10 Top Headhunters in Nigeria

10 Top Headhunters in Nigeria

Welcome to FasthireNg– the job board for entry-level and mid-level careers in Nigeria. This is the list of the top headhunters in Nigeria.

If you’re an employer looking for a special talent, or a job seeker in quick need of a job, you’ll find this list helpful.

Who is a Headhunter

A headhunter is someone responsible for finding suitable talents for specific job positions.

Headhunters can work solo or as part of an agency, and their services are not restricted to employers. Headhunters can also specialize in helping job seekers secure suitable career positions.

How Headhunters Find Talents

Headhunters can use their pool of existing talents to fill a specific position, or subtly approach qualified candidates that are already working for another company.

They usually come; promising a better pay, position, or work environment.

There are numerous headhunters in Nigeria, but the big question is, “can they be trusted?

How to Pick a Headhunter in Nigeria

Every headhunter promises to work hard for you, and give you the best service, but whom can you trust? How can you identify the best headhunters in Nigeria?

While it’s true that using a new agency may save you some money, will you be willing to take the risk?

As an employer or job seeker, your safest bet will be to choose a headhunter with

  1. Years of experience.
  2. Big list of clients.
  3. Reputation to protect.

However, to protect you from scam employment agents in Nigeria, we have compiled this list.

Undoubtedly, many good headhunters are worthy of this list, but we can’t contain all their names on this list. So we decided to compile the top headhunters in Nigeria with good records.

We have made this list in no particular order.

The Top Headhunters in Nigeria

  • ERecruiter
  • Stan Chase
  • Pedersen and Partners Executive Search
  • Rehoboth Recruiters
  • HT-Limited
  • Gordon Barrett
  • Protégé Management
  • Adexen
  • Adelia
  • Global Proffilers


Over the years, e-recruiters have built their reputation by setting up dedicated teams; filling contract and permanent roles in:

  • Oil and Energy
  • Financial Services
  • FMCG and Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and Telecommunications.

E-recruiters work with both large and small businesses across Nigeria. They can also work as a permanent extension to a client’s HR and recruitment teams.


The PentHouse (6th Floor) 103 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria;


+234-1-453-5031; +234-1-291-0563



Stanton Chase

A part of the Stanton Chase International group; the Stanton Chase Lagos office is acclaimed to be; the first full suite executive search firm in Nigeria.

It has been structured to lead the market in creating opportunities for businesses to access high-quality executive leadership talent; most professionally and efficiently.

Their contributions to the Nigerian labour market have earned them a place as one of the top headhunters in Nigeria.


Landmark Centre, Plot 3/4 Water Corporation Road Off Ligali Ayorinde Road
Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria





Pedersen & Partners Executive Search

Pedersen & Partners Executive Search has been providing strong, client-based Executive Search services to local and international companies in West Africa since 2010.

They assist their clients actively investing in the African markets to harness the potentials in Africa. Their Executive Search consultants offer local, regional, and international insights in Executive Search and the local talent market in Nigeria.

Particular areas of expertise include;

  • Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • FMCG
  • Oil, Gas, and Mining industries.


Suite 16, Motorways Centre Opposite 7Up Bottling Co. Plc. Alausa, Ikeja

Lagos, Nigeria


+234 803 200 2233

Rehoboth Recruiters

Rehoboth recruiters are specialists in filling executive positions in the hospitality industry.


Polystar building, 2nd Roundabout, 4th Floor, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos 105102





HT- Limited

HT-Limited is a Business Management Consulting Firm, offering support in business development, human resources management, and administration.


  • USAID Nigeria
  • Bank of Industry (Nigeria)
  • Federal Ministry of Industry
  • Trade and Investment
  • Oando
  • First Bank
  • Sterling bank, etc.


23, Hawley Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.


+2348137409030, +2348086038252



Gordon Barrett

Gordon Barrett is a Human Resource Management and Organizational Development Firm; maximizing sustainable growth by providing innovative human capital strategies.


Lagos Office: 3A, Ahmed Onibudo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Abuja Office: 53 Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja


+234 (0)805 777 5566

+234 (0)802 357 0959



Protégé Management

Protégé Management specializes in partnering with clients to source for the most experienced executive talents. They do this by using their pool of clients or by attracting competitors’ employees.


Abuja Office: 3 Toamasina StreetOff Adetokunbo Ademola StreetWuse 11, Abuja, Nigeria

Lagos Office: 104 Edo House Complex Plot 1225, Bishop Oluwole Street Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria


Abuja: +234 908 235 6696

Lagos: +234 805 241 7549


services@protegemanagement.com.ng, jobs@protegemanagement.com.ng

Top International Headhunters in Nigeria


Adexen is a global Human Resources Company providing business and support services in Nigeria.

They support companies in the fields of

  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering and
  • Supply chain.


