10 Good Affordable Resume Writers in the USA

Affordable Resume Writers in the USA
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Hiring a resume writing company can sometimes be an expensive endeavor. Especially when you want to get one from a premium resume writing company. Depending on how advanced you want your resume to be, you might be paying fees around $300 to $500, and these are steep prices that a lot of people might not have the luxury of affording.

However, there are good resume writers across the US that offer resume writing services for prices way lower than that of premium resume writers. New graduates for instance would find it difficult to afford such high prices, and so would a lot of other people in various classes.

If you are one of those who might be seeking affordable resume writers in the USA, then this article is for you. However, you might be wondering why you should use a resume writing service? Let’s talk about that.

Why do you Need a Professional Resume Writer?

Creating a great resume is not a very easy task. It’s as well not difficult. However, it does require a lot of technical knowledge. One needs to know the exact content that needs to be included in the resume, also where exactly this content should be placed to attract attention.

You may also need to know that a resume is more than just a display of your educational achievements, work experience, and hobbies. A professional on the other hand knows how to gather all this information, put them together and make your resume go from being a list of your achievements to a professional document pointing out the exact reasons why you should be hired ahead of the other applicants.

Another technicality is the Application Tracking System (ATS) which companies use to find applicants they want to interview. This system looks for certain keywords and key phrases in every resume they receive. This way, they remove applicants they are not interested in.

Ultimately,  you shouldn’t treat paying for a good resume as an unnecessary cost, it should be viewed more as self investment. Nevertheless, there are some things you should know before hiring a professional resume writer.

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What you Should Know Before Hiring a Resume Writer

You need to understand that the best resume writer for you is not just an affordable one. What you need is an affordable one that specializes in writing resumes for professionals in your line of work. This way, they know what to do to make sure your resume is not screened out by the ATS.

Also, don’t always expect an immediate job. Resume writing is a delicate process, sometimes professionals can take up to a week in order to curate a comprehensive resume. So be prepared to wait a bit.

As someone who is looking for affordable resume writers in the USA to help with their resume, you might have come across services like resume builders and sometimes resume factories. A resume builder, resume factory, and professional resume writer all offer the same service but there are key differences. Let’s take a look at these differences briefly.

1. Resume Builders:

They don’t write your resume, instead they provide you with templates you can use. All you have to do is, enter your work details and qualifications, and it produces a resume based on the template you chose and the details you provided. They are usually not very expensive and can be very efficient especially when you are in an impromptu situation and you need something really quickly. The downside is, not all of them are very effective for ATS, it is very easy for these resume templates to not have the right content in the right place to help beat the ATS requirements.

2. Resume Factories:

Sometimes called Resume Mills. They employ a lot of people with little professional resume knowledge, writers with little resume experience but can churn out results quickly and en-mass. Usually, the product of their work is very poor and it is difficult to hold them accountable as these companies don’t always provide physical addresses or contacts.

3. Professional Resume Writers:

This is the focus of this article. Professional resume writers are always your best option when looking for a well written resume. They usually have experienced and qualified writers on board. Also, they are quick to react to the changes in the recruitment environment and their writers always understand what employers are looking for. They also require more time and more money but they almost always give you the right value for money.

Now let’s look at 10 affordable resume writers in the USA that can provide the best assistance that will help in your search for your dream job in the United States.

10 Affordable Resume Writers in the USA

Earlier we spoke about quality resume service costs about $300 to $500, which is pretty expensive. Here we are going to list resume writers that charge anything less than $200.

1. Resume Zest

Google, Amazon, Apple, and so many other established companies have professionals who have had their resume curated by ResumeZest. They make sure every resume they create is ATS compliant and keyword optimized. They offer affordable prices, and they make sure you work with a certified writer.

Resume cost: $179

Pros: Relatively quick turnaround time, also members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career coaches (PAWR/CC).

Cons: They do a really good job, but they were founded in 2020.

Email: help@resumezest.com 

2. Resume Writers

Founded in 1999, they are the largest network of contracted professional resume writers. They have a 99% customer satisfaction guarantee. Any writer that they dedicate to you would be proficient in resume writing for your specific situation. They will also be aware of the right resume writing format, procedures, and standards.

Resume cost: $169

Pros: Their low prices make them stand out, and that also comes with a very fast turnaround time of 3 days. They also have an interview guarantee, which states that if you do not get a job interview within 2 months, they will rewrite your resume for free.

Cons: They lack a strong enough online presence with very few reviews. Very few verified users have shared their experience which makes them a little less trustworthy.

Email: help@resumewriters.com 

3. Employment Boost

This is an interesting resume writing service provider, all of their resume writers are full-time employees and bachelor degree holders. Not contractors or freelancers. They also provide their services strictly to US professionals.

