Remote Jobs That Pay Well In Nigeria (Legit)

Remote jobs that pays well in Nigeria
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People often wonder if there are legit remote jobs that pay well in Nigeria. Well, as you read on we will unveil the best and legit work from home jobs with good pay in Nigeria.

Working from home and earning nicely is very comfortable, compared to being confined in an official space that gives you a lower level of flexibility. Many people now prefer to work remotely because of the extra freedom, flexibility, and independence.

If you desire a more flexible work schedule, here is the list of remote jobs that pay well in Nigeria.

Top Remote Jobs That Pay Well In Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an online job where you refer products or services to people for a commission. You will be given a unique link to share on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram), anytime a person clicks on the link and buys the product; it will be traced to you.

For example, you promote a =N=50,000 designer shoe with a 5% commission, and at the end of the month, 1000 people purchase the shoes with your unique link. It means you made (1000×2500) =N250, 000 in a month.

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This is the most common work from home job and also the most lucrative.

Blogging is the act of sharing information from a website.
Businesses in Nigeria are now going digital and so the need for bloggers to manage their website, write content, and drive traffic is high in demand.
However, to start your blog, you need a domain name which cost =N=4,000 (or $10) and a web hosting with any web hosting company.

Tip: To make any gain from blogging, you need to invest your time.

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Blogging is one of the best remote jobs that pay well in Nigeria. Nigerian bloggers earn from N0 – N30million monthly depending on their niche (lifestyle, entertainment, lifestyle, employment, and politics, etc.), number of viewers, and traffic drawn to the blog site. So if you are looking at how to start a remote job that pays in Nigeria, and you have basic writing skills, blogging should be a choice for you to consider

Software Developing (Programming):

This is one of the highest paying online job in the world, and Nigeria is not excluded. Software development deals with the creation of software for computer and mobile. Software like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Jumia, and the likes, were created by software developers (programmers). If you are skilled in the act of coding and software development, this is a must explore opportunity for you.

Software developing can pay from N100, 000 to over N50million monthly, depending on whom you are developing for and what you are developing.

Web Search Evaluation:

Have you ever wondered how accurate and relevant your search query on Google is? Well, it is not magic; there are people who put in effort in helping search engines like Google, Bing, and others improve their search results to match what people are looking for.

Those who aid search engines to improve search results are called web search evaluators or internet assessors. It is a remote job, all you need is a computer and internet connection.

When you apply, take their test, and pass the exams. Ding! You have a job.
The pay is sometimes based on the hours you work.

How to become a search engine evaluator

Data Entry:

Are you skilled in typing and data-keeping? If you are, then this could be an income stream for you. Data entry job is another online job, it deals with entering data (Information) into a system. It is all about helping companies stay organized.

Many companies outsource their data keeping to data entry experts and they pay a range of $1 to $30 per hour depending on the company.

Survey Job:

This is a remote work that almost everyone can do. It entails answering questions honestly. Finito!

Several companies put out survey questions on several issues and topics in other to get mass opinion. The data (information) gathered is used to improve the quality of service. Hence, they don’t mind paying for their survey to be taken.

To begin, you might need to register for as many as you can, and if you meet their qualification, you can then proceed to answer their questions and get paid. When your money reaches the minimum withdrawal amount, you can then cash out, easily.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is basically promoting brands, products, or services across social media.

As a social media marketer, you are to handle the social engagements of a company as well as generating lead (customers) for the business.

Many companies outsource their social media pages, so if you’re good with social media applications and you are able to perform a basic campaign on them, then you can earn a lot.

Digital/Social media marketing jobs are in high demand and have an average pay of =N=30,000 – =N=5, 000,000 monthly.

Web Design/ Web Developer:

As the world moves deeper into the digital era, it has become paramount for businesses to do the same.

More businesses are looking at creating an online presence by leveraging the benefit of the World Wide Web. As a web designer/developer you can help create and design websites for companies and businesses especially start-up companies.

