General Manager Interview Questions and Answers

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General Managers are vital members of any workforce. These professionals are responsible for overseeing a company or department’s daily tasks. Also, this role requires skills that promote productivity, quality work, and employee satisfaction. However, a general manager interview session can be challenging for candidates who do not prepare well.

When an organization is hiring a general manager, they look for individuals who can demonstrate high leadership skills and strong problem-solving skills in addition to good mentoring skills to help their businesses grow.

To ace a general manager interview questions, you need to practice with likely general manager interview questions and answers. Therefore, in this article, we will elaborate on general manager interview questions and sample answers that will help you prepare.

General Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Below are the general manager interview questions and answers;

1.      Why Do You Want To Be a General Manager? 

By asking this, the interviewer wants to know what particularly inspired and motivated you to become a general manager. So be honest and sincere. Also, keep it relevant and brief and highlight the qualities and experience you possess as a general manager. Talk about why you are interested in a management role.

Sample answer: I have always been interested in becoming a general manager and working with coworkers to help them improve through coaching and guidance that will help them reach their goals.

During my last position, I noticed a coworker was having difficulties reaching her quota. I offered my assistance by explaining strategies I used to meet my quota. After that, she counted on me and asked for my advice on other work-related problems. Now she is exceeding her quota and has since become a mentor for new coworkers, helping them successfully improve their sales.

2.      According To You, What Makes a Good General Manager?

Most interviewers ask this question to test if the interviewee has an understanding of the job’s requirements, including the skills involved. You can use this question as an opportunity to highlight the necessary skills, experience, and character a general manager needs to acquire.

Sample answer: I think an effective general manager needs to acquire the skills to build effective teams and obtain the traits that make coworkers trust in you. Some of these skills include strong problem-solving skills, communication skills, strategic thinking and planning, budgeting skills, and business development skills.

Additionally, a general manager needs to have the experience to lead employees in the best way and motivate them to reach their full potential.

3.      How Do You Reward Outstanding Performance As a General Manager?

As a general manager, it is vital to know how to reward your employee’s good efforts and results. Highlight how you show your recognition of talent and hard work. This will enable the interviewer to see you in a positive light. Also, avoid going overboard with your answers. 

Sample answer: During my last management job, whenever an individual finishes a project successfully and quickly, I provide a public and private appreciation for that employee’s good efforts and results which always leads to more productivity that helps boost the overall productivity and output of the organization. As a result, other coworkers also strive to reach their goals before the assigned time.

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4.      What Is Your Leadership Style?

This question enables you to show the interviewer your methods to motivate and lead team members. For example, some managers have an affiliative leadership style, which means they ensure that every coworker feels a sense of trust and they will be supported no matter what. 

Also, note that the employer isn’t looking for any particular leadership management style. So, be able to support your answer with reasoning, examples, and experience.

Sample Answer: At my last management job, I ensured to train and encourage my employees thoroughly on how to successfully perform their jobs. Aside from that, I made sure to demonstrate problem-solving, which provided the employees with opportunities to solve their problems on their own. I acted as a mentor instead of a manager, and I used the affiliative leadership style and established a better working relationship with my employees, which promoted trust and resulted in more productivity.

5.      How Would You Motivate Employees To Be More Productive?

This is an opportunity to show the hiring manager your management style and the tactics you use to motivate your employees. You can give many different answers, each indicating something different about your style of management.

Sample answer: During my last management role, I usually held group meetings, which included my team members and me. These meetings help to answer their questions and listen to their concerns. I motivated them to set goals that will help them complete sales faster each week. I praised their good performance and acknowledged their hard work, which helped increase their productivity.

6.      Why Are You Interested In Our Company?

This is an open-ended interview question that most hiring managers ask to gauge your reasons for your interest in the company. So, keep your answers relevant and brief. The interviewers may want to hear what particularly inspired you to apply for a general manager position in their company. To stand out, talk about the qualities, and services of the company and why you want to work for them. Therefore, it is crucial to research the company.

Sample answer: I have always been interested in a company that values its employees and helps them achieve their full potential. This position is a great fit for my current skills and experience. Also, I will be able to make a great contribution to the company. There is also an opportunity for improvement and to continue to develop my abilities to the next level and to help in the company’s continued success.

7.      How Do You Delegate Responsibilities?

During the interview, the employer may ask this question to know your ability to identify team member’s strengths and assign them tasks accordingly. This question lets you describe your management approach and helps you show the interviewer how you recognize your team’s talent and ability in your response,

Sample answer: I understand that everyone has different abilities and skills. So, I focus on identifying my team member’s strengths before assigning tasks. I usually do this before assigning tasks in my previous position, and it has always helped everyone on the team.

8.      How Do You Handle Conflict Between Team Members?

During the interview, a hiring manager may ask you this question to identify your strengths and people management skills. Also, the answers to this question will determine how you can successfully address challenging moments without condemning anyone and maintain a positive work environment. You can give your answer by focusing on experience and discussing a time you resolved tension among your team.

Sample answer: During my previous position, two employees had a work-related miscommunication about a project. As a result, the team could not finish the project at its assigned time, which led to a conflict between the employees, as both insisted that they had done their part accurately. I analyzed and managed the issue personally and realized it was a little misunderstanding, which was caused by both employees misunderstanding their roles in the project. I reassigned the remaining tasks to the employees, and the project was done successfully.

9.      What Are Some Of Your Weaknesses?

It is important to know that there are no correct answers to this question. This open-ended questionis asked by most hiring managers, to gauge what your weaknesses are. And, if they can affect the position you are interviewing for. All you have to do is speak positively about yourself and practice the five Cs of interviewing

Sample answer: For some my weaknesses may be considered as a reward because I tend to handle multiple projects at one time, which usually turn out successfully. However, I know it is more productive to complete a task at a time, which I am working toward to achieve.

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10. Why Should We Hire You?

You can answer this question by referring to the job’s description and making mention of what the employer is looking for in an employee. For example, the skills you possess, your years of experience, your ability to lead a team successfully, and your problem-solving skills.

Sample answer: I know you need a general manager who is confident and goal-driven. One, who can successfully lead a team, and can motivate the team to success. I have those qualities, and I also possess a positive attitude, work ethic, and long-term goals that align with the job requirements, making me a qualified candidate for the position.

11. How Would You Tell a Colleague he/she is Under-Performing?  

You can give different answers to this question, each indicating something that does not include condemnation or vexation. As a general manager, it is crucial to know and understand how to discuss tough topics with your employees. It can be an uncomfortable conversation telling an employee they are underperforming. However, it is important to discuss their shortcomings.

Sample answer: During my previous position, I once realized an employee was under-performing and was not meeting expectations. I acted fast and found time on the calendar that worked for me and the employee. I started by talking to her about the cause of any challenges.

 I tried to determine if she had a pattern of underperformance or if she was only having issues with a certain project. I used my communication, active listening, and problem-solving skills to identify her main challenges and weaknesses, which in return, helped her improve her performance a lot. As a result, she was among the most productive members of the team.


As discussed earlier, one way to ace a general manager interview is to practice with likely interview questions and answers. Therefore, this article has prepared major general interview questions and answers to help you practice ahead of your interview. 




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