Resume Cost: $169

Pros: Their resume packages come with a complimentary cover letter. They also offer a variety of resume options for entry-level, professional, and executive positions. They also have a quick enough turnaround time of a week.

Cons: It is difficult to pick them for their service when you can’t find samples of their resume works. A show of previous work done gives some sense of assurance and well, Employment Boost lacks that.

Email: resumesupport@employmentboost.com 

4. Monster

With over 20 years of experience in the resume industry and 100% customer satisfaction, Monster is a competent resume writing company. If a customer is not satisfied with their work, they are willing to redo the job for free to make sure the customer is pleased.

Resume Cost: $129 for resume only, $169 for resume and cover letter.

Pros: All their writers have received specialized training through their professional development programs. They also work with a lot of recruitment professionals across the country in various industries and locations.

Cons: On Career affairs, some users have complained about their delivery, some spoke about not getting any job interviews after using Monster Resume.

5. Top Resume

Another vastly experienced resume writing albeit founded in 2014, they have reviewed millions of resumes and helped over 300,000 professionals get more interviews and secure more jobs. They also offer a free critique service where they analyze your current resume.

Resume Cost: $179

Pros: Top Resume has a ton of experience in writing resumes for professionals for various industries and career levels. They also have a 60-day guarantee, that if you don’t get an interview within that period, they would revise and rewrite your resume one more time for free. They also have a decent turnaround time of 1 week.

Cons: A lot of customers have complained about their no refund policy, as all sales are final on their website.

Email: support@topresume.com 

6. Pro Resume Hub

Their detail-oriented team of certified professional resume writers and HR professionals are here to assist you in curating a resume for that specific industry you want to get into. They are here to assist regardless of your experience level, increasing your chances of getting that interview or dream job.

Resume cost: Their cheapest resume package costs $99.

Pros: They are experts in resume writing for professionals regardless of your occupation. They have solutions for diversified professions and can also help you build an online brand not just a resume while establishing an optimized profile.

Cons: Asides from their basic resume package, the fees for some of their other services are quite expensive.

Email: info@proresumehub.com 
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7. Paragon Resumes

Paragon resumes pride themselves on being able to provide detailed, eye-catching resumes to get customers interviews at the jobs they apply for. Each of their writers is hand-picked for their years of experience and outstanding results.

Resume Cost: $79, $99 if you want a cover letter with the resume.

Pros: Their extremely service fees are the lowest we have reviewed so far. They also offer a free consultation where you can send an email and get feedback with regards to resumes and cover letters.

Cons: Their website is running but sometimes is very ineffective. Multiple users have complained about their websites malfunctioning on multiple occasions.

Email: support@paragonresumes.com 

8. Resume My Career

A comprehensive and all-inclusive career services company. They provide cover letters, resumes, and even job and interview coaching. They let you work closely with one of their experienced writers so you can actively be a part of the creative process. Both of you can even come up with a cover letter that suits the job you’d be sending your resume to.

Resume Cost: $99

Pros: A 24-hour turnaround time is almost rare, and they offer just that. The one-on-one approach helps customers tailor their resumes to their taste and with the help of their writers, those resumes still come out sophisticated and professional enough to serve their purpose.

Cons: Their website has been deemed difficult to navigate by some users. There have also been claims of this company ignoring their promised guarantees. They don’t also have a sample of their work on their website.

Email: partners@resumemycareer.com 

9. Resume Discover

A resume writing company that aims to get you to that interview regardless of your experience level. Asides from the technicalities of getting past the ATS, they like to express your qualifications and thoughts in a way that they believe should pique the interests of HR officials. They also come with a staff of vastly experienced writers. And they’re one of the good affordable resume writers in the USA.

Resume Cost: $67+

Pros: Their turnaround time is whenever you want it to be. You get to specify when exactly you want your resume delivered. Also, we can’t overlook their ridiculously cheap prices as well. They are a relatively new company but almost all their reviews have been good. Their money-back guarantee is solid and their customer satisfaction is 100%.

Cons: The only con we could find was the company’s contact being very difficult to find on the website.

Email: support@resumediscover.com 

10. Resume Valley

With a standard 5-business day turnaround, resume valley prides itself in having the capacity to produce excellent resumes. They also possess a diverse range of custom job application tools.

Resume Cost: $99

Pros: their dedicated and fully equipped staff, career-targeted and skill-focused writing style, low service rates, and excellent customer service.

Cons: slow responding website, no site creation history, no information on the writers to confirm their qualifications and competence, and sometimes their samples have errors.

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377


Asides from the occasional flaws in some services, many of these affordable resume writers in the USA still deliver quality at an affordable rate. So, feel free to employ the services of anyone that seems attractive enough and get that interview!

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