The demand for web designers and web developers in Nigeria is surplus, so if you are skilled and interested in the opportunity, you can utilize platforms like SkillsellNg, Fiverr, and up work to find potential customers.

Virtual Assistant:

As a virtual assistant, you’re required to assist your employer based on the job description given to you, but the goods thing is, you do it at the comfort of your home.

Imagine an office with a computer, a list of emails and phone no, a desk phone, a chair, a table, a boss, and a job description telling you to answer calls, send emails, type documents and do what your boss tells you to do. That is what an assistant is. Now take away everything except the computer, boss, and job description that is what a virtual assistant job entails.

Your payment can be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the agreement you reached with your employer.


Vlogging just like blogging, is all about sharing information. The difference is that; vlogging is sharing information using videos.

If you want to explore this career, you can start by opening a YouTube account and creating a channel. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, so the reach is almost endless.

If you are good at creating catchy videos, skit, how-to-videos, DIY, and other video content, you should consider starting up your own vlog, choose a particular niche (specialization) and build your authority.

Click here and learn how you can start a vlog.

In-Demand Skill for Remote Workers


A remote worker should be able to communicate to the organization. Because specific means of communication like body language and facial expressions are missing, more effort is needed to make sure that your team/colleague and employers understand you better.

The secret of good communication is to listen and read intently (carefully), so you can give an good feedback.

Time management:

Employers put time management as a major skill that a remote employer should have. Having time management means that you are able to set/schedule your daily plans at a set time and follow it strictly. You can make use of a To-do-list tool.

Working in an entirely different place (working remotely), makes time management very vital, because you need to formulate a way to ride along with colleagues and employers in other not to slow down the work activities.


Every person, including you, and I, will always want a trustworthy worker. Proving to be trustworthy, improves your working relationship with your boss or employer.


This is the use of computers /software. Remote workers are good with both software and hardware. Though not all jobs might be specifically technical, it’s still important that you know how to navigate new technologies because working from home means you have to make use of technology each day.

Ability to Prioritize:

Employers tend to hire people who are independent and self constructive. So, you should know what to do first and then next. Ability to prioritize means you are able to organize your work according to how important each is. As you know, you are working from home so you don’t have a colleague to turn to for quick help, you have to be skilled at working on your own.


Create a balance between your work and house distractions. This will take a lot of discipline. Because, if we look at it, there are some things that you won’t neglect when you’re at home. Knowing when to do it is very important, so you don’t end up tangling your work.

Tips for Working Remotely in Nigeria

These few tips will help you work effectively as a remote worker in Nigeria.

Develop a morning ritual:

It’s more comfortable when we work from home, but understand that you’re working and not sitting at home. You can start a routine, wake up early, take a shower, dress well, wear a perfume if possible, all these put you in a work filled energy.

Another is to put your workspace far from your bed, otherwise you will go back to it.

Have a backup power plan:

“UP NEPA” are you familiar with that Nigerian parlance? Of course! You’re in Nigeria, you know that the power supply isn’t always dependable.

You should create a suitable alternative, maybe a power-bank, generator with enough fuel; or if u have a deeper pocket, use solar or inverter but come what may, be prepared against “NEPA’S” disappointment.

Establish Boundaries:

One of the not so great parts of remote work is the excess freedom. If you are not disciplined, you might end up being less productive than you expected. So don’t fall prey to distractions like TV, sport, or whatever comes between your working hours. Yes, you need a working hour, you don’t want to work all day, all week, all year, you need to have a closing time as you have an opening time.

Take a Break:

It’s nice working from home, but sitting in front of a screen all day can mess up your social life, that’s if it doesn’t mess with your sanity first. Don’t be a workaholic, take a break in between your working hours to interact with people, do video calls, text, gist, and of cause eat.

Mind you, fun can be addictive especially when social media is involved, so don’t forget you have a work to go back to. Set a time boundary!!

