if you will be considering the company for a long-term contract. To answer this question, you have to make it clear about your intentions and why you believe your choices will help you and the company.

Suggested Answer: “I hope to stay with the company as long as I can make positive contributions to the growth of the company.”

#6. How Long Would It Take You To Make a Positive Contribution To This Organization? 

The hiring manager understands that you cannot make this happen in a day. Therefore, ensure your answers are positive about what you will do to help the company grow.

Suggested Answer: “The growth of the company I will be working for will be my priority. While this may not happen in a day, I will be working in my best capacity within the first 3 to 6 months to make positive contributions to the company.”

#7. Your Submitted Resume Suggests That You May Be Overqualified/Or Too Experienced For This Role. What’s Your Opinion?

This question is asking why you believe you can do well in this role, given the experience on your resume. To answer this question, ensure that you point out your interest in working for the company for the long term and you believe that with your experience, you will do well with the hope that new opportunities will be opened to you.

#8. How Much Do You Currently Earn?

When the hiring manager asks about your current salary, they ask in the hope of understanding if they can afford your pay. However, you cannot avoid the question by saying you cannot answer, but remain polite and give close to accurate answers.

Suggested Answer: “My current job serves me well, and I earn between $40,000 to $60,000. 

#9. Do You Consider Yourself Successful? What Is Your Biggest Achievement? – Tough Interview Questions And Answers

When answering this question, you must present yourself as a confident and positive individual who is looking forward to achieving more. 

Suggested Answer: “In my years of working, I have achieved this and that, and I have been recognized for my hard work by my previous company. I look forward to achieving more.”

#10. How Well Do You Work Under Pressure? Do You Consider Yourself As Someone Who Can Work Under Pressure?

With this question, you must present yourself as someone who can work under pressure and also point out ways by which you meet up with targets and deadlines.

Suggested Answer: “I tend to be the best version of myself, regardless of my situation. I always avoid any situation that will make me work under pressure, and that has been helping me for a long time now.”

#11. What Do You Like Most About Your Previous Company?

When answering this question, avoid painting your previous company in a bad way. However, politely answer this question.

Suggested Answer: “What I liked most about where I used to work is the conducive work environment that makes working together with others a lot easier.”

#12. What Can You Tell Me About The Job You Are Being Interviewed For?

With this question, The interviewer wants to know if you have an idea of why you are there and if you do your research before coming for the interview. 

Suggested Answer: “According to (what the duties entail on the job board), I believe this position requires the skills I can offer, which are (list some of the skills you can remember). Make mentions of other points you can remember.”

#13. Can You Tell Me About a Time You Overcame a Challenge/Obstacle?

To answer this question, you must avoid giving long and irrelevant stories. However, think of the time when you had a work-related issue and how you were able to solve it. Ensure your answers are brief and easy to understand.

#14. What Do You Consider Your Long-Term Goals? 

To answer this question, ensure your answers are somewhat related to the company interviewing you. 

Suggested Answer: “My long-term goals include becoming part of a team that will make a higher contribution to the growth of the company I work for. I want to leave a positive imprint wherever I work.”

#15.  What Makes You Different From Other Applicants? What Can You Do For This Company That Someone Else Cannot Do? 

When answering this question, you have to market yourself in a positive and confident light. Point out some of your past projects, talk about your career accomplishments, and things that make you invaluable to others. You can also talk about your skills and special talents that are not included in your resume.

#16. What Critical Feedback Do You Most Often Receive? What Do You Consider Your Weakness?

Interviewers ask this question to evaluate your sense of self-awareness. To answer this, you should talk about one of your major weaknesses and carefully explain how you are working to make yourself better.

Suggested Answer: “My previous supervisor and college once told me that I seem to enjoy working alone. While this may be true to some extent, I consider myself self-reliable. However, I have been attending seminars that educate me on teamwork.”

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#17. What Do You Know About Our Company? 

The interviewer wants to know how interested in working for the company. To answer this question, you need to make a thorough research on the company and the advertised position. You should also avoid saying irrelevant things about the company.

Suggested Answer: “During my job search, I have seen several companies. This organization promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, and they also promote gender equality. I applied to this company because they consider their employees as families.”

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#18. What Do You Look For In a Job?

Ensure your answers to this question are not for personal security (salary), but instead, discuss why you believe your skills will be well-utilized in the company and how you hope to contribute to the growth of the company.

Suggested Answer: “I look forward to working in a company where my skills and abilities will be well-recognized.”

#19. What Do You Think Of Your Previous Employer? 

To answer this question, ensure that you speak about your previous employer in a positive light. Painting your previous employer badly may reduce your chances of getting the job. Therefore, talk about the good aspects of working with your previous employer.

Suggested answer: “My previous employer is a kind individual who takes his time to educate me on areas where I am lacking. He treats his employees as close friends that he can seek advice and suggestions from.”

#20. What Important Trends Do You See In Our Industry? 

Most hiring managers ask about the latest trends candidates can see in their industry to evaluate if the candidate will be suitable for the position. To answer, you can talk about recent developments in the industry, its economic stance, the threat facing the industry, as well as the available opportunity.  

Suggested answers: “The oil and gas industry has been facing an external threat that has been affecting production for the last decade. However, this can be improved by investing in the latest technology that will reduce carbon footprint and air pollution in the society.”

#21. What Is Your Salary Expectation?

This is a tricky question most hiring employers ask. To answer this question provide a range and a brief statement for negotiation.

Suggested Answer: “Regarding this job, I am looking for a position where I will be earning between $60,000 to $80,000. I am also open to negotiating this, depending on your work benefits.”

#22. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job? 

This question is asking if you were fired from your previous place of work or if you were laid off. To answer this question, you need to be honest about your reasons for leaving, whether it was self-decided or others.

Suggested Answer: My previous place of work does not provide me with opportunities for self-development, and this is against my career goals. I believe this company will provide me with growth opportunities.

#23. Why Do You Want To Work For Us? 

To answer this question, you can give various reasons why you believe the company is the best. Ranging from how they treat their employees, the history of the company, its management style, and other commendable things about the company. 

Suggested Answer: “From my research, I found this company to be doing something I wish I was a part of. This company has always been in the news for good reasons, and they promote diversity, equality, and inclusion. I want to be part of this company.”

#24. Can You Explain The Gaps In Your Employment History?

If you have a wide gap in your employment history, you will be asked to provide reasons. To answer this question, briefly discuss why there is a gap in your employment history. This could be because of advanced studies, health-related issues, or a more personal reason. However, ensure that your explanations are clear and understandable.

Suggested Answer: The gap in my employment is because of (school, health, or others). However, during this period, I volunteered in charity work/ gained skills/completed an online course or others.”

#25. Why Should We Hire You?

To answer this question, you need to do thorough research on the company and the advertised position. You should also avoid saying irrelevant things about the company. During this phase, you should try pointing out your special set of skills, your accomplishments, and your goals.

Suggested answer: “I want to be part of this company because its values align with my career objectives and I believe I am the right person for this role.”

Conclusion on Tough Interview Questions And Answers

Interview questions help the interviewer to select the right person for the job, while it helps the candidate to market what their resume can not highlight. While some questions may be easy to answer, others may prove to be tough. However, to perform well, you need to prepare ahead for your interview. This article has featured 25 tough interview questions and answers.


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