Open-ended Interview Questions for Managers with Answers

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Interview session often consists of open-ended and close-ended questions that will enable the interviewer to learn more about the interviewee. Undoubtedly, managers hold an essential role in the growth of a company. Therefore, the interviewing process requires more open-ended interview questions than closed-ended questions.

Open-ended interview questions for managers are not questions that can be answered with a straight yes or no. However, they require providing more details and relevant information that will help the interviewer assess the interviewee’s performance.

Preparing for a managerial position requires practicing with likely interview questions. Therefore, in this article, we will list out some open-ended interview questions for managers with answers.

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Open-Ended Interview Questions for Managers with Answers

Without further ado, below are open-ended interview questions for managers with answers:

1.      Tell Me Something about Yourself

During an open-ended interview, the interviewer will most likely ask this question to learn more about the candidate. Note that you do not need to give out personal information. However, you can start by discussing some of your educational background, skills, abilities, and hobbies that are relevant to the position.

Suggested answer: I am a graduate of Standingford University with a Master’s in Business management. I worked at Everlasting Hero for four years as the operational manager, I organize weekly objectives for each department to achieve and I am interested in working as a Manager in this company because this company will help me boost my managerial career.

2. Can You Walk Me Through a Project You Led? What Made It Successful?

This is an open-ended interview question for managers on what projects they have had in the past and how it became a success. When providing answers to this question, ensure youspeak in a positive light about yourself and your projects. So, discuss more on your past relevant but unique projects.

Suggested answer: During the second quarter in my previous place of work, I was tasked with increasing the company’s profitability by 5%. Knowing well that I must engage each department, I had to set out achievable goals for each department and deadlines. By the end of the second quarter, the company was able to record an ROI of 10% after tax. This was a huge success for the company and me.

3.Can You Walk Me Through a Time You Managed An Employee Who Was Struggling Or Causing Disorder?

As a manager, one of your duties is effectively managing employees. Therefore, when answering this question, ensure you project yourself as a manager who can handle sticky situations. Also, discuss one or two situations where you had to utilize people management skills for these situations.

Suggested answer: During one of the projects assigned to me, one of the employees working towards the project was finding it difficult to fit in the picture due to his lack of skills for the role. 

This was disheartening as I did not want to let him off the project, then I came up with the decision to provide a special training session with him. Although the project became a success his spot had almost affected the project.

4. How Did You Go About Dealing With a Difficult Client? Would You Do Anything Different Next Time?

During an open-ended interview questions for managers, the interviewer will most likely want to know more about how well you can handle a difficult client. If you have had an encounter with a difficult client, you can discuss strategic means that helped you calm them down. 

Suggested answer: I believe clients are the souls of business, and they are kings with rights. However, in my previous workplace, one of our top clients was displeased with the products given to him. He came to the company to give direct feedback but got angrier when our junior employees could not provide him with the information he requested. Then he requested the manager, and I had to attend to him by calming him down with a cup of water. So, I provided him with information that made him trust our products again.

5.      How Do You Give Employees Feedback And Hold Them Accountable?

There are so many duties of a manager, one of which will require you to give feedback and expect improvements. During an interview for a managerial position, the interviewer may ask how you give feedback. So, to answer this, you should think of how you have given feedback to teams or employees and how you hold them accountable for their actions. 

Suggested answer: During the last project I oversaw at Standingford Company, the project was experiencing delays, and some team members were slacking off. So, I called a brief team meeting and informed them of our weekly assessment meeting that will help everyone stay on track. 

During these meetings, each member of the project must show their impact on the project, and I also introduced some tools to help them deliver early without hitting the deadline. I do not rely on my knowledge, but I also seek external knowledge by reading educational journals on how to achieve a successful project. My team members also engage in day-to-day training and career development. 

6.      How Have You Successfully Distributed Tasks?

While this may seem like aclose-ended question, it is however an open-ended question. As a manager, you must learn/know how to delegate tasks within the team. This shows that you can lead your team to success. 

