How to Email a Job Application (With Samples)

How to email a job application

If you are a job seeker and you’ve applied for jobs with the body of the mail empty, you’ve been doing the wrong thing. This article will teach you how to email a job application.

Job hunting is a very emotional process; more, if you are a fresh graduate seeking employment into an entry-level position. To avoid rejections from hiring managers, you have to ensure you are doing everything right.

Our previous contents showed you how to prepare your CV and Cover letter. If you haven’t read them, this is a good opportunity to do so before you learn how to write an email for a job application to a hiring manager.

Let’s begin…

7 Major Parts of Your Job Application Email You Should Take Seriously

  1. Your Email Address
  2. The Mail Subject
  3. Address/Salutation
  4. Body of Mail
  5. Email Close
  6. Your Unique Signature
  7. Attachments

1.    Your Professional Email Address

You understand that you are applying for a career opportunity and not just sending a random message to your college buddy, right? You should always keep this in mind anytime you want to apply for a job using your mail.

Why should you always keep this in your mind?

Because everything you do with your email will flow properly when you maintain this understanding. Focus on the fact that your language and presentation have to be official at all times.

Avoid using the mail you created as a teenager to send your job application. You don’t want a recruiter receiving an application from (For fun; that used to be my teenage mail). Always use a professional email address.

What is a professional email address? A professional email address is usually a combination of your name and surname i.e.,, etc.

  • Ensure the mail you are using to apply for the job is the same as the mail you have on your job application (CV+ Cover Letter)
  • Your mail should be accessible from your mobile device. In case you receive a reply from the hiring manager, you’ll receive the notification. 

2.   Subject

Most times, the job vacancy states clearly what you should use as the subject of the mail. If the subject of the email is already provided by the recruiter, stick with the provided format (see fig 1).

For scenarios where the job vacancy didn’t state what the mail subject should be, this is how to write a job application subject (don’t include the quotation marks).

“Richard Okiasi’s Application for the Position of Business Administrator”

“Business Administrator- Richard Okiasi”

“RE: Business Administrator- Richard Okiasi’s Application”


Some job openings may provide more than one email for application, what you can do is to use the first mail as the main address then copy the other addresses using email cc.

3.   Salutation

Always maintain a professional tone all through your email. Saying “Hi” as your salutation is way too casual. You don’t know how the person at the other end of the mail will interpret this gesture. Hence, it is best for you to maintain a formal voice.

Best Ways to Start a Job Application Email:

  • Greetings
  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • Dear Sir/Madam
  • Dear Mr. Richard (If you know the hiring manager’s name)

Useful Tip: How to know a hiring manager’s name

In some cases, you can figure out a hiring manager’s name (at least the first name) from the email address provided for the application. Fig.2 shows an example of a mid-level vacancy being advertised on FasthireNG job portal. The mail address provided for this particular vacancy shows the hiring manager’s first name.

In a scenario like this, you can address your application with the name on the email e.g. “ Dear Mr. Richard”

4.   Body of Mail

I advise that the body of your mail should not exceed three (3) or four (4) paragraphs. Three (3) paragraphs should be enough to cover whatever you want to say.

Remember; your CV and cover letter already contain most of the things you could say about yourself with the body of the mail. The idea is to ensure you don’t leave the body of your mail empty; rather, you want to use it as an opportunity to put your foot forward by making a good introduction of yourself and what you can offer. Hence don’t write a novel and expect the hiring manager to read it.

i. First Paragraph

In your first paragraph, you need to say why you are sending the mail. The hiring manager is busy and has a lot of other applications to attend. Go straight to the point.


1.  I am applying for the vacant position of project manager at FasthireNg.

2.  I wish to use this medium to apply for the vacant position of project manager at FasthireNg.

3. I am putting forward my application for the position of Administrative Assistant in XYZ Company.

ii. Second Paragraph

This is where you state the skill sets that you have that will make you offer a valuable contribution to the vacant role. Past work experience that aligns with the current role you are applying for, can be mentioned in this paragraph.

If you were recommended by someone working in the company, this is the place to mention it, or if you are working as contract staff and you’re applying for a permanent role, the second paragraph is a suitable place to say that.

iii. Third Paragraph

This paragraph is left for closing remarks i.e. the value you think you can offer the organization, a request for feedback, etc.

5.   Closing Salutation

Stick with your formal voice; don’t end your mail with;

  • Good Luck
  • Have a Nice Day
  • Cheers and
  • Best Wishes

Rather end your job application email with words like;

  • Kind Regards
  • Regards
  • Sincerely

6.   Your Unique Signature

Since you can’t imprint your signature as you do in a paper application, you can rather imprint a digital replica of your handwritten signature. Your unique signature is a combination of your name, address, phone number. Your unique signature gives you authenticity, and branding, and provides options for your recruiter to contact you or find out more about you.  It could also include links to your online platforms (website, blog, social media handles, etc).

7.   Attachments

At the end of your mail, double-check the contents to be sure you attached the right documents (CV, Cover letter, etc). You don’t want to send your well-crated mail without the accompanying documents.

What to Write in a Job Application Email?

Entry Level Email for Job Application Sample 1

Email Subject: Richard Okiasi’s Application for Project Manager

Dear Hiring Manager,

This is a response to your call for application from qualified candidates for the vacant position of Assistant Project Manager at FasthireNg.

I have just completed my National Service (NYSC), and I am available for employment in and out of the country. I am skilled in [add your first major skill that is relevant to the position], [second skill], [third skill].

My skills and educational background will provide the needed knowledge to make an immediate contribution to your company.

 I look forward to meeting you to discuss more about my professional background and the solutions I offer.

Kind Regards,

Richard Okiasi




Entry Level Email for Job Application Sample 2

Email Subject: [Your Name- Position You are Applying for, Job Reference number (if any)]

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Hiring Manager’s Name]

I was recommended for the position of Biological Laboratory Scientist by Dr. Teslim the head of research in Abaddon Corp. He took notice of my published thesis on blood infusion in toddlers and has ever since provided me with the necessary mentorship and training in biological research.

I am a fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Port-Harcourt. I have a keen interest in human biology and it drives my pursuit for a career in biological sciences.

Securing a career position in a renowned company like Abaddon Corp. will be a good start to my professional career. I have included my cover letter, resume, and certifications for your perusal and consideration.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you personally to talk to you regarding the amazing opportunity in your company and how I can fit in. I hope to hear back from you soon.


[Your Name]

[Unique Signature (if any)]


Mid Level Professional Email for Job Application Samples

Email Subject: Resume and Cover Letter for Your Consideration

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am applying for the position of Property Attorney at Indijo. Your job description and requirement matches my career experience, and I know that I will be a valuable addition to your organization.

My most recent career position as Property Attorney with J.J Brothers saw me handle several real estate projects for top real estate firms like Realers Nigeria Limited, iHomes incorporated, and Lagos Lands Limited.  These experiences have provided me with the requisite exposure for this position.  

Kindly find attached my resume, cover letter, and certificates for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


[Your Name]

[Unique Signature (if any)]


Was this article helpful? Do you have more questions on job application emails? What would you like to add to the points we’ve raised here? Let us know in the comment section!  

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