Lastly, leave your house!

Do not be a prisoner to your work or home. You need time to stretch; take a walk, visit your neighbor, see a friend, have physical interaction and you’ll be great.

However, this should be the last thing you do, that is, after you are done with the day’s work.

Online Jobs for Undergraduate in Nigeria

Being an undergraduate in Nigeria is nothing like riding a bicycle, as a student, you might be faced with financial issues or have the need to earn your cash. There are some student-friendly online jobs you can indulge in with enough flexibility to keep your academics still in balance.

Design job:

If you are skilled it designing, either web design, graphic design logo design, or another, you can put these skills into good use and earn from it. You can start off by doing freelance, building, and growing your skill while deepening your portfolio which would be a great asset. jobs:

Fiverr is a very interesting platform to exploit. You can offer to do a particular service for say $10, then interested people contact you and then you offer your service. Suppose 20 people contacted you, you now have $200. This can go a long way as a student, can’t it?

Freelance Writing:

If you are great at putting words down, then you could be making money off it as a writer.

You can find customers or interested in business from websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn. Or write for websites on a part-time basis and make money. Yahoo voices is a great place to start. Yahoo pays you based on how popular your article gets. You must be approved first, so you might need to sign up and submit your first article for approval.


This is one of the most common means to make money online.

However, I’ll suggest you go into it part-time as a student and if you love it, you can become a full-time blogger after graduation.

Tools/Devices for Working Remotely


This is one of the leading online video conferencing platform. Meetings, webinars, and more can be hosted in Zoom. You even get to record calls with full video; share it with team and more.


This tool helps to organize and plan workflows, projects, and other things. So you can schedule your teamwork with this.

Time Doctor:

Also, time doctor is another tool, it is a team time tracking application that helps to keep track of how each individual person is keeping track of their time. This makes them accountable to their working hours


It is a message remote work tool that helps teammate communicate, share ideas, comments, etc. among themselves


A very vital tool, it is one of the major tools needed to work remotely. Get a laptop with a long battery life.

There are other tools used for remote work in Nigeria, but these listed ones are major.

Websites to Find Work from Home Jobs In Nigeria

There so many job websites in Nigeria where you can find remote jobs. Below are few known job websites you can use to find legit remote jobs that pay in Nigeria.

  1. FasthireNg
  2. Jobberman
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Indeed
  5. Jobgurus
  6. Hotnigerianjobs
  7. Jobzilla
  8. Ngcareer

Highest In-Demand Remote Job Skills in Nigeria

You now know some of the legit remote jobs that pay well in Nigeria. If you’re not quite sure which skill you should acquire to become a remote worker in Nigeria, this list of highest in-demand remote jobs should help influence your decision.

Web Development:

A web developer is one who is crafted and skilled in the act of creating and designing a website or creating software and more. This is not necessarily the easiest skill to learn, because it takes time and lots of practice to perfect. Nevertheless, there are lots of resources to make use of, so you don’t have to worry.

Web Development jobs

Virtual Assistant:

There is a high demand for this skill in Nigeria. Becoming a virtual assistant won’t be a difficult job for you if you are well organized. This job entails things like; answering phone calls, sending emails, scheduling, appointments, document typing, and a few others requested by the employer. It is also one of the most demanded remote jobs that pay in Nigeria.

Online Marketing:

Online marketing is a skill that combines both creativity and logical analysis; I see this as one of the most enjoyable skills. Online marketing resources are many, so you can continuously learn, practice, and earn from it.


If you love to design and you can express information with good designs, it will be in your favor to take it as a freelance job, and maybe build a portfolio well enough to get you a full-time job.
There are many kinds of designs; we have graphic design, web design, logo design, UI design, and more.

I am sure this post was helpful. Kindly leave your comments, questions, or remarks in the comment section. Don’t forget that FasthireNg is dedicated to providing legit and current job vacancies, career information, job hunt assistance, interview coaching, and job search resources.

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