Allied House 227 Ikorodu Road, Town Planning IlupejuLagos, Nigeria


0808 623 3765 / 0812 073 0748


Adelia is a world-leading Human Resources Advisory Firm. Founded in 2005, Adelia is currently present and operating in more than 30 countries worldwide.

They offer highly targeted services to blue-chip multinationals and SMEs from multiple business sectors.


Victoria Island, Lagos.



Global Profilers

Global Profilers is a resourcing company that offers recruitment solutions to organizations in Sub Saharan African markets. Their services cut across different industries in Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroun, Bening, Togo, Burkina.

Headhunter vs Recruiter (Difference)

Headhunters are talent scouts contracted to source for candidates with seemly difficult-to-find skill set. Headhunters do not carry out any hiring on their own; however, they stay in touch with the two parties throughout the recruitment process.

Recruiters are responsible for sourcing, sorting, and recommending candidates for hire. Recruiters can be involved in the hiring process down to the interview stage. On the other hand, headhunters are limited to just talent scouting.

Advantages of Headhunters to Employers

Some advantages of using the services of a headhunter for your executive search include:

  1. Less time spent sourcing for qualified talents.
  2. Saves time from sorting and ranking the numerous applicants that will come through direct application.
  3. Discover special talents that meet your specific needs.
  4. Wider net for your talent search.
  5. Discreet recruitment.
  6. Leverage on the expertise of recruiting experts in your specific industry.
  7. Win over executives from a specific competitor’s company.

Advantages of Headhunters to Job Seekers

Some of the advantages of using the services of a headhunter for your job search include:

  1. Less time spent applying for mediocre jobs
  2. Higher salary
  3. Wider net for your job search.
  4. Discreet job search.
  5. Honest assessments and open discourse.

How to Protect Yourself from Fake Headhunters in Nigeria

  • Professional Associations

Use headhunters that belong to a recognized professional organization. Professional registration shows seriousness, credibility, and transparency.

  • Credibility

If you’re looking for a headhunter as a talent or employer, seek for headhunters with a body of work/experience.

Some of the things you can look out for to confirm a talent scout’s credibility includes; association memberships, past client names, published articles, media interviews, and professional conference speaking engagements.

  • References and Testimonials.

You can review a headhunter’s references and testimonials from past clients to learn more about them and their method of work.

If in doubt, contact any of the past clients and ask specific questions about the headhunter.

  • Methods Used

Be wary of any professional who wants to bypass industry best practices for personal reasons. If their method of work goes against corporate work practices, you should avoid them.

  • Services and Materials

Ask the headhunter which services and materials they include. Avoid paying a large upfront fee that covers “everything.” Instead, find out exactly what the fee pays for, and what session costs include.

  • Guarantee

Request for a guarantee, and ensure you understand the nitty-gritty of your agreement.

The guarantee could be money back or pay after service. More so, the guarantee could include conditions that will keep you on the safe side.

How are Headhunters in Nigeria Paid?

Headhunters can be paid in 2 ways.

  1. They can be paid when the search is complete, and they’ve successfully recruited a suitable candidate.
  2. They are also compensated by up-front payment. With this option, the headhunter is given an initial payment to enable them to initiate their full recruitment efforts.

What other Duties can Headhunters Perform?

Head hunters are usually contracted to assist in;

  1. Recruiting qualified talents.
  2. Advising a board.
  3. Conducting executive training exercise.

 Can a Headhunter work for More Than One Client at a Time?

A headhunter is a third-party talent-recruiter. They can work with more than one client, and/or fill multiple positions at a time.

 Do Headhunters Charge to Help Job Seekers for Jobs?

Many headhunters don’t charge job seekers, because they are being paid by the company in need of a new employee. However, some headhunters charge fees for their services.

Note: From our study, the talent outsourcers that charge fees are the ones you approach. If they’re the ones approaching you, you won’t have to pay any fee.

 Headhunter Synonyms

  1. Organization Developer (Organizational Development Firm)
  2. Talent-Scouts (Talent Scouting Agency)
  3. Talent Outsourcer (Talent Outsourcing Agency)
  4. Human Resources Advisor (Human Resources Advisory Firm)
  5. Executive Recruiter (Executive Search Firm)
  6. Human Resource Manager (Human resource management)
  7. Business Management Consultant (Business Management Consulting Firm)

Comments about Headhunters in Nigeria

  • “The idea of using a headhunter for my job search was first introduced to me by a friend. When I heard that they will charge money to help me get a job, I was sceptical. However I risked it and it was worth it, as I got a job in 2 months.” …….. Precious
  • “My business was in serious financial trouble, I decided to use a headhunter to hire a business growth expert. It worked out just fine.” ….. Okafor

Final Words

Any of the top headhunters in Nigeria can help you improve your prospects and provide quality service in the area of executive recruiting. Don’t settle for the first headhunter you speak with; take the time to interview and research qualified headhunters to ensure you find the headhunter that fits your requirements.

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