Therefore, when you are asked about when and how you have distributed tasks, you should project yourself as a leader. That is a leader with authority. Therefore, think of situations where you have had to delegate tasks and how you were able to achieve that easily.

Suggested answer: I have had the privilege to oversee various task delegations. However, I ensure that each task is evenly distributed. I ensure that each expectation for these tasks are well-communicated through virtual and physical meeting, as well as other means of communication

7.      How Do You Create Priorities For Yourself And The Team You Supervise?

This is a question asking about how you prioritize projects and teams. In a scenario, whereby you have to oversee more projects, how do you manage your team? To answer this question, you can provide details on one time you had to oversee multiple projects with other employees. Discuss how you planned with the resources you had at the time and how the project became a success.

Suggested answer: In late last year, I was asked to oversee three projects with a few teams. I knew the projects seemed impossible at first, but after attending a few meetings with the teams, I came up with software management tools that will help in keeping track of each project’s progress. I started with the one with the most variety because the project holds more importance than the other two. After completing it, I proceeded with the team to the second and third projects. 

8.      What Is Your Leadership Approach To Managing Diverse Teams?

Most hiring managers are interested in learning about your leadership approach to handling diverse teams. Your response to this question must be unbiased and effectively point out your views on diversity, inclusion, and equality. The recent trends and culture of most organizations want to ensure that every employee is treated equally regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, etc. So, when answering, ensure you provide your positive views on diversity, inclusion, and diversity.

Suggested answer: I believe every employee should be treated with equality, so I ensure that meeting our daily goals and objectives is the aim without focusing on the differences. I tend to carry everyone in my team along and ensure that their voice matters to the success of our project.

9. Tell Me About a Decision That Was Difficult To Make. Did You Consult With Others?

During an open-ended interview questions for managers, the hiring manager may want to learn about moments when you find your role too challenging. Undoubtedly, managers are often tasked with making a series of decisions for the success of their teams or projects. Hence, when answering, think of moments when you find yourself in a difficult situation and how you were able to handle that. You should also think of who was able to help you sort out the situation easily.

Suggested answer: I have encountered several situations that called for urgent solutions, and I have also learned that not all situations can be solved with one man’s knowledge. I remember when my team and I were working to meet up with a tough deadline, and a few of my teams were ill due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I had to work twice as much, and I also sought advice from a few of my colleagues who told me to seek external support. This helped me fasten the project, and we delivered successfully.

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10. What Are Your Goals For The Future?

The interviewer may ask this question to know if your plans for the future align with the company. Therefore, avoid giving answers that will not include the company in your future. So when providing answers to the question ensure that you project yourself as someone who sees themselves as a future employee of the organization. It is, however, important that you do proper research on the company and what it stands for.

Suggested answer: Working in an organization that will help me grow is one of my goals. I plan to work in an organization that will help with my career development, such as this company. This company has helped several employees achieve career growth. Therefore, I look forward to working as a manager in this company and attending the training and development programs offered by this company to help enhance my skills.

11. What Makes You The Best Fit For This Job?

This is an opportunity for you to market your skills and abilities. As you may have observed, other candidates are looking forward to getting the same position. So what makes you better than them? When answering this question, think of the skills that made you excel in your previous place of work. Also, include some of your achievements that are relevant to the position.

Suggested answer: I am a manager with 10 years of working experience. From my recent research on this company, my skills and ability are highly required. In my previous position, I helped my previous employer successfully execute over 20 projects, and I have been awarded the best manager of the year 14 times in a role. I have also been recognized for my level of managerial skills and human management. Also, I do not disregard the opinions of others, and my references can testify to that. I believe that with my skills and experiences, I am the best fit for this position.


As stated earlier, managers are regarded with much importance. Therefore, it is expected that the interview sessions will be coupled with open-ended questions. However, preparing and practicing the best answers for each expected question will most likely help you ace your interview. This article has elaborated on open-ended interview questions for managers with answers, and we hope they help you prepare.




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