How To Get a Job Offer In Saskatchewan in 2024

Us visa renewal in process
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If you have always dreamed of working and living in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan government provides various opportunities to foreign nationals seeking work visas. Getting a job offer in Saskatchewan comes with several benefits and offers.

While Saskatchewan has relatively strict immigration policies, you can still make your dream come true with a little effort and persistence. The most common way to do this is to look for a job and Get a Job Offer in Saskatchewan from your home country. Once you have a job offer, the employer will file a petition to support your immigration. 

Therefore, this article will cover steps on How To Get a Job Offer in Saskatchewan and everything you need to know.

Us visa renewal in process

What Is It Like To Work In Saskatchewan

Typically, Saskatchewan workers operate at the traditional 8 am to 5 pm day or 40-hour week. However, in reality, employees often work longer than these, some end up working 12-hour a day. Especially, if they are employed in the medical profession, but before that, an employer must get the employees to work more than 40 hours a week.

In addition, employees often have three weeks of paid vacation each year, this is standard in Saskatchewan. However, some workers get more than that in reality. Most employees in Saskatchewan receive four weeks of vacation, which is well above other countries’ standards. Paid leave in Saskatchewan also includes public holidays such as New Year’s Day, Labour Day, Christmas Day, Victoria Day, Thanksgiving Day, and more. 

Furthermore, employers in Germany often offer a wide range of benefits to their employees, namely health insurance, sick leave, long-term illness and injury plans, and other perks. The availability of these benefits can vary widely based on the type of employer and industry.

Eligibility For Saskatchewan Work Visa

Foreigners who wish to work in Saskatchewan must apply for a Saskatchewan work visa. The most common type of work visa in Saskatchewan is the skilled worker visa. This is usually issued to those who got a job offer in Saskatchewan and have been working in Saskatchewan for at least six months on a valid work permit. 

You must also meet other requirements to be eligible for this visa, such as having the required skills and qualifications for the job and having a permanent full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer. 

Other types of Saskatchewan work visas that may be available to foreigners include Business immigration and Saskatchewan Experience. For more information on eligibility requirements and how to apply for a visa, please visit the Saskatchewan government website.

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The following documents are required to obtain a skilled worker visa and work in Saskatchewan:

  • Have a permanent, full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.
  • Have a valid work permit issued by IRCC.
  • Have a valid Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker code.
  • Have a Valid SINP job approval letter. Employers must register with the SINP and obtain the job approval letter. They will then provide the job approval letter to you if you meet their hiring qualifications.
  • Have a language test result that meets the federal Express-Entry Language requirements.
  • You have a degree that is recognized in Saskatchewan. You must have completed post-secondary school or training that is comparable to at least one year of Canadian education.
  • Have experience in a specific field. Your work experience must be in the field of your completed post-secondary education or training.

How To Get a Job Offer In Saskatchewan 

Below is a guide on how to get a job offer in Saskatchewan:

1. Prepare Your Application Documents

The first step to applying for jobs and getting a job offer in Saskatchewan from your country is to create a Saskatchewan-style resume and cover letter. These documents must demonstrate to prospective employers that you understand Saskatchewan norms and can adapt to a new environment. 

So, when writing your resume and cover letter, ensure to include relevant information and experience in both letters. 

For instance, if you are looking for a marketing job, you should list the work experience you have in the marketing field, and provide details about your professional experience. 

2. Search For Jobs Online

After sending your application documents, you can get job offers from a reputable company in Saskatchewan, and a role that is related to your qualifications by making use of job websites like LinkedIn. This will enable you to create a profile so employers can find you.

Correspondingly, during your search, verify whether the employers you find can register on the SINP employer website to have the job that you are applying for assessed. That may help you avoid rejections of your applications. 

Many job websites will allow you to filter your search results by the opportunity you are looking for, try typing sponsorship or job offer, to ensure you only get results containing the word. 

According to the Saskatchewan Government, job openings in Saskatchewan can be found on the following websites: 

3. Contact A Recruiting Agency

Recruiting agencies can be a great resource for foreigners who wish to work in Saskatchewan. This option is helpful because it will provide you with full assurance and will help you find the type of job that matches your skills and goals. 

These professionals specialize in connecting job seekers with potential employers in Saskatchewan. They help to take away the pain of having to source for jobs as they already have a list of open positions in every city. Choose a reputable agency that already has experience working with job seekers. 

4. Qualifications

Saskatchewan employers highly value quality education. Thus, another step to getting a job in Germany will be to get the proper educational qualifications required for the position you are interested in. 

So, consider enrolling in a Saskatchewan or Canadian program to increase your chances of getting a job in Germany or take online courses or certification from a Saskatchewan institution to boost your resume.

If you are applying for occupation in either health care, engineering, or agriculture you may have to obtain a degree in your field of work. Although the minimum qualification could be a Bachelor’s degree, having a master’s degree in your field will give a boost to the probability of getting a good job, it will help you stand out from other candidates.

5. Follow Up On Your Applications

Many employers in Saskatchewan may not reply to applications directly, so be ready to call the company to follow up on your application. Schedule your follow-up calls or emails starting one week after you submit your application. 

After that, follow up again based on the response you got the first time you followed up. For instance, if you are told that someone will be in touch with you in 3 days and you do not hear anything in that time, call back on the fourth day. 

6. Prepare For The Interview 

One way to get a job offer in Saskatchewan is to prepare for the interview. So, if you live outside of Saskatchewan, employers usually schedule interviews online. As you prepare for your interview, be aware of time differences. 

Also, note that Saskatchewan has two time zones, so find out the employer’s location to determine a time that works well for you and the employer. During your interview, ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid disruptions. And dress professionally as you would if it were an in-person interview.

7. Apply For A Work Visa

Once you have successfully gotten a job offer in Saskatchewan, the next step is to apply for a work visa. Here are the requirements for a Saskatchewan work visa.

  • Ask Your Saskatchewan Employer To Register On Your Behalf

Specifically, you will need to already have a job offer before you apply to work in Saskatchewan. The employer who offered you a job offer must register online on the SINP Employer website to have the job you are applying for access.

  • Wait Until Your Employer’s Petition Is Approved

Once the job is approved, your employer will receive a job approval letter that includes your position, name, and NOC code. You can only apply for a work visa when your employer has received this letter. 

  • Get All The Documents You Will Need To Complete Your Application

You must provide all the documents listed above to prove you are eligible for the SINP nomination at the time that you submit your application. You will also need these documents to prove:

  • Your Identity
  • Work Experience
  • Language ability 
  • Academic Credentials
  • All documents must be in English or French, you must also submit a copy of the original document.

Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Tips For Finding Jobs In Saskatchewan As a Foreign National

Consider these tips to increase your chances of finding jobs in Saskatchewan as a Foreign National:

1. Create A Plan 

Before starting your job hunting, it is helpful to create a plan. Determine what industry you want to work in, what types of roles you are looking for, and your ideal salary range. 

2. Be Patient

Sometimes, the job searching process can be very slow, including the interview or while waiting to know if the company is making you an offer or not. You must remain patient because checking in with a prospective employer too many times is not productive and can be quite stressful for you.

3. Verify Eligibility

Review job requirements before applying for the job. This way you will know if you meet the requirements to avoid wasting your time.


Getting a job offer in Saskatchewan can be quite challenging. However, there are several ways you can get a job offer in Saskatchewan. Most of these processes have been included in this article, and we hope it serves as a guide to you.



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