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If you are applying for a master degree in Intercultural and International Communications, you will need to submit your application with an attached personal statement. Personal Statement MA Intercultural and International Communications is an important document you would use to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program.

We have provided this sample as a guide; do not copy it verbatim because it has already been used.

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Top Universities to Study MA International Communications

  1. Royal Roads University
  2. American University
  3. University of Manchester
  4. University of Denver
  5. Utrecht University

Sample Personal Statement MA Intercultural and International Communications

In this time and age when technology is rapidly driving globalization, more organizations are recognizing the importance of communication that cuts across different cultural and geographic borders. I was first introduced to the ideals of intercultural communication during my first degree in Mass Communication during course modules in…………… Through the period of these modules, I became more acquainted with……………… The next experience I had on international communications came through my job as Operations Manager for a Multinational bank with operations in over 240 branch offices. In this job, it is pertinent that managers at my level served as mediators in cultural communications, thus I took up the responsibility to equip myself through foundational programs and training that expanded my grasp of what the topic was all about.

Now, I am interested in studying intercultural studies in a formal setting as a way to understand different societies and how technology is promoting cultural communication and mutual understanding amongst the various societies, especially within pluralistic societies. I have always been inquisitive about the dissimilarities in the quality of life between developed and less developed countries. It’ll mean a lot to me to gain a broader understanding of the multidimensional relations amongst different states, and the politics that confront less developed societies.

While I could have easily gone for a master in international relations, I believe this is also a good investment for my time and resources. Through this study in intercultural and international communication, I would be able to ……….. The course will further enable my career contribution in …………. In essence, learning intercultural and international communication is closely related to studying international relations and would be a remarkable opportunity for me.

During my undergraduate, I gained refined research skills that will come in handy during my studies. I have also carried out extensive research in the areas of; effective communication with children, communal issues and conflict resolution, and television and newspaper as channels of creating awareness and mobilizing public support. My research on Television and Newspaper as Channels of Creating Awareness and Mobilizing Public Support for Government Programs in Rural Areas was published in …………….

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After proper considerations, I believe that my career experience and academic background has created the driving force for me to excel in this program. My decision to pursue this study at Royal Roads University is because of my interest to experience formal education in a student-focused institution. Both the Canadian government and the management of Roads University through their scholarship programs provide the opportunity for students to gain quality education at an affordable rate which is a good opportunity to apply for funding assistance that will ease my financial load during this program. Looking at the concentration and curriculum, I look forward to learning about international relations and public diplomacy, communication for development and social change, migration and diaspora studies in global contexts.  My research interest is in the area of …………. Through this research, I want to uncover……………

Regarding my interest and hobbies, I would say that they have been progressive. I am constantly discovering and improving myself in any area I recognize that I need strength. Hence, I don’t hesitate to embrace education and training from different fields. Before this Master, I had obtained a Master’s in Employee Relations and Personnel Management. Employee relation and management is an integral part of any organization and combining that in my managerial role have helped me to …

After my studies, my short term plan is to………………. While in the long term I would love to……………………. This MA in Intercultural and International Relations will go a long way to determine my future career-wise, and I want to get it right, so, I am banking my trust in Royal Roads University to prepare me for my future.

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